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(DISCONTINUED) HANDLE IT | ᴍ.ᴅ.ʟ.ᴄ  by -cs982
(DISCONTINUED) HANDLE IT | ᴍ.ᴅ.ʟ.ᴄ by -cs982
Having barely recovered from mourning her dead best friend she now has to deal with a box of tapes and a toxic boyfriend...can she handle it?
jealous//Montgomery de La cruz//social media  by zxxzxxwatermelonxxxz
jealous//Montgomery de La cruz// Julie ❤
FINISHED Riley walker. bryce walker's adopted sister. zach dempsy's amazing girlfriend. friends with everyone. except Montgomery de La cruz. they've hated each other si...
toxic//Montgomery de La cruz by zxxzxxwatermelonxxxz
toxic//Montgomery de La cruzby Julie ❤
demi Martin is the school's most popular and nicest girl. her boyfriend Montgomery de La cruz is the school's most hottest and violent boy. they loved they fought they...
Negative, Ghost Writer by reesesworld
Negative, Ghost Writerby Reese
"Okay. So the song is about Cole right? The chorus should be Scrawny Motherfucker with a cool hairstyle," Remy said laughing causing the rest of the friends to...
baby ⇒ jeff atkins  by kjapaesthetic
baby ⇒ jeff atkins by a demogorgon
"atkins, i'm pregnant with your baby," "you're what?" - lots of swearing sorry
Bryce Walker's Little Sister 2: Freshman Year  COMPLETED by LukeyThePenguin1996
Bryce Walker's Little Sister 2: LukeyThePenguin1996
Abigail Walker (Madison Beer) Fresh off her Horrible Break with Zach Dempsey (Ross Butler) starts her Freshman Year at UCLA. She runs into an old friend, Jackson Hayes...
13 Reasons Why Imagines  by bbbiily
13 Reasons Why Imagines by bby.b
13 reasons why imagines! Includes: Justin Zach Jeff Clay Montgomery Alex Scott Tyler Marcus Comment requests if you have any!
New girl [Montgomery De La Cruz] by hvxsfhj
New girl [Montgomery De La Cruz]by hvxsfhj
Meet Caitlyn Baker also Hannah Bakers twin sister who just came back from boarding school. Little did she know how much her life would change when she returned... In thi...
&𝘽𝙐𝙍𝙉  「ˢᶜᵒᵗᵗ ʳᵉᵉᵈ 」 by wethairblair
&𝘽𝙐𝙍𝙉 「ˢᶜᵒᵗᵗ ʳᵉᵉᵈ 」by don’t worry
"your love feels so fake." started: June 7th 2018
I dont love him! by Al0nleygirllol
I dont love him!by Angel 😇
" I dont love him, its more of a- Oh my god!" "Bee your totally in love"
hardships | 13 REASONS WHYby — ry
in which two best friends fall in love started: 4/3/2020 published: 4/11/2020 finished: tbd
lacuna = thirteen reasons why by itsanothernobody
lacuna = thirteen reasons whyby itsanothernobody
"it's hard to forget someone you know you'll always remember." thirteen reasons why >> own nothing COMPLETED: May 24th, 2017 REWRITTEN: July 25th, 2020
Monty de la Cruz Instagram  by Reece_X_Smith
Monty de la Cruz Instagram by 13 reasons what
A Monty de la Cruz x reader social media series. ❤️
13 Reasons Why Preferences by columngrey
13 Reasons Why Preferencesby
I will be doing: -Clay -Tony(if female pretend he's bi) -Justin -Zach -Montgomery -Alex -Tyler -Scott
Tony Padilla Imagines by greybird
Tony Padilla Imaginesby Halle Grace Kenney
Tony Padilla imagines off the top of my head. Requests are open so if you have one just message me and I will get started.
friends | jeff atkins  by sevenheadedsnake
friends | jeff atkins by A L L E Y
"all of your friends have been here for too long, they must be waiting for you to move on" in which a girl named devon alderman leaves her plush life in bever...
Clustin 🤭 (Clay And Justin) Love Story  by Nightmarishkingg
Clustin 🤭 (Clay And Justin) Justin Foley
I Was Bored And Wanted To Try This Out Clustin Is The Best Ship 🥵
Then came you by stonylover1245
Then came youby Harry_tomlinson
Winston meets Monty at a party Bryce walker throws Monty finally figures out his sexuality. He starts to like Winston but Winston has his boyfriend Toni who will he pick...