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The Croods by thelittleblackghost
The Croodsby Boo!
Male Eep x Female Reader Based on the movie The Croods (Y/n) = Your Name (H/l) = Hair Length (H/c) = Hair Color (E/c) = Eye Color (S/c) = Skin Color I OWN NOTHING!!!
Guy x Reader by dandyboi05
Guy x Readerby A_Dandy_Boy
Y/n's family gets killed when they were little so the Croods take them in, one day they sneak out with Eep and meets a stranger that catches their eye. There aren't man...
The Croods  (Guy X Black Woman Oc) by Sugarpop001
The Croods (Guy X Black Woman Oc)by kenny xoxo
After wandering around for days she stumbled upon a family called the Croods. She believed that her hard days were now over but her adventures and brightful days had tur...
Search For Tomorrow (Guy X Fem!reader) ▪️ON HOLD▪️ by Love_Aki
Search For Tomorrow (Guy X Fem! still alive
When Y/n met a New Guy, named Guy, Her life became more adventurous than before. The Croods (Guy x reader) - Complete ✔️ The Croods: A New Age (Guy x reader) - Ong...
Follow the Light by Seoulmate997
Follow the Lightby Sora
Left alone after her parents disappeared, the Croods take her in. After continuing with their routinely life for many summers, it all falls apart after one fateful nigh...
The Croods (Male!Eep x Reader) by Levyyyathan
The Croods (Male!Eep x Reader)by Levyathan
When an earthquake obliterates their cave, an unworldly prehistoris family is forced to journey through unfamiliar terrain in search of a new home. Genderbend!EepxReade...
Shine Your Way ( Dawn Betterman fanfic)  by GodessOfCreation
Shine Your Way ( Dawn Betterman Annik
Ash was a caveman as a child with his family but a large predator caught them and ate his family, Ash traveled alone for a short while before meeting Guy , they quickly...
My Cave Buddy ( Grug x Reader )  by jakegyllenhaalishot
My Cave Buddy ( Grug x Reader ) by (☆´3`)
(Y/N) is a 36 year old cave woman who is in love with a cave man named Grug. They met at a young age with their families having a meet up. they have been close friends e...
A Strange Sort Of Afterlife  by Wolfcubx2
A Strange Sort Of Afterlife by Story Master's
"Granted" the genie said with a firm nod... it was perhaps a somewhat ill advise wish. Book one of Insanity's Island follow the red dots. Mega crossover- Teen...
Our Tomorrow by Aren_Hufflepuff1980
Our Tomorrowby Aren Hufflepuff
Moon is younger than Eep older than her younger siblings. Adventure with the Croods and Guy as they explore for there tomorrow. (This takes place in A New Age)
Dreamwork characters react to each other by Adrienettesmut
Dreamwork characters react to Gary Gary
Popular Dreamworks characters arrive at the cinema after their last movie where they react to each other's movies and TV shows
Guy x Reader by Zombiegirl777
Guy x Readerby Zombiegirl777
A Guy x Reader oneshot because I really like him 💖 May add more chapters depending on how many people are interested... Enjoy! ⚠️ Important note: I have NOT seen Croods...
The Croods RP by HGMCWCRP
The Croods RPby HGMCWCRP
It's an RP. COME ON IN:)
The OutCasts book1: Mirror Mirror. by NikkiRobinsonjay
The OutCasts book1: Mirror Kris
What happens when a bunch of characters from different worlds get stuck and meet each other in a world kinda like theirs but evil is a muck? This is kinda based on the f...
DREAMWORKS NEWS by DreamworksDragons
DREAMWORKS NEWSby DreamworksDragons
All news, from dreeamworks. Who to follow, Where to go, And some Q and A's with some your favs! right here I dreamworks news:Wattpad
A Tomorrow of Our Own by Wolf-Chalk
A Tomorrow of Our Ownby Susan Crotchfelt the Wolf-Cha...
["I couldn't sleep, I was thinking about Tomorrow... OUR Tomorrow."] What is life like after Tomorrow? Guy and Eep are settling down into their new married lif...
A Crood Bestiary  by MEGAPOTAMIA325
A Crood Bestiary by Jeremy Woodard
In celebration of the Croods sequel, I've decided to take a look at the various organisms that ruled over proto man millions of years ago. This will contain canonical an...