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I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good ; Harry Potter by CSpades
I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Goo...by CSpades
"How would you describe her?" "She was enticing, breathtaking...although I always knew it would end this way" He looked down, tears flooding his eye...
Enchanted by pologoonies
Enchantedby pologoonies
"You're not supposed to call dibs, it's disrespectful. But I'm calling Dibs."
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) Sequel to 'Little Things' by CelestialWinter
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) S...by CelestialWinter
"I feel as if my body is broken into pieces...as if ever since, I was dropped like a delicate beautiful vase and all of my pieces shattered against the cold hard fl...
Hailisa  by elysiasego
Hailisa by seele
A story about the ship 'Hailisa'. It is Alhaitham x Lisa so if you don't like the ship or will be toxic dni!! This was made for my bestfriend, once more.
Chapter 2: The Birthday Gift by MrWildspice
Chapter 2: The Birthday Giftby Abhijeet Sheth
Birthdays are extremely special days of the year for all of us. Combine the special day with your special partner and you've got a Recipe for Eternal Sin. Let us explore...
Takemoto by thespookedhusky
Takemotoby Cole Titus
(WARNING; This story will contain some NSFW Content. Please DO NOT read if this may unsettle you, you do not believe in rights for Homosexuals, or if you are under the a...
T R A N S P I R E D  by MerakiQuill
T R A N S P I R E D by S. A. Khan
#1 Wattpad poetry 2019 #1 Deep meanings #1 Enticing #1 Sea breeze #1 Cherished #2 Hollow Awards And many many more! Rankings dated as of frm 13th March - 12th May...
I'm Not a Slut, I Swear by apathetic-avidity
I'm Not a Slut, I Swearby 文火
I wrote this to focus on the crazy difference between the standards of a male versus the standards of a female. Alice cheated on her boyfriend who now hates her and wil...
Gaurdians of The Educated- Volume 1 by OindrilaGupta1
Gaurdians of The Educated- Volume 1by Oindrila Gupta
Tired of being mocked for being a nerd who is simply good at everything related to books? Fed up of all the bullying telling you that you are just good enough in the boo...
CAPTURE ME ( The Model's Photographer). by devil_in_sarcasm
CAPTURE ME ( The Model's Photograp...by devil_in_sarcasm
Two high schoolers King and Gold, each of them having a bad view of love, despising and not wanting anything to do with it, end up in love together. Gold is mischievous...
The Unexpected by _spencergraves
The Unexpectedby Spencer
What would you do if your parents were murdered? What would your reaction be? Chloe Angel watched as her parents were murdered by a masked man. Chloe started to smile...
Wanting Bad by MrKinkyWriter
Wanting Badby Tyler (Cristhian) ♛
When the lights to her apartment blow out during a crazy thunderstorm, lonely and afraid Kasey Denvers' has to rely on her sexy, but man-whore mechanic neighbor Dean Par...
One Hell Of A Ride by Xeno_jungle_hive
One Hell Of A Rideby Xeno_jungle_hive
an action-packed adventure starring the Mandalorian, Jawa named Momes, and a rather peculiar girl named Padimine. each are introduced in different parts of the story. yo...
Enraptured- A Tale of Two Queens~Gaoru AU~ by shadowchickennugget
Enraptured- A Tale of Two Queens~G...by shadowchickennugget
This is a joke, please don't take it seriously The sirens voice was haunting. Enticing and rich in flavor. Kaoru heard and knew that he could not resist. He had fallen...
Secretly in love  by MeymeeWriting
Secretly in love by MeymeeWriting
A secret millionaire digital artist takes her business from London to new York and Los Angeles. Not wanting to be known as she is a very shy person and suffers from anxi...
{_) A new perspective. (_} Ongoing. by twosisterauthors
{_) A new perspective. (_} Ongoing.by twosisterauthors
Vivian is a young woman struggling with her identity, I guess she's having some mid-life crisis. With chronic compulsivity and anxiety, her parents worry for her. Her pa...
A New Day (COMPLETED) by JkGsonny
A New Day (COMPLETED)by Maybe Lady
Started: March 10, 2018 Ended: April 28, 2018 Recently Added another poem on July 9, 2018. Just poems made by me, JkGsonny. My poems are written whenever inspiration ari...
Calm by flant_
Calmby (Ant_full0f_LOVE)
A short story that was just nice to write. The characters are so precious :-)