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Girls und panzer: The firebreather by War_Historian45
Girls und panzer: The firebreatherby Weird flex but okay
On June 6, 1944 operation Overlord started and over 100,000 men stormed the beaches of Normandy one of these men were commander Thomas o' Armstrong and his veteran crew...
Encounter with an unknown girl by Hadassah16
Encounter with an unknown girlby Jenifer
Arjun Rana one of the most successful, workaholic billionaire. He is the man that every girl dreams of, he is madly in love with his childhood friend Jade Matthews. But...
Girls und Panzer x Reader Scenarios by Curseblood17
Girls und Panzer x Reader Scenariosby Curseblood17
I haven't found any of these and this is one of my favorite animes so I thought I should make one then. The reader is whatever gender and age you want them to be. Reques...
The Mysterious Firefly (Male Reader X Darjeeling) by Jax_Blue
The Mysterious Firefly (Male Reade...by Joshua Balingit
(Completed) Do fireflies still exist? Anyway; What if you were to find a firefly that will bring you to the world of your favorite anime, Girls und Panzer!? You will hav...
Girls und Panzer: Downfall by MarkR03
Girls und Panzer: Downfallby MK109
What happens when Senshado becomes a discipline for males as well? A seemingly ordinary boy, named Michael, coming from a not so happy situation with his family, decides...
Girls Und Panzer Tankery's End by KingDiscord
Girls Und Panzer Tankery's Endby King Discord
Japanese Sensha Do is a sacred piece of Culture for the people of Japan. it dates back for decades the use of old tanks to teach a young woman maturity, individuality, a...
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The Lucky Gunner (Girls Und Panzer Harem)  by Enterprise-sama
The Lucky Gunner (Girls Und Panzer...by Enterprise-sama
Breindel was just a 13 years old boy the youngest of them all While all of his friends are in there 30's and all of his friends didn't know his age they thought he was 2...
Coming Out of Her Shell by PanzerAce
Coming Out of Her Shellby PanzerAce
A close friend causes Darjeeling to question whether or not she should act so proper... FYI this is a Darjeeling and reader story.
Girls Und Panzer: A New Frontier by Just_a_Shut-In_Weeb
Girls Und Panzer: A New Frontierby Shut-In_Weeb
Girls Und Panzer: A New Frontier is my very own addition to the Girls Und Panzer series. Note that I do not own the Girls Und Panzer Series, vidoes, songs, or images I u...
Because You're You by PanzerAce
Because You're Youby PanzerAce
Orange Pekoe must deal with her own strong feelings and the feelings of others as she faces the biggest challenge of her life... FYI this is an Orange Pekoe and Reader s...
There's a Time for You by MartinReaders
There's a Time for Youby Martin Chua
"When two people from two worlds meet..." -Adrian First book for A new Series "Girls Und Panzer X De Facto" simulating that Adrian found a rift and s...
Rosehip's story(Girls und Panzer fanfiction) by StanleyOrangeP
Rosehip's story(Girls und Panzer f...by Stanley BB
Few weeks have passed after the end of Stanley Blackbird's exchange(this story is based on my earlier story Exchange student at St.Gloriana) and of the experimental tank...
Una Vida de Jatkosota by MartinReaders
Una Vida de Jatkosotaby Martin Chua
"A Diary keeps Everything, Including another universe" -Huey Sequel of the First GuP x De Facto "There's a Time for you" Representing a flashback fro...
All is Fair in Love and War by samuelME-262
All is Fair in Love and Warby Samuel.C
You are now part of the Scottish school Kilted Highlanders as you fight against St Gloriana after the battle it seems a certain blonde has taken a liking of you but how...
Tiger from the North by BaggedMilk16
Tiger from the Northby BaggedMilk
William is the seasoned commander of his Swedish themed all male school. He had led his men to countless victories against unequal odds. But it was always against the o...
Will Never Spill My Tea by ElectroBlitzXVI
Will Never Spill My Teaby ElectroBlitz
This is my attempt to write a Darjeeling story. I hope you all enjoy it. I do not own Girls und Panzer or any of the things in the show, this is just a story and a story...
A lucky Man// Commander Pekoe by Orange_P2
A lucky Man// Commander Pekoeby Orange_p2
This is the second installment of the A lucky Man series I have
The Lady and the Yankee Tanker by Orange_P2
The Lady and the Yankee Tankerby Orange_p2
This is the story of how Kay and Darjeeling met. It is set in Darjeeling's and Kay's final year as reminisce of the first encounter and subsequent dating. I decided to m...
Helmet Chan x Reader by Orange_P2
Helmet Chan x Readerby Orange_p2
Saunder's quiet second-year student, Helmet chan has been struggling as Alisa loader, but what happens when someone takes her eye off the ball?
Best Darjeeling Tea by darjeelingteadirect
Best Darjeeling Teaby Darjeeling Tea Direct
Darjeeling alone produces around 10000 tons of tea annually, out of which more than half is exported abroad. It is considered the best tea in the world. The taste of Dar...