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The Unexpected  by chumieeshell
The Unexpected by chumieeshell
If there has been one word to describe these two.. the word would be strenuous. This pair were like oil and water to one another. One holding onto a dream and still tryi...
King of the O ( A King Von Story ) 🕊🤍 (Editing) by QueEnZeldaa
King of the O ( A King Von Story ) Navada🎈
Balancing a career & family life isn't hyped up as it seems to be. The faster the money comes the quicker the drama start. This story is fictional ONLY ! I pray that Ki...
Whatever it takes by piano2099
Whatever it takesby Ghost Rider
Izuku Yagi, bullied since childhood for being something he didn't choose. Neglected by his own parents and abused by his own twin sister, he one day took his so called f...
The Force That Connects Us All {Kai x OC} by AussieWallabyFanfics
The Force That Connects Us All { Hamato Rosalene
This book goes from the 1st movie to the 3rd. This IS a Kung Fu Panda Fan-Fic. Plz enjoy! May the Lord bless and guide your way! X3 Aussie, OUT! *signs off* Rated: PG ~...
The Banished One by Rin_Chi_Hatake
The Banished Oneby I'm Back
"For the crimes you have committed against the Leaf village-" My body trembled, tears falling down my face,"I didn't do it!!" The Hokage shook his he...
A Future From Hell by Shinedownlover560
A Future From Hellby Emu
When Goku died of the Heart Virus, his only daughter, Rosamoona, was only one. Six months later, the Androids attack and kill the rest of the Z Fighters, except for Goha...
𐌑ⲅ.𐌱᥆᥉᥉↭ ♚(vsoo) by jusooa
𐌑ⲅ.𐌱᥆᥉᥉↭ ♚(vsoo)by Vsoo4ever
"Do you wanna get FIRED!watch that tone reminder that I'm your BOSS!" Jisoo scoffed hearing him. "Fine! Since I deserve a yelling that badly, why don't yo...
The pink flower ninja (Naruto) [Sequel to Sakura's twin sister Chiharu] ✓ by xxbyunhyun
The pink flower ninja (Naruto) [ 𝘈𝘓𝘓𝘠
Almost three years passed since Chiharu Haruno, Sakura's twin sister left Konoha. She was training and going on missions together with her sensei Takeshi for all that ti...
A Human In Chima (Cragger x Ninjago! Reader) by ShiraFangirl
A Human In Chima (Cragger x ShiraFangirl
Y/N and her friends battle against another snake army that are literally on fire and a general leader named Aspheera who knows Spinjitzu. She sought out revenge on Wu fo...
Me, Oni King, and 1700's What's a Lady to Do? by Momma1982
Me, Oni King, and 1700's What's Momma1982
Six months ago,you were just the average American woman who worked a job and enjoyed time, reading Manga, and history and watching Outlander then, you woke up in yokai...
KunYu-Em có thể theo đuổi chị được không? by Ngn376
KunYu-Em có thể theo đuổi chị đượ MinYu
- Khôn PD em thực sự rất thích PD chúng ta có thể quen được không ạ - Xin lỗi tôi không thích người như em -Khôn PD anh thắng rồi tôi không theo đuổi nữa, tôi mệt rồi ...
Chima by Lava_Serpant
Chimaby Lava Serpent
(So this is something I wrote a while ago so lots of grammar mistakes and still under editing, but I hope you like it. I own neither franchise and skipped through Chima)...
Let's get into spirituality and more by Blazer142000
Let's get into spirituality and Blazer142000
This book is the second book in my spirituality series, this book covers the basics of spirituality from the knowledge I got from creatures and from what I have seen and...
GATE: Thus The Bundeswehr and Allies Fought There! by MN_V1kings
GATE: Thus The Bundeswehr and Cypriano Way
It has been over Thirty Five years since the end of the Second World War and with it Germany's defeat in the bloodiest conflict in history. In spite of being broken, b...
Angry Birds: Anime by BlackvoirYanderevoir
Angry Birds: Animeby kylemasterbuild -kyleetta
Discover your Inner Bird! Chet Brownton lived a pretty normal life, until a Move to Birdopolis and Tranfer to Slingshot High, he Teams up with 5 other misfits of Birds;...
Cause And Effect| KV by symonemikaelson
Cause And Effect| KVby Mrs. Bennett
Ailani is keeping a life-changing secret from Von. What happen when he found out?
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Heart, Mind, and Soul (BNHA)(ON HOLD) by ilovelove02
Heart, Mind, and Soul (BNHA)(ON Kyra A. Martie
Tears fell from his eyes as he glanced at his picture on the wall. He turned back to face his family and opened his mouth to whisper, "Who am I...?" There was...
What Happens When King Yama Sends You To Feudal Era? by Momma1982
What Happens When King Yama Momma1982
What happens when you accidentally die five years ago and are made part of Koenma's team but end up being sent for training in feudal era yeap this is a crossover fan...
lil girl; king von by DattboiiWhoyOu
lil girl; king vonby cassius laviano
"you a thick ass lil girl" (slow updates)