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The "Broker" Tradition by KURONEKO078
The "Broker" Traditionby KuroiAkuma
Izuku Midoriya. A boy that lived a peaceful life, until he was four. Then he lived a more disastrous life for the next ten years. When he thought things couldn't get wor...
Boring (Izaya Orihara x Male! Reader) *Discontinued* by FuzzyGamer
Boring (Izaya Orihara x Male! Read...by Kai-ness
Boring. That's what Izaya thought of (M/N). Unlike other humans, (M/N) didn't express any feeling at all. It was so not human. He was like his goddamn annoying twin si...
I Control You. Izaya x Reader by LollyTheWriter
I Control You. Izaya x Readerby Anon
You have just moved to Ikebukuro, you face the dangers of knowing Izaya and being wrapped up in his plans. When he realizes you're not easily scared, he makes it his mis...
Snake[Izaya X Reader] by rize_chan32
Snake[Izaya X Reader]by Rize
The story is placed year after the start of Durarara!! SH There is a newcomer in Ikebukuro, in which Izaya takes interest. A game of cat and mouse soon...
Change Me by NoraShizaya
Change Meby Nora Shizaya
Shizaya fanfic "So, why are you two asking us to gather here?" ask the ex-bartender "I want you to help us in 'Let's Change Iza-nii' mission" said Ma...
Durarara boyfriend scenarios by RosyEatsMemes
Durarara boyfriend scenariosby Rosy Is Me
~Their love for you is adorable~ Edit: Y'all I started this book in 2016 and finished in the start of 2018 so don't expect anything good from it lmao I have no clue how...
My favorite human by kevin_shadow
My favorite humanby Mr shadow
Izaya finds Shizuo badly injured and then brings him to Shinra's to get him help. But he can't seem to separate himself from his injured enemy.
Love Rivalry (Shizuo x Reader x Izaya) by Minnaa0
Love Rivalry (Shizuo x Reader x Iz...by Minnaa0
[Completed] Read this cringy thing at your own risk [F/N] [L/N] is a very nice person to others. She always tries to remain cheerful and positive. How would things turn...
Insomnia -Shizaya fanfic- (Oneshot) by TheCagedBunBun
Insomnia -Shizaya fanfic- (Oneshot)by Rilian Blanche
Izaya couldn't sleep, so he tried thinking of ways to catch some, until he came face-to-face with Shizu-chan, standing right at his doorstep.
Blood Bond [Shizaya] by VoidRealmer
Blood Bond [Shizaya]by Tori
Shizuo is a human with abnormal strength who has a heart of pure gold, even though his temper sometimes gets out of control. Izaya is a cunning vampire who always repays...
Never to Know by TheShy_One
Never to Knowby Crossover Queen
What if Nick Fury hired Izaya Orihara to help the newly Avengers team with Loki?
Why Me? (An Ouran/Durarara!! Crossover) by TheAllPowerfulErza
Why Me? (An Ouran/Durarara!! Cross...by Pan Panda
What happens when Tamaki's cousin Sakura invites the host club to Ikebukuro? Read and Find out! DISCLAIMER!!! I don't own Ouran or Durarara!!. I own the plot and Sakura...
Locked| Izaya x Shizuo, Shizaya by Astarta_Cat
Locked| Izaya x Shizuo, Shizayaby Chuu chuu
Izaya and Shizuo have hated each other for as long as they've known each other and now they have to live with each other for two months as experiment. With collars that...
100 Anime Quotes by XsoulcandyX
100 Anime Quotesby XsoulcandyX
My favorite 100 anime quotes! ^o^ In no particular order!
Welcome to Ikebukuro by -DEADEND
Welcome to Ikebukuroby ŸUNØ
Ikebukuro is a dangerous city and anything could happen in the shadows of night. Color gangs, a dangerous bartender, and the headless rider. Anything could happen in thi...
Psychopathic Love (Shizaya) by xXSeichanXx
Psychopathic Love (Shizaya)by Sei-chan
*****Completed******* Izaya Orihara is a strange person. On the outside he seems heartless and even psychotic. However, on the inside, he suffers through his own problem...
Jealousy~(Anime Oneshots) by y0suke
Jealousy~(Anime Oneshots)by Y O S U K E
[Various!Anime Characters X Reader] Just drabbles/one shots of your favorite character when jealous~! "You call it jealousy, I call it fear of losing you.." E...
 Boyfriend Scenarios/One-shots by Creepy_Xnime
Boyfriend Scenarios/One-shotsby Arimoshikuta
Here is a book of random anime and shows/movie boyfriend scenarios, etc. A collection of boyfriend scenarios. ------------------------------ I will gladly accept any req...
(Shizaya) just forget about me  by Kanra27
(Shizaya) just forget about me by Kanra
Izaya is sad and lonely but he smiles just to show he's not sad and he's not lonely he falls into a deep depression and starts to read the list of names who have said &q...
Be My Eyes by Lightblade-Absol
Be My Eyesby Lightblade-Absol
Izaya never realized how taxing late night and day long info searching on the computer could be. At first it was a slight fuzziness, but it quickly took a turn for the w...