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Boboiboy Truth Or Dare! :D by Cck_519
Boboiboy Truth Or Dare! :Dby :>
Hi :DD Start: 22 July 2018 End: ??? 21 march 2021
La Fuerza de la Esperanza by AdyFernandez13
La Fuerza de la Esperanzaby AdyFernandez13
El amor de ellos podrá sobrevivir a la distancia y a las mentiras????
Gargoyles: Daughter of two worlds by Lilith_Deckerstar
Gargoyles: Daughter of two worldsby Lilith Deckerstar
One Thousand Years Ago, Superstition and the Sword ruled. It was a time of darkness. It was a world of fear. It was the age of... Gargoyles. Stone by day, warriors by ni...
Always and Forever | Edward Cullen by sboolock
Always and Forever | Edward Cullenby sboolock
O que você faria se tivesse que abandonar o amor da sua vida? Elisa Cullen teve que fazer isso, ela abandonou o amor da vida dela e agora a mesma teria que vê-lo se casa...
Young, and Wild, and Free by BoingxGorgeous
Young, and Wild, and Freeby Estelle Du Plessis
When Elisa and Maison get stuck in the Rainier mountains how will their journey end?
Chaos Surrounding by TheQuietHufflepuff
Chaos Surroundingby TheQuietHufflepuff
The Hargreeves escaped the apocalypse in 2019 only to bring another in 1963. Together, they must rally together and stop doomsday or die together on one fateful day. [We...
Another Tale of Z-O-M-B-I-E-S  #DZFFA by hogwartsmylife
Another Tale of Z-O-M-B-I-E-S #DZ...by hogwartsmylife
#DZFFA What happens when Addison's cousin and Bucky's sister enters high school with Addison, only to meet Zed the Zombie and happens to fall for him? Will she be able...
Cursed Forest  by Bixler2145
Cursed Forest by Bixler2145
Lucy and her black cat,Heidi were moving to a town in Pennsylvania called Newtown with her dad. After she discover that her dad parents are selling their house and her d...
Musical Canary Love (Nico x OC) by ryahdenisetamayo
Musical Canary Love (Nico x OC)by ryahdenisetamayo
Lyrica, Leira and Elisa were adopted by Julia since childhood. Lyrica and Julia love singing together. A few years later, she left them because they moved to another tow...
The Grounder (The 100 FanFic) by Stellarix3
The Grounder (The 100 FanFic)by Chloe
Elisa is the 17 year old grounder Commander. She is the younger sister of Anya, and best friends with her second, Lexa. She is also friends with a grounder named Lincoln...
The Gargoyles Will Rise by RockStarNekogirl
The Gargoyles Will Riseby NekoOtaku
The Gargoyles Will Rise It was inspired by the old show Gargoyles A New York girl named Amber, who love the unknown, one day meets the most amazing creature called the G...
The new Gargoyle. (Gargoyles Fanfiction) DISCONTINUED by LibbieBlackout422
The new Gargoyle. (Gargoyles Fanfi...by Libbie Fritz
This story starts off after they find Angela and bring her back (when Broadway catches her eye). A new clan of Gargoyles is found, only 1 of them are found alive.
A Living Hell (Fall Out Boy Fan Fiction) by BangTheDoldrums21
A Living Hell (Fall Out Boy Fan Fi...by Jo⋆
Will a harmless, simple week at Pete's parents' lake house become something else...?
Dark To Light by WhitneyMcCormick
Dark To Lightby Whitney McCormick
Elisa Willis was abused all her life by someone who was suppose to take care of her and love her no matter what. After years of being beat and locked out from the wolrd...
Nuestras hijas (saint Moon y mermaid melody) by Saya-2019
Nuestras hijas (saint Moon y merma...by Saya
la batalla contra endimion, Kaito y noel empieza y las hijos de los caballeros legendarios y las sailor guardian deben de buscar ayuda los hijos de los anteriores caball...
History of Evil Nun 2 by AsiyaAfsarKhan4
History of Evil Nun 2by AsiyaAfsarKhan4
This is a story about a game.Most of you might have played the game Evil Nun 2, but do you know the history of it? Let's know more about it! A girl named Madeline goes i...
Ella by AdyFernandez13
Ellaby AdyFernandez13
Esa rubia dejó de ser lo que un día fue. La muerte de su amado la enloqueció. Ella tendrá un final feliz????
Love Island The Game One Shots {OCs and Readers} by wryyy_its_sam
Love Island The Game One Shots {OC...by Sam
Just some self indulgent one shots. I drew The pic for the cover!
The Shape of Water: Fan Story by VictoriaSmith90
The Shape of Water: Fan Storyby Victoria Smith
A short fanfiction I wrote about The Shape of Water. I wanted to create a short side story to explain what might have happened between Strickland and the creature, bef...