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Clara Matthews:  Two-Bit's Sister by CSZ2011
Clara Matthews: Two-Bit's Sisterby CSZ2011
Clara is Two-Bit's 8 year old sister. She has autism which is a neurological disorder that affects communication, social interactions, and had rigid or repetitive behav...
Why Do You Love Me? by GrimEmerald
Why Do You Love Me?by GrimEmerald
In a world where every one is labeled alpha, omega or beta, creature inheritance or not. Harry is a cute little submissive and the second son of Lilly and James Potter a...
We Couldn't Get Along Without Ya  by spn-onechicago
We Couldn't Get Along Without Ya by spn-onechicago
Katie, the only Curtis sister, is depressed. How will the gang be able to save her? *Trigger Warning* - pretty much every chapter depicts actions and ideas that may be t...
TULSA - darry curtis by mushroommavenne
TULSA - darry curtisby 🍄👼🏻
Bluebelle Thompson is a seventeen-year-old who moves to Tulsa, Oklahoma. She makes friends with three boys around her age when they meet at the drive-in. Little does she...
shakespeare . dallas winston by eightics
shakespeare . dallas winstonby ♡ ♡ ♡
❝ i'm not like them but i can pretend ❞ [dallas winston x oc] creds to @alicnstae for cover templates
After hogwarts by Area51survivor
After hogwartsby Kaz Brekker
Harry Potter quit his job as an auror to become a professor at Hogwarts after he heard about madam hooch retiring. On his first day he ran into the new head of Slytherin...
Anathema  [Drarry Fanfiction] [ON HOLD] by Miami_21
Anathema [Drarry Fanfiction] [ON...by Jaden
After a fight between Draco and Harry, Dumbledore had finally had enough of their little 'rival' and let their punishment fall into the hands of Snape... Unfortunately...
Johnny's Little Sister (A Ponyboy Curtis Love Story) by GreaserGirl65
Johnny's Little Sister (A Ponyboy...by Nikki
A story about Johnny's little sister, Jennie, her friends and the crazy adventures they go on together!!! Hope you enjoy it!!! :)
Broken to Pieces by Outsiders_forever102
Broken to Piecesby Outsiders_forever102
Kali Iris has had enough. She's on her breaking point. Sodapop isn't aware of her self harm and it might be too late to before he finds out. All rights go to S E Hinton.
Two of a Kind by CherryCoxe
Two of a Kindby Back to the 80's👩‍🎤
The story where the two people your thought would never get together, got together. Dallas Winston wasn't interested in relationships. Isla was too busy, and even thoug...
The Outsiders Imagines by ngurney
The Outsiders Imaginesby Natalie Curtis - Ali - Malik
These imagines are really only about Sodapop, PonyBoy, and Darry.But the others will be in some of the imagines.ENJOY!!!
Ponyboy Smut book 2 by Theoutsiderslover134
Ponyboy Smut book 2by Theoutsiderslover134
A continuation from the first book that can be found on my page!! It contains anything and possibly everything you could imagine in a smut book. Feel free to request any...
outsiders imagine and preferences by yadros443
outsiders imagine and preferencesby Yadira Rosales
i might do smuts later on but for now its just imagines and preferences
Forbidden Love (Sodapop Fanfic) *IN NEED OF EDITING* by lizzwithluv
Forbidden Love (Sodapop Fanfic) *I...by liz🪐
I'm Soc. He is a Greaser. Its Forbidden. I guess you can call it Forbidden Love.
| The Outsider's Princess | by _TheOutsidersAuthor_
| The Outsider's Princess |by _TheOutsidersAuthor_
Ellie Curtis is a 7-year-old beautiful little girl. Ellie is a bundle of joy and loves the gang and her family. When her parents die with Ellie in the car, she makes it...
The Outsiders Imagines and Preferences by sweetcelestes
The Outsiders Imagines and Prefere...by ǝsoᴚ uƎ ǝıΛ ɐ˥
UNDER EDITING!!! The most dramatic set of imagines. None of these characters are mine! Request currently not open! Remember you have to Stay Gold for Johnny man, for J...
Harlow by honeyndmilk
Harlowby honeyndmilk
|What a fragile dying thing love turned out to be| "How could you love someone like me?" He asked her in the midst of their argument. "And that's supposed...
Die Young With Me (Dallas Winston Fanfic) by sydsue8
Die Young With Me (Dallas Winston...by 💛STAY GOLD💛
"I didn't want to fall for you, but it's too late now." ________________________________________________ Sorry that the beginning is a little short/sloppy. I t...
The Outsiders imagines/smuts by jhopessugaa
The Outsiders imagines/smutsby jhopessugaa
Basically a book of imagines and smuts for the characters of the outsiders. I only own my writing. I do not own the outsiders (I WISH I DID). Anyway, enjoy my book. Will...
House unity by Moonysfangirl
House unityby Fangirl For Life
Harry James Potter has noticed Draco Lucian Malfoy disappearing from time to time from classes just as Lupin had been. Soon Harry realizes that Malfoy may not be fully h...