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Fear of Falling (Izaya Orihara) by Xercere
Fear of Falling (Izaya Orihara)by ⋙—A̶k̶i̶r̶a̶→
Hikaru Misae is a romance novelist who has little experience with love. When she meets Izaya Orihara, she can't help but find him interesting. Izaya finds himself intrig...
The tail of Izaya by ShadeLover123
The tail of Izayaby Shade
Shinra turns Izaya into a cat! He makes it seem an accident but really it was his and Celty's plan to get Izaya and Shizuo to get to know each other.
An Informant's Assistant | Izaya Orihara x Reader by isakurasnow
An Informant's Assistant | Izaya O...by Sakura Heichou
You met Izaya Orihara in college, and you have always been impressed by his intelligence and good looks. As a desperate attempt to stay together after graduation, you as...
One Shots by Sincerely_1215
One Shotsby Sincerely_1215
One shots including multiple anime's~ Some at the beginning are from when I first started Wattpad, and they low key suck so if you wanna skip my shitty writing of the pa...
Useless Info Broker by Weebtactics
Useless Info Brokerby Weebtactics
Izuku Midoriya A teen whos seen all aspects of heroes and villains. Before he would always wanted to be a hero. But seeing as how heroes are really like in this era. And...
Will you stay? - Shizaya by -Shiki-
Will you stay? - Shizayaby -Shiki-
Well a dominant Shizuo and depressed Izaya. Completed.
Psychopathic Love (Shizaya) by xXSeichanXx
Psychopathic Love (Shizaya)by Sei-chan
*****Completed******* Izaya Orihara is a strange person. On the outside he seems heartless and even psychotic. However, on the inside, he suffers through his own problem...
The Hilarious Romance Between The Brute and The Flea by DarknessLuver
The Hilarious Romance Between The...by Cas Masterson
After years of fighting, Izaya decides he is no longer interested in playing with Shizuo. He decides to go out and tell the 'brute' just that so hopefully, they can move...
Izaya is raped by Shizuo and Mpreg with his baby by femaleEren31
Izaya is raped by Shizuo and Mpreg...by courtney carver
izaya was raped by Shizuo coming from get info for a client
Falling In Love With A Flea (Shizaya. IzayaxShizou) by All_Anime_Otaku
Falling In Love With A Flea (Shiza...by CreativeCas
Izaya Orihara and Shizou Heiwajima have been fighting to the death ever since they first met. However, what happens when Izaya's deepest darkest secret somehow gets told...
:| |: Reunited at last :| |: - (Durarara Fanfic)- by IEatPuncakes
:| |: Reunited at last :| |: - (Du...by ❀ Crispy Toast ❀
❝You have no idea how much I've missed you.❞ Inra Orihara- Seemingly an ordinary girl at first glance. Normal friends, normal apartment, a sort of normal school- bu...
A mother's touch and a father's love by Badgirlasia1
A mother's touch and a father's lo...by Aiden
Izaya knew his body was different ,like for instance he can have kids .But he wasn't counting on a drunken Shizuo to come into his apartment one night and knock him up w...
A Way Back Home - ( A Shizaya Fanfic) by shoo_away_000
A Way Back Home - ( A Shizaya Fanf...by nope
"Hey Shizu-chan? Can I ask you a question? It's a little personal." Izaya never thought he would find himself in such a situation- talking with Shizuo under t...
Mikado's Secret [Durarara Fanfic] [Yaoi] {BXB} by CuoreFiamma
Mikado's Secret [Durarara Fanfic]...by Cuore Fiamma
That's it. They had it to the last straw. And now his parents wants him to go back home. Mikado has to find a way to escape the impossible or else his identity as the Do...
Boring (Izaya Orihara x Male! Reader) *Discontinued* by FuzzyGamer
Boring (Izaya Orihara x Male! Read...by george
Boring. That's what Izaya thought of (M/N). Unlike other humans, (M/N) didn't express any feeling at all. It was so not human. He was like his goddamn annoying twin si...
Meow Meow Shizu-Chan!!!(shizuya) by destinyadamikjadeHQ
Meow Meow Shizu-Chan!!!(shizuya)by Destiny Jade Adamik
(COMPLETED!!! OMG I FINALLY FINISHED A STORY!!!) Izaya wakes up as a Neko one day and is very curious of the trouble he can make with his new body...so to keep him conta...
My favorite human by kevin_shadow
My favorite humanby Mr shadow
Izaya finds Shizuo badly injured and then brings him to Shinra's to get him help. But he can't seem to separate himself from his injured enemy.
no...it can't be. (SHIZAYA)  by No_1316
no...it can't be. (SHIZAYA) by 🖤V🖤
(Really just wanted to make one of these) One day Shinra asked Izaya to come and have a talk..... Then he runs in to Shizuo and they have a "talk".... Then he...
Destructive Forces (Izaya x OC x Shizuo) by vonsphinx
Destructive Forces (Izaya x OC x S...by Angel of Death
Durarara Fanfic Nara goes undercover around Ikebukuro, acting as a normal citizen during the day. Her one job is to keep the streets safe. But her personal mission is to...
Unintended Reconnection by Kanra-chaaan
Unintended Reconnectionby Kanracchi
Izaya finds himself subconsciously returning to Ikebukuro after an unspecified amount of time and, of course, Shizuo finds out. What happens when they see each other aga...