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Bound by Fate by Kiara_vr
Bound by Fateby Kiara vR
The fate of a not so human king and a definitely human girl became entangled in a single meeting. A teenage girl from the 21st century somehow ended up lost in a forest...
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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by LFrankBaum
The Wonderful Wizard of Ozby L. Frank Baum
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, is an American children's novel written by author L. Frank Baum and illustrated by W. W. Denslow, originally published by the George M. Hill...
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The Pianist || MYG || ✔ by chimchimicorn
The Pianist || MYG || ✔by Xᴄᴏʀ •
World famous pianist Min Yoongis life fell to ruins after the death of his wife. . Despite his guilt, he couldn't keep away from the piano, but could not bare to touch...
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Sinful Seduction | Completed by _Gypsy_Girl_
Sinful Seduction | Completedby A.Dee
''Clean my shoes!'' I heard his voice, my body trembled at his demand. I was appointed for a job not for slavery. ''This isn't my job.'' I retorted, gulping the anger i...
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Look Like Love by chemistea_
Look Like Loveby Ariane
Lance Collins is a teenage violinist attending Weyral High School, and, being so famous, many girls there are in love with him. Lance, however, doesn't have any interest...
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TwoSetLove: a Breddy fanfic by bestnuggetboy
TwoSetLove: a Breddy fanficby Alex
Classical music fans all know and love Brett and Eddy, the hosts of the TwoSetViolin channel on YouTube. There's never one without the other, they're like two peas in a...
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Trolls World Tour: Forever My Queen by Scarlet_Thorndike
Trolls World Tour: Forever My Queenby Skylar Tumbleson
Many years before Queen Barb set out to destroy all music, Princess Roxanne of the Hard Rock trolls didn't know where she fit in. She loved Rock n' Roll just as much as...
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Emma (a Classic Novel by Jane Austen) by michaeljosephboc
Emma (a Classic Novel by Jane Michael Joseph Boc
Emma Woodhouse is one of Austen's most captivating and vivid characters. Beautiful, spoilt, vain and irrepressibly witty, Emma organizes the lives of the inhabitants of...
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Andersen's Fairy Tales (by Hans Andersen) by michaeljosephboc
Andersen's Fairy Tales (by Hans Michael Joseph Boc
Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales are like exquisite jewels, drawing from us gasps of recognition and delight. Andersen created intriguing and unique characters -- a...
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Haven by kacykrypton
Havenby ⇸ k a c y j o ⇷
Sophie's future is planned out for her. Having just outgrown her studies and Job Placement in a few months, her path is straight and clear. But when her best friend is...
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Meet Melody, a human girl, who loves music than any human in the world. Being the popular Dj and singer, which she ended up getting a title known as the GEN-X or 'GENERA...
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~ Trolls: TrollsTopia ~ by XBroppyX
~ Trolls: TrollsTopia ~by Emmie
The story continues after the big events from Trolls: World Tour! Follow Queen Poppy, King Branch and the rest of the gang on their newest trolltastic adventures in Harm...
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Spilt Blue Blood ~Alucard x Reader~ by Twintaileddragon
Spilt Blue Blood ~Alucard x Reader~by Twintaileddragon
Sequel to The Demon's Vendetta~ Alucard is approached by an elitist society governed by 3 vampiresses who wish to be the silent watchdogs of Wallachia and wish for him t...
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Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Neededby Kelsey
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
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Unknown tribe by Stella_9977
Unknown tribeby Stella_16
This is book 2 now hehe.....
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Love! (Barb x Reader) by itslonelyjevil
Love! (Barb x Reader)by Barb_is_Bae
(Second Barb x Reader on Wattpad!) Y/N is the queen of R&B Trolls. One day, another tribe of trolls attacks the R&B tribe! The other tribe captures everyone and Y/N get...
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Stay with me by iliqblack
Stay with meby emilia chernaev
This story is about hope and devotion. About loyalty to yourself and your feelings. About true friendship and family values. About a difficult choice. About forgiveness...
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Capriccio- tsv oneshots by gopractice
Capriccio- tsv oneshotsby gopractice
ca·pric·ci·o a lively piece of music, typically one that is short and free in form. a painting or other work of art representing a fantasy or a mixture of real and imagi...
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A French Girl in New York ( The French Girl Series #1) by annadams
A French Girl in New York ( The Anna Adams
Maude Laurent is a spirited 16 year-old orphan who grew up in a small, provincial town in the North of France with a passion for piano and a beautiful voice. One day in...
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