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The A.I by ItsLavender
The A.Iby ItsLavender{Alyssa}
You, the reader, are a fan of the popular web series Red vs Blue. One day, you wake up and right in front of you is a familiar tiny green holographic man. You soon reali...
the Spartan and the A.I by Soundwave_officer
the Spartan and the A.Iby Krow
A halo X Red vs Blue Cross over. I've been watching a lot of RvB recently and been playing halo. So why not make this a story. Is it gonna be good? probably not. am I go...
Just A Crush - Wating for... by Fragolottina
Just A Crush - Wating Margherita Fray
- Sequel Teach Me - «Non posso» confessò. Appoggiò un braccio allo sterzo, voltandosi verso di me. «Ci penserei. Ma se arrivassimo a quel punto, spero che non ti formali...
harry potter texting story by Queen_Eevee_1202
harry potter texting storyby Queen Eevee
It's a texting story between all of the characters.
creepypasta zodiacs  by peeling15
creepypasta zodiacs by Layla
has all of the creepypasta in it and will involve so inappropriate stuff so kids dont read or u will have to bleach your eyes remember im doin this for fun and most of...
Sham by ___PMM___
Shamby ___PMM___
Part 2 of the Roshambo Trilogy: Fighting a war is hard. Fighting a war against one's family is harder. Is Rigel Vega up for the task?
ETA Canada by etacanadaave
ETA Canadaby Eta canada ave
It is better to get ETA because you may not allow entering the country without ETA. In many cases, the ETA will be approved within the minutes of applying. Once it is ap...
Swiss Eta Movement  is very stylish and decent design by Jamescrown
Swiss Eta Movement is very Jamescrown
Swiss Eta Movement Rolex developments are self-winding and mechanical, rather than quartz or battery-fueled. They likewise have "Rolex" engraved into them, al...
Australia visa information for applicant by Abbas090
Australia visa information for Abbas090
The widely spoken language is Australian English. The country has fascinating places with over 10,000 beaches that visitors would entirely love. It has a booming economy...
Australia ETA Visa - Only RM20 - Promotion Price | 100% Official. by applyaustralianeta
Australia ETA Visa - Only RM20 - applyaustralianeta
Australia Visa Center in Malaysia-The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is available online 24 hours a day seven days a week, for applicants outside Australia who want t...
5 Countries That Singaporeans still Need a Visa For and How Much It Costs by Abbas090
5 Countries That Singaporeans Abbas090
I rarely don't forget to check if I want a visa earlier than I ebook air tickets, but up to now I haven't had any mishaps genuinely due to the fact the Singapore passpor...
Kai and the insane adventures of the three musketeers by minalarettemetoni
Kai and the insane adventures of Call me Kai! or M£M
Kai, Reira, and Eriza go off on an adventure. aka me and two of my rl friends. most will be based off of text convos. Random weird insane yes. as well as my other rl fri...
Ro by ___PMM___
Roby ___PMM___
Part 1 of the Roshambo Trilogy: Rigel Vega is your typical well-rounded teenage boy. He loves sports, school and just, well, being alive. And why wouldn't he? He has a f...
ETA Canada by etacanadaave
ETA Canadaby Eta canada ave
If you are looking for Canada visa, then you can come to our company website. We provide the different type of the visa online process. It is a simple process. All it re...
Eta visa Canada by etacanadaave
Eta visa Canadaby Eta canada ave
Etacanadaave, it is the best E visa service provider. We provide the different type E visa services. If you want to canada visa. Then you can come to our website. And Ap...
A individual having an Australian business electronic journey application is eligible to unfastened convention attendance and seminars. The individual having this Austra...
L'autunno del mio cuore by Giulia_Jackson
L'autunno del mio cuoreby Giulia Jackson
L'autunno, quella stagione che così tanto amava Anastasia ora aveva cominciato a far parte di lei sempre di più. L'autunno si era appropriato del suo cuore, tutto si sta...