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Defying Gravity (Reverse Rises)  by starlight_splash
Defying Gravity (Reverse Rises) by Ruri Kanzaki
Gideon Southeast together with his half-sister Pacifica Pines get shipped off to a sleepy little town in Oregon called Gravity Rises with their Grunkle for the winter br...
Take a Stand [Mori X Reader] by JustAnAlias
Take a Stand [Mori X Reader]by Jūšт αñ Åłíαś
After getting the lead role in a play at Ouran, [y/n] was beginning to be bullied by the other third years in her class. She gains the attention of Takashi Morinozuka, w...
Defying Gravity Bonus Content by starlight_splash
Defying Gravity Bonus Contentby Ruri Kanzaki
Welcome to Defying Gravity's Bonus Content Awesome stuff that you'll find: -Defying Gravity AUs -Character AMAs -Fan arts -Character designs -Polls -One shots -Spoilers...
Defining Gravity [New Story] by GBF_ForHire
Defining Gravity [New Story]by GirlBestFriend_ForHire
What would you do if you found out you can fly? [NEW STORY]
I won't say I'm in Love by connies_chaos
I won't say I'm in Loveby connies_chaos
~~And you cant bring me down Bring me down Ohh oh oh ~ ~ I hit that high G (by force) perfectly. Nothing I have ever sung before has sounded that amazing. Everything, m...
Defying Gravity - Tsukishima Kei x OC by NefiriaTonks
Defying Gravity - Tsukishima Kei CecilGershwinPalmer
Shia is Daichi's little sister. She is a second year at Karasuno High school and does theater at the local community theater. Shia is a very outgoing person even if she...
Flying High by Irhaboggles
Flying Highby Irhaboggles
Or, the three times Glinda flew with Elphaba on the broom.
My Shining Trash Book Of Arts by starlight_splash
My Shining Trash Book Of Artsby Ruri Kanzaki
The title says it all Instead of throwing away all my art works that I drew just for fun in a dark abyss, I will be throwing it here Instead. I will also be throwing som...
My Poems by WhizZapper
My Poemsby *Clumsy_Sailor*
This poems was yours truly.
Defying Gravity (A Wicked ,the musical, FanFiction) by Holiday_Tea
Defying Gravity (A Wicked ,the Holiday Tea
This is Wicked the Musical in Elphabas Point Of View! Let's see how this plays out!
The Adventures of Halle Jesus by SingingHalle
The Adventures of Halle Jesusby SingingHalle
This is the story of Halle Jesus's in her society. In case that you haven't read the original Halle Jesus story, check out otakukitkat's page and read it. It's based off...
My Musical Life by merbirdgirl
My Musical Lifeby Elizabeth Urban
My life was a normal one before I got into high school, but I'm sure everyone can say that. No, when I say it, I mean in a weird way. But I guess that's for you to decid...
The Wicked Witch by Demigodly_Slytherin
The Wicked Witchby Demigodly_Slytherin
There's a new camper at CHB. People notice there's something off about her the moment they meet her. Nico thinks that it's her potential of power. Percy thinks that it's...
This Amazing Thing Called Wicked by Soccer_SnowQueen
This Amazing Thing Called Wickedby Soccer_SnowQueen
This story is basically my feelings from the first time I saw Wicked, and how it changed me for the better. It is the best play I have ever seen, and most likely ever w...
Forbidden Lovers II by AngelWithACrossbow92
Forbidden Lovers IIby 💚Angel💚
ok this is the sequel to Forbidden Lovers so if you haven't read the first one go read it because if you read this one b4 the other it won't make sense at all I do not o...
Darkest Before the Dawn (Book Five: Supernatural Fanfic) by TVDlover97
Darkest Before the Dawn (Book Classy Badass
Octavia Winchester is an Angel married to Sam Winchester, and has been for three entire years now, after they had given birth to their Nephilim twin daughters, Ariel and...
Switching Of Universe by starlight_splash
Switching Of Universeby Ruri Kanzaki
When two Bill Ciphers are bored, they decided to play around the lives of two Mabels. A plan for their amusment and the freedom of the other, just by switching their pla...