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I Will Protect You As Cora-San Did For Us by miyuki_3
I Will Protect You As Cora-San Miyuki Haruka
this story is about miyuki and law fate they are destined to be together but there is always something interrupting their relationship. This story is also about her sacr...
Her Safe Haven by martravers
Her Safe Havenby martravers
Owning her own business at the age of 25, befriending the White Beard gang, hanging out with a secretive doctor, hiring ex-cons; is the young woman really as pure and in...
We're Tied Forever Because You're My Destiny by Shira-senpai
We're Tied Forever Because You' 𝑻𝒂𝒏𝒚𝒂
Y/N L/N. A simple otaku girl who loves One Piece. Yes, simple. BUT, that's not what happened. She died and was transported to another world, One Piece World.
Mine     DoFlamingo X Reader by LittleSnowCloud
Mine DoFlamingo X Readerby LittleSnowCloud
You are a traveling merchant. You've never had any problems traveling alone, but when you get to a place known as Dressrosa, you end up being captured and sold on the bl...
Doflamingo x Reader (Book 1) : The Course Of A Lifetime by MingoQueen
Doflamingo x Reader (Book 1) : ✨MingoQueen✨
Opening Summary: -Have you ever wondered what it could be like if you were there, to get to experience or likely oversee the once traumatic life that was dawned on the f...
One Piece x Reader Oneshots (NO REQUESTS) by Vizkopa
One Piece x Reader Oneshots (NO Vizkopa
One Piece OneShots by 1Sh0ts
One Piece OneShotsby Hibiscus~
Suggestions are always welcome ~
~Crocodile x reader x Doflamingo x Mihawk~ by Eustass_D_abby
~Crocodile x reader x Doflamingo Demon-ya
you've just got accepted into one of your most favorite colleges " Serpent World Academy " for your wonderful art , at first it's fine and calming but then thi...
Doflamingo X Reader: I love the way you are     (Discontinued) by LisDoffy1
Doflamingo X Reader: I love the Lis Donquixote
Love at first sight? or like at first sight? Let's find out... ~DISCONTINUED~
DoFlamingo x Reader    His Queen by LittleSnowCloud
DoFlamingo x Reader His Queenby LittleSnowCloud
Donquixote DoFlamingo. He is the king of Dressrosa, and you are his queen. And may God help anyone who disrespects his queen.
Sick!DoFlamingo x Doctor!Reader   Trypanophobia  by LittleSnowCloud
Sick!DoFlamingo x Doctor! LittleSnowCloud
DoFlamingo, King of Dressrosa, is sick. Very. And you've been called in to help. But, as it turns out, this giant is scared of needles. Woopty-do. (Art not mine!!!)
Can't Sleep. {Doflamingo x Reader} by KiraReno
Can't Sleep. {Doflamingo x Reader}by ღKatakuri's eyes.ღ
This is a oneshot, I've been working on it for a few days now and honestly, I'm not completely satisfied with it but I hate procrastinating so I suppose it'll have to do...
Secret Garden by DogBiyte
Secret Gardenby Zeek
An adventure to a seemingly deserted island leads to the discovery of a beautiful garden in the middle of a burnt wasteland. The young Doflamingo meets you, a young girl...
~ Doflamingo x reader x Rosinante ~ by Eustass_D_abby
~ Doflamingo x reader x Rosinante ~by Demon-ya
doffy is a big shot CEO owner. who's little brother is corazon. You having been recently fired have been needing a job . so you contact Cora and ask if he knows of an...
Another You by ForteChwan15
Another Youby ForteChwan15
A Doflamingo x Reader Oneshot
Stupid Birds by MachismoCrust
Stupid Birdsby MachismoCrust
I don't own the story of One Piece or the characters. I do not own the cover picture, either. I only own the OCs, Rosalyn and Bernard.
Lonely No More (Doflamingo x Reader) by darkrurouni
Lonely No More (Doflamingo x darkrurouni
A quick little oneshot/songfic with Doffy. The song is Lonely No More by Rob Thomas.
🌹 No Strings Attatched 🍃 [DoflamingoXReader] - Slow Updates by fuckingmintbro
🌹 No Strings Attatched 🍃 [ fuckingmintbro
Y/n finds themselves at the hands, strings, and mercy of the infamous Ex-Shibukai himself, Donquixote Doflamingo. Don't get me wrong though, he's not the one in control...
I've Got No Strings (Doflamingo x reader) by annemarie213
I've Got No Strings (Doflamingo annemarie213
After many years of hard work, the Marine had finally given you the title of Vice Admiral. Your life seemed perfect, but it all changed, when you learned of your limited...