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The Impostor by IamBellaElla
The Impostorby CrystaaBellee
There i was, seated for my funeral service. My pictures hung all over the place. I watched the guests move forward one by one to drop a flower on the corpse. I watched...
PLEASE-2 (vkook)  by pvkook7
PLEASE-2 (vkook) by ✧PAVI✧
BOOK 2 OF PLEASE... Come live in my heart and pay no rent Why do you love me this much.... Which i dont deserve... Highest rating... #1 in deceased @19-4-21 Start: 10/0...
Dance Again (Dancing Styles Sequel) by rinkadink
Dance Again (Dancing Styles Sequel)by Lucy
Bella's back! But not the sweet innocent little girl she was 11 years ago. 11 years ago, Lucy and Harry got remarried, and to Harry, it was his fairytale ending. But not...
Emotionless (ON HOLD/EDITING) by TypeUsername
Emotionless (ON HOLD/EDITING)by TypeUsername
Ten years ago, Rylee Willows was in a car accident where her parents died and her twin brother disappeared. Since then she has never shown emotion to anyone. Because of...
Crystal Snow | VKOOK ✔ by harataee
Crystal Snow | VKOOK ✔by gojo-sensei
"Please, h--hurts, make it s-stop..." The fragile boy whimper-sobbed in the arms of his best friend as his best friend only stayed silent and let the other ma...
Percy Jackson - Betrayal Reveals by Fel33no
Percy Jackson - Betrayal Revealsby Bianca_Jackson
Your not-so normal Percy Jackson betrayal stories. See, these are only when he REVEALS himself. Why? Cause I'm super weird. It's also the only reason I read PJO Betrayal...
Waiting Game (BWWM) [Short Story: COMPLETED] by NicolesChronicles
Waiting Game (BWWM) [Short A. Nicole
***COMPLETED*** Coming from an abusive home and losing the love of her life only at the tender age of 19, Cassie loses her belief in love and only seeks out physical att...
To My Husband of the Dirt, by layneinchains
To My Husband of the Dirt,by layneinchains
To My Husband of the Dirt, You are no more. You once were flesh and unripped skin. Your eyes- do they shine in the grave like they did staring at mine long ago? On the p...
2021 / one in a million  by egllllee
2021 / one in a million by E✨
All of these poems are written by me™ :))
Fallen Angel by musicalsweets
Fallen Angelby Sarah
Leira Shay is a young soldier living in a time plagued by war. Their forsaken enemies crush all hope, and destroy homes and lives. She has been majorly affected by this...
'Til Death Do Us Part by Elle_Wrote_It
'Til Death Do Us Partby Elle Wrote It
[Completed] Ranked #1! Ariana Grayson is young, beautiful, popular...and dead. Her best friend, Everly Clarke, is devastated and broken. She has never had to live withou...
Besties at the Island by Letsplay21
Besties at the Islandby Paddy 👻👻👻
We're pranking too much until we all trapped to an island, but Me, Mousse and Akari still hating Evil Robby, at the Island, we're trying to find way out while Evil Robby...
If You Could See Me ≫ Niall Horan/Ghost by AbandonedxLove
If You Could See Me ≫ Niall ghost cat
Niall Horan's dreams have came true. He's had a #1 album, sold out arenas, and most important of all--performed at Madison Square Garden. And he's done it with his 4 bes...
Cardinal (The Modalities Trilogy, Book 1) by ALittleBitofStardust
Cardinal (The Modalities Kay Merrick
Jackson stared at Emmett for a few moments. Then he cleared his throat and forced out a chuckle. "Um, that's one way to introduce yourself." "Buddy, I was...
BREAKTHROUGH by Temitope840
BREAKTHROUGHby Mohammed Temitope Zainab
Anthony Benjamin, a young Black American was accused of murdering David Clark. He claimed that an unknown caller declared his wife was having an illicit affair with the...
PJO + HOO deceased demigods Roleplay by -_Bianca_Di_Angelo_-
PJO + HOO deceased demigods Bianca
Hey Bianca here! This is Roleplay for only deceased demigods, so sorry living demigods! I am creating this with Elysium WIFI! Look forward to seeing you all here! P.S. N...
Playing Pretend by SebastianHHarrison
Playing Pretendby Sebastian H. H. Riley
Abby has always been alone. Her parents are dead she had a falling out with her siblings... She is just alone. She has a best friend who will do anything for her. Shay...
The Book of the Departed: The Walking Dead by lovemishacollins
The Book of the Departed: The Hello!!! :)
Just a book in honor of the departed...
My Broken Lanterns by SweetenerAvenue
My Broken Lanternsby seddieness ❈
Nothing much, just short messages to my deceased grandmothers <3 I miss them, like I've done to no one.
i got tagged oof by Amajiki_Tamaki
i got tagged oofby Kat
somehow I got tagged so oof.