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Magcon/O2L Smuts (REQUESTS CLOSED!) by softrinn
Magcon/O2L Smuts (REQUESTS CLOSED!)by rína
y'all nasty but I am too so🌚☕️ OUr rAnKs aRE amAZInG WHAt-? yallaresoamazingilysm💗💗
Magcon slave by mattydolan1975
Magcon slaveby mattydolan1975
Rachel is taken by the magcon boys and used for their pleasure... ⚠️⚠️⚠️SEXUAL⚠️⚠️⚠️
Kidnapped by cameron dallas by dirtyfanficsmagcon
Kidnapped by cameron dallasby Maria
Maria is a regular girl in highschool. Until there's a new guy in school Cameron Dallas with his friends and she's not taking any chances of falling in love. Until her '...
Old magcon dirty imagines by Magconlover8000
Old magcon dirty imaginesby Magconlover8000
This book will be filled with dirty and maybe a couple sweet ones.... Some preferences too;)I will try to take as many requests as I can, comment below.
dirty hayes grier by magcon_girl_obssesed
dirty hayes grierby magcon_girl_obssesed
nashty like r-rated nashty dirty imagines for the old magcon boys
50 Shades of Wilkinson by Skyes-imagines
50 Shades of Wilkinsonby Skyes-imagines
"Wilkinson will see you now" my heart is at a normal rate, as I walk towards the class doors, but as he turns around. My heart drops.
no doubts by shayloraf
no doubtsby Shawn caniff ;)
just typical friends who'd end up falling for each other. read to find out more :D
Cute/dirty imagines magconboys by pinkunicornn121
Cute/dirty imagines magconboysby magconboyz4ever
The titel says it all! I'm not putting an age on this 'cause I know y'all don't don't care 'bout that :)
queen dirty work by weshaneen
queen dirty workby ☻haneen☹
girl that goes crazy with all the boys at the club she gets drunk and hits on girls and guys even in other times she gets heartbroken her heart is a piece of stone but s...
9 guys for a kitty by magcon4lifetaylor
9 guys for a kittyby Dezzie Duncan
9 lives for a cat...9 guys for a kitty. Who will she love? Who will she get dumped by? Who's hearts will break? Who will be the baby father? The world may never know..
dirty magcon imagines by fxckindallas
dirty magcon imaginesby fxckindallas
requests available drop them in the comments
You and Me by magconkiller
You and Meby x o x o
Alaska Espinosa is just a normal girl you goes through tough times with her family. When her dad leaves her and her mom gets a new job, they are forced to move away from...
I Need a Hero (Jacob Whitesides) completed by o2lwhitesider
I Need a Hero (Jacob Whitesides) c...by Hannah
Hannah was just your average teenage girl. she’s never had a boyfriend and shes never really had any friends & well she hates herself for it. until a boy moves in next d...
Elements - Nash Grier by magconstorywriter
Elements - Nash Grierby cady heron
There are four different types of people. They have just one little difference. But don't you dare to do something stupid. Just do what everyone is doing and you won't g...