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Fate - WooSan - by -me-just-me-
Fate - WooSan -by small-town
" Bring this omega here ! " " THAT'S YOUR FAULT " - - - " It's not the end ... " ...
Hidden Love (Scoups) by anyac01
Hidden Love (Scoups)by anyac01
*ONGOING* Park Nabi has a secret. She is in a secret relationship of Choi Seungcheol of Seventeen. And no one knows about it. Park Nabi has been dating Scoups in se...
TAEGYU | Mission Impossible by Yizino
TAEGYU | Mission Impossibleby Yizino
Với tuổi nghề 6 năm - Beomgyu tự nhận bản thân không ngán nhiệm vụ nào, cũng không biết sợ là gì. Nhưng rồi nòng súng của anh lại phải chùn bước trước người tên Kang Tae...
Devil's son - Yeonbin by taehee_huening
Devil's son - Yeonbinby ⧖ Taehee ✘
Five normal boys, all of them are friends with each other. Well, but still something seems weird. Only one of them is the normal human one. The others all seem to have a...
||LCF & ORV CRACK TUMBLR COLLECTION|| by chuunicalesimp
⚠NOT SPOILER FREE⚠ so its basically all the lcf or orv shit i post on tumblr and twitter please enjoy and forgive me if there are any mistakes.
ATEEZ Oneshots: The Collection by Hwaseongsbabie
ATEEZ Oneshots: The Collectionby Mist
The collection of my Tumblr ATEEZ oneshots! Fluff, Smut, Angst, Sad, Crack. Each oneshot will have warnings at the beginning, along with extra info!
My Secret Crush // Choi Beomgyu by bbeargyu
My Secret Crush // Choi Beomgyuby bbeargyu
a popular cold hearted boy falls for you, but will you have the same feelings for him? #1 kangtaehyun #1 choi #1 bighit #2 hueningkai #2 choibeomgyu oh my god. thank u...
Thy Art | Park Seonghwa by Borealyse
Thy Art | Park Seonghwaby 𝐊𝐈𝐑𝐀.
"You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known- and even that is an understatement." - F. Scott Fitzgerald . . . . ...
CHANCES | HVC by ulzzangs
i promise i won't mess up this time. a hansol vernon fic. © ULZZANGS.
Cursed - Yeonbin by taehee_huening
Cursed - Yeonbinby ⧖ Taehee ✘
My life is pretty normal you would say. Well other than the fact that I'm cursed. Yes, as much as it sounds like nonsense I have a curse on me. And there is no way to br...
the leader • choi seungcheol by dandelionn_phil
the leader • choi seungcheolby yoonha
he was the leader of a famous kpop group and she had no clue who they were.
TAEGYU | Just Friend by Yizino
TAEGYU | Just Friendby Yizino
Một nghệ sĩ vĩ cầm và một bác sĩ ngoại khoa với thứ tình cảm kéo dài cả một thập niên. Họ đang cùng nhau trồng một cái cây gọi là tình yêu, liệu nó có nảy mầm? Hoa nở tr...
sociopath [yeonbin] by sooboob
sociopath [yeonbin]by hiA♡
"i know what i do isn't right, but i can't stop what i love to do." - the ending of their story began right when the soft boy couldn't resist his...
Who Are We? [Devil's son] - Yeonbin by taehee_huening
Who Are We? [Devil's son] - Yeonbinby ⧖ Taehee ✘
The five boys who got to know each other and became friends. But how well do they really know each other? Something's coming. And it will be Harder than the last Problem...
in which seungcheol is tired of jeonghan's hair on his desk. (crack ff) plot: ©︎j-koala :: 2k16 story: ©︎brosvt :: 2k16 - 2k17
I Was Afraid || SVT Jeonghan by jjmw1713
I Was Afraid || SVT Jeonghanby 진 (Jean)
Yoon Jeonghan accidentally got his bestfriend, Choi Soojin-Seungcheol's younger sister, pregnant and didn't know what to do. [This story is also posted on my AFF account...
''i just really love him!'' started: 15022020 - side ships: ??? - contains nsfw - contains my bitch ass whining - haha yes they do the fucky fuck
『Forced Marriage』╏Taegyu by SunkittenTaegyu
『Forced Marriage』╏Taegyuby Starshit
❝They forced us to be lovers❞ Kang taehyun, son of a company's CEO Choi Beomgyu,also son of a company's CEO Kang Corp and Choi entertainment is a close company, they fo...
Boys over flowers: the international student by Fran_Joon
Boys over flowers: the Fran_Joon
shin hwa Academy starts its new international program opening it's doors to geniuses and daughter of the rich from all over. With only 5 slots all students must have stu...
Sold [Soogyu Omegaverse] by LabtNo
Sold [Soogyu Omegaverse]by Lōulentum Tulaire
An omega who lived a happy life but everything changed because of a car accident. He was left with an abusive Father, and was SOLD to a Brothel. What will be his faith...