Controlfreak Stories

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Junoon E  Ishq by Adahassan
Junoon E Ishqby iris knight
A cousin marriage SHIZA HAMDAN KHAN Life was a bed of roses for her until when she starts to feel that her life is being controlled and Watched. After she founds that i...
Teen Titans: From Jump City With Love by NeversideFaerie
Teen Titans: From Jump City With NeversideFaerie
After it is discovered that Mad Mod is conducting another fiendish plan, the Teen Titans are sent on a top secret mission to figure out his next move. Unfortunately, the...
Mr.OCD's Messy Assistant (Completed) by A-Mubashra
Mr.OCD's Messy Assistant ( Asna Mubashra
Jason is a perfectionist, a control freak, a neat freak. To top it all, he also has obsessive compulsive personality disorder. Sarah is a messy girl who hates control f...
Always be obedient  by lizbliz123
Always be obedient by Eli
***cover not mine*** ⚠️Unsympathetic Patton through this entire story this gets very angsty⚠️ Patton absolutely adored how everyone followed his rules. He had everyone w...
Hypnotized by Insane_Outsane
Hypnotizedby Grayson
Danny Phantom/ Teen Titans fanfic. I do not own Danny Phantom or Teen Titans or any characters from those shows or the DC universe. I do, however, own the characters tha...
The Mystery of my life by Drazy0_0
The Mystery of my lifeby Drashti
Warning: Cliche af! Wrote when I was bit too young! _______________ #8 Romanticsuspence . (13/3/19) "Fuck! You are so gay!" I blurted out angrily. He made me...
Teen Titans One-Shots by sargasso8
Teen Titans One-Shotsby Maraja Sargasso
Short stories about everyone's favorite Jump City heroes. Enjoy reading and don't forget to comment! {Note: This will probably be a Robin-centric book, but I am always...
Relief of Guilt by LegendaryGodzilla14
Relief of Guiltby LegendaryGodzilla14
It was perfect, King Ghidorah was dating their immortal friend Godzilla, and no mortal would ever have her. Kong, finally free of his guilt, arrives in the Earth Defende...
MY LOVE by subhaaaaaaaaaa02
MY LOVEby your writer
Trinity knight She is a beautiful,kind ,cute and very professional surgeon. Don't go with her cuteness if you mess with her she can break your neck.she always smile no m...
Rehab by iloveyoujordyn
Rehabby smokinpurpleape
In which y/n finds herself with an cheating boyfriend then begins to fall in love with another man but just cant get out the current relationship she's in.
A Control Freak Girl In Love by khushikhanna1
A Control Freak Girl In Loveby khushi khanna
A girl who always want things her own way and work hard to get. How will she behave when she'll be in love and no control over her emotions. Will she ruin it all or chan...
Where Rainbows Might End by KNOWITALL00
Where Rainbows Might Endby KNOWITALL00
Amy Mayhew a successful career woman gets the shock of her lifetime when she thought that her long time boyfriend Nathan is finally going to propose to her. Except he di...
Love is an action word by nadie_supdtooXx
Love is an action wordby Stylist
''Ahh! Ahh! please don't hurt me Ziles. "I didn't know Liam was at the cafe." I pleaded sadly. Oh you didn't know! "Do you think I'm stupid or something...
The Mutual Acquaintance by ankitasarkarofficial
The Mutual Acquaintanceby ankitasarkarofficial
Amelia Bennett loves and appreciates the small things in life. But since the day her father left her and her mother, she grew up believing that love doesn't last and it...
My Billionaire  by _Duhmarlene_
My Billionaire by _Duhmarlene_
She never thought that she could find someone to love as much as she wanted, but when James Riley makes an entrance into her life he doesn't plan on stepping back out. A...
Day dream by Venus1048
Day dreamby Venus1048
Friends to lovers Romance but with a....Twist? (There won't be much romance in the start of the story so please be patient) *contains type of mental disorder* (You have...
Teen Titans by abbymote
Teen Titansby abbymote
First in series!
New World by SansPaper9304
New Worldby SansPaper9304
Keo wakes up in a different world, Ketrin being the creator of it. At first, it wasn't that bad. But then it went spiraling out of control. *CURSING AND GORE*
Project Shringaar by ContradictionQueen
Project Shringaarby M M A
A genre I had never ventured into... A character that could never be me A challenge that brought out different shades of the writer in me and A story that makes me beli...
Kidnapped (Bbrae,Robstar) by __CardiB__
Kidnapped (Bbrae,Robstar)by
In a battle with A pack of Villains Raven gets kidnapped 3 days later Star tries to go and find her but she gets kidnapped herself but they kidnapped by 3 Villains Red X...