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Vår revolution by Mett3vg
Vår revolutionby Ilikecarrots
Season two of young royals <3 (how I imagine it) Wilhelm and Simon want nothing but each other but we all know life isn't fair... Highest ranking: #31 English, #4 you...
Young Royals- What Happens Next? by tinbinn
Young Royals- What Happens Next?by Tin
Okay this is my take on what's gonna happen in season 2. TW: Anxiety attacks, drugs, alcohol, language, etc. I will make a little side stories too, just because I want...
Young royals 2.0 by newtothisbye
Young royals 2.0by Newtothisbye
This is a continuation of the first season of young royals on Netflix. If you want to give feedback I'd be really happy. The rights to the show belong to netflix xx
To Build A Home [ Simon x Wilhelm ] by the_dark_side_273
To Build A Home [ Simon x Wilhelm ]by H
Just another one of those Simon and Wilhelm stories, cuz they are my comfort couple <3 A brief overview: The new year begins, with new stories and new people and Simo...
Bite - Liam Dunbar Fanfiction by WillieTheNerd
Bite - Liam Dunbar Fanfictionby Willie
When Stiles' little brother enters highschool, the last thing anyone was expecting was for him to fall for a boy after only a few days. However, his heart fell and it fe...
förlåt by nnraari
förlåtby Ari
The story is going on. Christmas Holidays with Simon and his feelings. What he suppose to do? What happened to him after the "have a nice Christmas"?
Turmoil in the monarchy ~ young royals by obsessivefanzz
Turmoil in the monarchy ~ young ro...by obsessivefanzz
Wilhelm, the prince to be, was almost outed a couple days ago, by a scandalous video. He didn't have the strength to come out not by choice, so he left his secret boyfr...
royal vein | Wilhelm x Simon by yrsimonluvrr
royal vein | Wilhelm x Simonby 🧸
Wilhelm's life was a royal pain; until he met a certain boy... though things got complicated and he messed up and hurt the boy he loved most and it was up to wilhelm to...
Someone - Young Royals  by friends_best_
Someone - Young Royals by Atpaftmoombilyatinf
Christmas break is almost over and Wilhelm and Simon have to go back to school soon and see each other again. *** My version of season 2 of young royals Hope you like...
as long as you love me by willehug
as long as you love meby willehug
Simon and Wilhelm didn't had any contact with each other after the Christmas break. Simon went to a different school and followed his dreams, until he meets Wilhelm agai...
Young Royals S2 by takeonthew0rld
Young Royals S2by takeonthew0rld
"But I like you. And that's not fake." What will happen after Wilhelm goes home for Christmas? Will he overcome his fears? Will Simon tell him about his feelin...
dependent- wilmom fanfic by lexiitst
dependent- wilmom fanficby L.R
How do you make it up to someone that youve hurt? Prince Wilhelm returns to Hillerska after Christmas break to find an oppurtunity for a clearslate. Maybe it isnt too la...
All too well (Wilmon's version) by wilmcnvids_
All too well (Wilmon's version)by - k
"I walked through the door with you The air was cold But something about it felt like home somehow And I, left my scarf there at your sister's house And you've stil...
Juntos, no por mucho. by httpdumb_
Juntos, no por mucho.by Matt
Cole, un chico que, en su momento, era considerado fuera de lo normal. Príncipe de la realeza, perteneciente a Suecia. Se verá en problemas mediante una salida con amigo...
Midnight Love by movi3fangirl
Midnight Loveby S
Wilhelm is alone, after Simon left him, his bother died in a terrible car crash, and his cousin attempted to out him to the world. Simon is heartbroken after Wilhelm de...
young royals - the continuation by imywilmonmybeloved
young royals - the continuationby wilmon my beloved
we all didn't know how to ever live normal again after we were done with the six episodes. this fanfiction is based on how season two could look like. short disclaimer:...
"We Were Something" Young royals S2 Wilmon by wilmonarekings
"We Were Something" Young royals S...by Simons Angel
Will Wille and Simon get a happy ending? Or are their love hopeless? And can you let a person in again in your life when they hurt you enough? But we were something don...
Young royals season 2 by fayschnapp11
Young royals season 2by fayschnapp11
It's a new school day after the Christmas break, everyone is excited but Simon isn't, he had to say goodbye to the person he liked very much. August cult stay at Hillers...
Years Of Royalty by LittleFrog1314
Years Of Royaltyby Little Frog
A glimpse into the future of Simon and Wilhelm. This book will highlight major moments throughout random years in their life.
Wilhelm x reader by jusmoii
Wilhelm x readerby jusmoii
Y/n goes to the private school Hillerska in Sweden due to troubles at her previous school. She's an introvert with family issues and other issues. Her life is all about...