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The Eight Shrine Books by EightShrineBooks
The Eight Shrine Booksby The Eight Shrine Books Page
[The image is from Genshin Impact] There is an island that people don't know how it was found, how to get out of the island or when people started to live on the island...
Announcement Book by LapidotPerizuliUwU
Announcement Bookby Radio
This book I will only edit when I have an announcement to make, k, OKAY BAIII~~
so how yall doin by R4V3R_D4NG3R
so how yall doinby Chungus of Big
I made this because i was bored and hungry. This solved neither of my problems lmao
Im not just a friend (kiribaku Soon Will Have SMUT) by Morgan_midoriya123
Im not just a friend (kiribaku
This is my first book so please don't judge XD and I hope you will enjoy
Gacha Club Character Requests by Sharky_girl200
Gacha Club Character Requestsby Sharky✨
Just... request characters I should make!
Rufus X Trevor by goosegoosepigeon
Rufus X Trevorby goosegoosepigeon
Rufus is a teenage boy who has a lot of struggles, when moving to a new town. First with finding friends than with the bully in his new school and also with his sexualit...
Discord Comedy between me and mah friends by ClownyCozy07
Discord Comedy between me and Atlas/Bee/Rain
You just kinda have to read it. Let's just say, my friends are awesome. I am named Echo, so ye, Echo is me.
cini's bad stories by cinimonzbut
cini's bad storiesby Tim
This book is just for me to mess around with... I'll put any fandom in, just tell me
ME AND HIM by Ineedabfplsss
ME AND HIMby Ineedabfplsss
This is a heated story. Gang gang stuff aswell.