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Nanny Express by kweencie
Nanny Expressby Qc
Sage was left at the alter by her ex fiancé to elope with her sister. She was broken. Would she even find the one or be a victim to more heartbreak?. "If you stand...
Crysis Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Crysis x Twilight) by dstnsh2
Crysis Breaking Dawn Part 2 ( dstnsh 2
(This is my first twilight story) Alcatraz finds himself in a vold after jumping in the ceph hive as he suddenly awakened to find himself in a different world filled wit...
Grief by graysondandethand
Griefby janaína
denail, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance
What The Heart Wants by mel890522
What The Heart Wantsby Lisa
Tiffany did not believe in true love or in faith. Adam walked in her life a few years ago and gave her back what she lost her soul. Their relationship was not perfect bu...
Fortissimo by jaegrrr
Fortissimoby m i s s y
Because in her ideal world, music would (probably) hopefully heal everything. Maybe even a friend gone awry. In which a series of musical terms defines Aria's week.
Tamaki's denial (An OHSCH fanfic TamakiXHaruhi) by BandGeekClarinet
Tamaki's denial (An OHSCH fanfic BandGeekClarinet
Disclaimer- I don't own Ouran High School Host Club or any of it's characters I own this plot though if I own anything else I'll tell you! Description- Tamaki, Kaoru, Hi...
aripiprazole (abilify) by ksaxton89
aripiprazole (abilify)by Katelyn Saxton
(formerly known as oblivion) Kahn Syntown Aripiprazole (5 mg) Common Name- Abilify An anti-psychotic used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and Tourr...
I fail to realize by Maraya608
I fail to realizeby Maraya608
A women who can't get over the overbearing grief of actually being dead (A SHORT STORY)