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Justin Foley | Love It If We Made It  by -voidackles
Justin Foley | Love It If We Made...by kaylee.
in which her life is turned to shambles after finding out the truth about those closest to her. so she turns to the boy who's always been there. justin foley x oc #2 in...
Baby || Zach Dempsey  by lillyana124
Baby || Zach Dempsey by lillyana124
Kensley Foley was liberty highs IT girl she was dating a star basketball player Zach Dempsey her twin was Justin Foley her best friend is Jeff Atkins her life seemed per...
Protector - Montgomery De La Cruz by adira_argent
Protector - Montgomery De La Cruzby adira_argent
"I did it for you Alexandra, everything that I have ever done, has been for you" He said while he held her dedicate face, softly in his hands "i would do...
The Ending They Should've Gotten - Monty and Winston  by wontysbby
The Ending They Should've Gotten...by wontysbby
What if Monty didn't die? And what if he and Winston got a happy ending?
SAVIOR COMPLEX , Thirteen Reasons Why by -bellz
SAVIOR COMPLEX , Thirteen Reasons...by Bellz
- What if 𝙉atalia can't except getting things thrown at her anymore? ᶜˡᵃʸ ʲᵉⁿˢᵉⁿ 𝙉atalia 𝘽exley was an ordinary girl. Her gra...
(DISCONTINUED) HANDLE IT | ᴍ.ᴅ.ʟ.ᴄ  by -cs982
(DISCONTINUED) HANDLE IT | ᴍ.ᴅ.ʟ.ᴄ by -cs982
Having barely recovered from mourning her dead best friend she now has to deal with a box of tapes and a toxic boyfriend...can she handle it?
Distinctive  ► Atkins | Reed by ohyourcewl
Distinctive ► Atkins | Reedby 🖤
[On Hold] Chloe Jensen didn't have a clue what was going on around her. And they all wanted to keep it that way. JeffAtkins x OC Scott Reed x OC {Disclaimer: I do not ow...
Rose • Justin Foley by carlitoswrites
Rose • Justin Foleyby Carlos
Cassidy (Cassie) Rose is known throughout the school as Hannah Baker's sidekick but what happens after Hannah decides to kill herself? What impact will it have on Cassi...
His Girl -Justin Foley. 13RW by saraobrien22
His Girl -Justin Foley. 13RWby Saraaaah
"Grace Blake, welcome to your tape" I stared at Clay's Walkman, my eyes wide as my hands shook in my lap. What the hell?? She is one of the reasons why. ...
delicate | j. foley (discontinued) by skywalkerswiftie
delicate | j. foley (discontinued)by lexi
'sometimes i wonder; when you sleep... are you ever dreaming of me? sometimes when i look into your eyes, i pretend you're mine all the damn time. is it cool that i said...
Tape 5, Side A | | thirteen reasons why by -meraxes
Tape 5, Side A | | thirteen reason...by cat :)
❝ Welcome to your tape, Dior Caldwell.❞ //// In which a girl receives a package full of tapes from her dead ex-bestfriend. //// Highest Rank: #1 in thirteenreasonswhy ©...
Untouchable [13RW] by KMPAN20
Untouchable [13RW]by Daisy
"You, Dixie Lavender Miller, my friendly neighbour, my monets buddy, my best friend, my torturer, are evil. You are the main reason I'm ending it tonight" Dixi...
Were Just Friends...right? by certifiedchrisgirl
Were Just Friends...right?by STURNIOLO😚
Bryce Hall's sister x Jaden Hossler COMPLETED
lost ; justin foley by vixenjeon
lost ; justin foleyby .
in which justin foley becomes infatuated with the new girl katelin daniels [hannah & jeff don't die] [parts of 13rw may be included] [all 13rw cast as themselves] [real...
new girl ⇾ justin foley by thedarkIing_
new girl ⇾ justin foleyby meg
❛❛ i call dibs ❜❜ ❛❛ you can't call dibs on her❜❜ - loosely based on the Netflix original series, 13 reasons why. [season 1]
HOME ✧ Justin Foley [Hiatus] by RecklessSociety
HOME ✧ Justin Foley [Hiatus]by RecklessSociety
Jasmine Dempsey, Zach Dempsey's shorter twin sister, returns from Southern California to the small town of Crestmont to stir things up a bit. Hannah Baker and Jeff Atki...
Secrets Lie Within Us// 13 Reasons Why // Book 1 // Justin Foley Fanfic   by aesthetic_rozes
Secrets Lie Within Us// 13 Reasons...by aesthetic_rozes
Sierra baker is the cousin of Hannah baker. When life starts to go wrong for Sierra, her aunt and uncle take her in to life with them. Hannah and Sierra, who are extre...
just friends, huh? || montgomery de la cruz  by ljohnsonbooks
just friends, huh? || montgomery d...by moonbabe
We're not dating. We're just friends who hang out, have fun, cuddle, kiss and have sex. • Montgomery de la Cruz •