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DIARY | ROWOON by cherry_kookiies
DIARY | ROWOONby •.¸♡ bat ♡¸.•
A diary. The most important essential for a high school girl that must not be exposed to anyone. Y/n is a high school student who uses her diary as a place to keep her s...
CLASSIFIED [SF9 FF] by Hamipark_
CLASSIFIED [SF9 FF]by hamwiiiii
A story where you meet these nine wonderful boys, this is a reverse harem with a little twist on the end ;) Consist of: -Fluff -Cringe -Desperation Just read it.
Together | SF9 by lovingseoul
Together | SF9by lovingseoul
She has decided to avoid them. But what if the boys, themselves, want the attention they are fond of? This can be a story of love or friendship. Started: 4 Nov 2016 Publ...
Incorrect WJSN by tinychaeng
Incorrect WJSNby E
Just a bunch of Cosmic Gays incorrect quotes. Enjoy!
The Tomb Of My Heart | SF9 by yutaeyeol
The Tomb Of My Heart | SF9by 蜜
•Adventure/Mystery AU "I was always the girl who loved seeing the world more than I loved being in love." Baek Jaein is an archeology student who has never tru...
Fall Down {TaeBin} by zuhonoseswag
Fall Down {TaeBin}by zuhonoseswag
Taeyang is in love with Youngbin but Youngbin is straight.
incorrect wjsn quotes by cherryjinnies
incorrect wjsn quotesby jem
incorrect wjsn quotes!! mostly seolbin stream as you wish for clear skin
[✓]Me,Idol with SF9 | EST.2017 by faithbellas
[✓]Me,Idol with SF9 | EST.2017by 𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐚
Seo Dohee,a girl from Oxford travel to Korea to visit her parents and move there.Fnc Entertainment,who own by her father Seo Kangjoo and now she being an idol from the c...
SF9 Imagines by ImKetchup
SF9 Imaginesby chiqui
•A collection of imagines for our much loved FNC boy dance group, SF9. •First SF9 imagines book on wattpad •OT9 •Open for Requests
Who are you?  •  [SF9] by oniongreen
Who are you? • [SF9]by oniongreen
She once was a bad girl, she would sleep with a guy one night, and with another guy the next day. Until she met her destined half. They've been dating for three years...
Together {2Young / ZuYoung} by zuhonoseswag
Together {2Young / ZuYoung}by zuhonoseswag
« - I think I love you - Don't love me »
Shadow  •  [SF9] by oniongreen
Shadow • [SF9]by oniongreen
He's been her friend since childhood. He followed her everywhere and did everything for her like she was the queen of his world. One day she left him and he swore to hi...
Hyung, am I the only one?; //SF9♥ by Chniii
Hyung, am I the only one?; //SF9♥by RoChan_Loved
What if Chani's hyung having a crush on him? Which means all of 'them' fall in love with the MAKNAE! Who will chani choose since all of 'them' taking care of him so fvck...
SF9: Knights of The Sun #1 ✔ by dontdoit7
SF9: Knights of The Sun #1 ✔by Angi
↳"With your determination, they can't possibly find out where that treasure lies." In which SF9 are the Knights of an assassin organisation called 'The Sun'. ...
RPM | Hwitae by plushiehuening
RPM | Hwitaeby andy
"Who knew that two trained assassins could fall in love through a few missions?"
SF9 Humor |Completed| by SF9FantasyFNC
SF9 Humor |Completed|by parqcxsm
This book is dedicated to Sensational Funny 9. I will be posting jokes in this book. Most Impressive Ranking: 17/08/20- 88th in SF9 18/08/20- 94th in SF9 19/08/20- 120t...
GOOD GUY | KIM INSEONG  by parkhyunry_
GOOD GUY | KIM INSEONG by Girl with a Dream
•[COMPLETE]• "Why you give me this second chance even I've hurt you before?" - Kim Inseong- "I knew you're the good guy that will bring me to the happines...
SF9 Rowoon Imagines by kimchiroun
SF9 Rowoon Imaginesby stan sf9!!!
Warning: (some) NSFW content. They're marked with SFW or NSFW (: Yeah, that's probably it. Requests are open! Comment or PM me and I'll do my best to make it happen!
a very helpful guide to wjsn (+ some memes) by leaderrsojungs
a very helpful guide to wjsn (+ so...by 𝐤.
just in case you need help with these big gays
a bunch of sf9 oneshots for all of you to enjoy