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Potato Man in a Prison { Dreamnoblade } by GalaxyKhat
Potato Man in a Prison { Dreamnobl...by GalaxyKhat
Dream and Techno are both trapped in Pandora's Vault, but they have managed to summon DreamXD, the god of the SMP. FYI this is incredibly slowburn This is an AU, also I...
 ★ « Myct one-shots » ★ by amethyst_wastaken
★ « Myct one-shots » ★by amethyst_wastaken
just a book filled with ships, some chapters can have no ships at all so if you have a request that has no ship that's perfectly fine. Will do: Samwastaken, quackitywast...
Dadz [dreamnoblade] by Illamao
Dadz [dreamnoblade]by Illi
A Sickness, A Doctor, A Cheater ||Dnb|| ✔ by blue_sabi
A Sickness, A Doctor, A Cheater ||...by ɾσɯαɳ
I've loved you the most for all of my life. But now I am nothing to you. ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Updates every Sunday {completed} This is the Dreamnoblade version of the original m...
Bottom dream-one shots by m1bbii
Bottom dream-one shotsby m1bbii
This is only gonna have bottom dream, so if you don't like it just duck off. Almost any shipp will be accepted. English is not my first language so the grammar is gonna...
 ~𝔅𝔢𝔲𝔱𝔶 𝔄𝔫𝔡 𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔅𝔢𝔞𝔰𝔱~ [DNB] by wolmlfytime_200
~𝔅𝔢𝔲𝔱𝔶 𝔄𝔫𝔡 𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔅𝔢𝔞�...by Wolmfly
!NOT MY BOOK! Written by @Rinnykio I dont take any credit for this book, the original writer felt uncomfortable with the book being published after certain events to one...
Dave And Bambi Golden Apple Oneshots (+Other Random Stuff) (ON HOLD!!) by FarahGYT
Dave And Bambi Golden Apple Onesho...by FarahGYT
(THIS IS CURRENTLY ON SOME SORT OF HIATUS!! For how long? I don't know.) Hey! This is my first time writing oneshots, and if it isn't obvious, its an x Reader! Well, 𝘮�...
Normally Alone - A Dreamnoblade Story by MichaelGA2005
Normally Alone - A Dreamnoblade St...by Michael Gene
Despite how he acted, Dream liked being alone; only if it was his choice. In high school, Wilbur, Jschlatt, Technoblade, and Dream went on a trip. Two extroverts, one i...
 Another book of Liam's life  by -clxver_
Another book of Liam's life by Liam = dumb
hi mfs this is another book on my life First book : Misty / Liam's book of his trash life GO TO WATTPAD NOW IF YOU ARE ON TEENFIC !
Dave and Bambi x Reader Oneshots (CLOSED!!) by fodgodwoohoo
Dave and Bambi x Reader Oneshots (...by 💗 chronic !!
this is my first fanfic thing im actually determined to start, so sorry if it sucks </3
Dreamnoblade Oneshots :) by ImAHoluSinaTion
Dreamnoblade Oneshots :)by layla
This book wont be continued bcauseof technoblades death, im sorry to those who wanted part 2s but it wont be happening :)
|~The Internet Sugar Daddy~|DNB| by Blueinsidethemirror
|~The Internet Sugar Daddy~|DNB|by TheGhostyWilbursøøt
this book may or may not contain |-Warning-| Not inappropriate smut romance/romantic Sword fighting/fighting/1v1/Battling/arguments Jealousy BL Side ship's | DB | mixe...
(Mostly Bottom) Dream Oneshots by TacTical_Type
(Mostly Bottom) Dream Oneshotsby TacTical_Type
I mean it's in the title. And yes I take requests. Please don't pressure me, this is my first book and it's just for fun. I will make sure respect all of the CC's bounda...
Azurite Apple: A Dave and Bambi AU by NovaAzurite
Azurite Apple: A Dave and Bambi AUby NovaAzurite099
(Cover art is made by me!) A Dave and Bambi AU, an attack of the light and darkness is at stake when Bandu did what he never had done before -- overpower his own brother...
Dnb + Golden apple art book! (maybe I will do requests for bambisonas?) by Expungedfangirl
Dnb + Golden apple art book! (mayb...by Big Black Booty Cheeks
Exactly what the fucking title sounds like. Ignore the book cover btw.
Of Gods and Worship - Dreamnoblade by asteronomical
Of Gods and Worship - Dreamnobladeby shion
Falling in love with the blood god is like falling into a bed of roses. Falling, falling, and falling with not a single thought nor doubt. It is as though the strings of...
the child i found on your door (DnB) by william_thespy
the child i found on your door (Dn...by PURPLEGUY
its a continuation of a book mde by @Sh4d0w_B0nn13 named the same as here (see it before reading this one) also its an dreamnoblade book so if u dont like it dont click...
Lots of Space - Rebooted | A Dave and Bambi Fanfic by Tophaty
Lots of Space - Rebooted | A Dave...by Tophaty
//Yeah the old one sucked lol While Dave was doing his usual doings on his computer in his house, a seemingly harmless pop-up appeared and thinking nothing of it, he cli...