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Refusing to give you up by Kmontgomery54
Refusing to give you upby kathy montgomery
I wanted a different ending for EK so this is my story as to Sanem going after Can when he leaves the hospital the night of Yigit's injury
Lost (season 1 ending) by SanaKhan798
Lost (season 1 ending)by Sana Khan
This is a story of how season 1 of Erkenci Kus could end
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 A Trilogy: "Against the Odds" Book One by visionshs
A Trilogy: "Against the Odds" Boo...by Darlene Harbaugh
Here is the story of Sanem Aydin and Can Divit. It will be different but, some parts of EK will be thrown in. When two people are pushed to the side by their Families. O...
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Moonstone by Pajarito1978
Moonstoneby Pajarito1978
An Erkenci Kuş /Hades & Persephone alternative retelling with wolves 🐺. AU, PNR
Can Divit : "Erkenci Kus"/Early Bird by FanFictionByDR
Can Divit : "Erkenci Kus"/Early Bi...by FanFictionByDR
Erkenci Kuş is a rom-com-drama from Turkey. It surely packs a punch with the main leads & supporting cast, music & literature references, eccentric characters & great pl...
Love Birds (Erkenci Kus) - Not just your average love story ❤️Canem Forever ❤️ by katerinapapas
Love Birds (Erkenci Kus) - Not jus...by katerinapapas
The Real Story: Episode analysis, commentaries and point-of-view scene narratives for Erkenci Kus romantics. Dive into this critically acclaimed modern-day fairytale lov...
Never Again by BurnmoPho
Never Againby Molly B
From the beginning of the 'war' in the show...
Love and Pride  by Pajarito1978
Love and Pride by Pajarito1978
A gender flipped mash up of Erkenci Kus and Pride and Prejudice.
THE STORMS WITHIN by JoannaKurczak
THE STORMS WITHINby Joanna Kurczak
I invite You to the world of Can Divit and his beloved Sanem Aydin. This tale is inspired by their everlasting and transcending love. A journey along time with two souls...
Ek villain by Tintedsoul_19
Ek villainby 𝐈𝐒𝐇𝐈
Every love story has a hero, a heroine, and a villain. But this is the love story of a villain. Rocky is a quiet, tough, and ruthless man, who works for a crooked politi...
No lies by Newab3057
No liesby Newabstories
Series of EK One Shots if Sanem had never accepted the deal Emre offered and she had been free to love Can. She is still naïve, inexperienced, and totally clueless at th...
a Special Kind of Bird (Completed!) by Cyra2Cyra
a Special Kind of Bird (Completed!)by Cyra2Cyra
Sanem owns together with her sister Leyla, the Aydin Agency. They hire the handsome photographer Can, who finds out soon enough what a Special Kind of Bird, Sanem is! ...
Our Trauma by lexserein
Our Traumaby Lexi Stuart
Emma Katherine Shepherd, sister to Derek Shepherd, is starting her medical career. She has a past with Mark Sloan, but then a Trauma Surgeon changes everything. Will she...
Destiny's Kiss by Rm_Gurl
Destiny's Kissby Amnna's Husband
His life was set until she stepped in...
Trust Me, I'm waiting for you. ..(completed ) by arulpirai
Trust Me, I'm waiting for you. ..(...by arulpirai
What if your loved one who's dead would come back alive ? An alternate ,fast track for' ek deewana tha. .'. .Needless to say it's crisp to the point. ..Mean it would...
Experience of a Lifetime (ON HOLD) by Cyra2Cyra
Experience of a Lifetime (ON HOLD)by Cyra2Cyra
THIS STORY IS ON HOLD! Demet Özdemir, a well-known dancer and actress and Can Yaman, a well-known lawyer and actor will be combined together to play the lead roles in Er...
Likh De Hawaaon Pe Ek Daastaan [DISCONTINUED] by MyMessyVibes0207
Likh De Hawaaon Pe Ek Daastaan [DI...by Haoura Nahar
My first story...... Please support guys and follow...... Peep in to know about the story.......... Cover Credit: @Tanyaaaa_a
The Letter by abbyivy93
The Letterby abbyivy93
This is a take on a letter Sanem would write to Can when he went to the Balkans.
Burning by BurnmoPho
Burningby Molly B
Ok, on the EK for English Speakers Facebook group, I posted a short snippet in reaction to the end of episode 41 where it ends with Can going into the fire. I'm copying...
Apart and then together and this time forever Kaira ❤️❤️ by miya2134686
Apart and then together and this t...by miya2134686
After the accident that caused Karthik to go in a coma by shashank and Puru 3 years ago karthik missed everything of his son but now Karthik is awake and everyone is hap...