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King Arthur: Battle for the Sword by harryedwardstyles76
King Arthur: Battle for the Swordby harryedwardstyles76
After being crowned King, Arthur's life changes drastically. His life that he knew was turned on its head, learning of his true lineage, claiming his birth right and mos...
The Queen. by lilibetR
The 𝔏 𝔦 𝔩 𝔦
The young princess Isabelle, oldest of the royal family, discovers that her life is about to overturn. Being crowned Queen, following the death of her beloved father and...
Not "Imagine Charlie" by purplehellflower
Not "Imagine Charlie"by purplehellflower
"You realize that that isn't your decision to make, right? Charlie, I can think of a million reasons why I shouldn't wait. Why I should let you go and be happy...&q...
Broken Finds Broken by watermelon_maya
Broken Finds Brokenby watermelon_maya
Forced by her mother to be a burlesque dancer at her club in LA was something Brooklyn hated. She wanted to break free from the disgusting looks strange men would give h...
Chivalry ♛ King Arthur by Sierra_Laufeyson
Chivalry ♛ King Arthurby S. R.
"Let's flip a coin," he said. "Heads, I'm yours. Tails, you're mine." Londinium isn't a city that's kind to orphaned children. Though when an orphan...
Sons of Anarchy Imagines: Jax Teller by 13offthewall13
Sons of Anarchy Imagines: Jax 13offthewall13
Jackson Teller imagines written and originally uploaded onto my Tumblr: imagine-samcro These were all written over 2 years ago, so bare with me.
The real gentleman by katus9
The real gentlemanby Cathy999
Katie had a really bad life before he met Raymond. He works for a big drug dealer, so they have some debate. Ray endangers Katie. But they are so in love, they need to h...
In which one is left behind to write letters to her beloved tragedy. [SONS OF ANARCHY - AU] [SEASON 7] [WARNING; SEXUAL SITUATIONS, VIOLENCE, GUNS, DEATH]
Outside of Her Jurisdiction. | Sons of Anarchy Romance. by rjane_
Outside of Her Jurisdiction. | rjane_
Warning: This story is for a mature audience. It is a reverse-harem romance. ________ Monica wakes up in an alternate universe where she has been placed in a hit motorcy...
Little Toy Guns Part II by writingathome23
Little Toy Guns Part IIby writingathome23
Continuation of Little Toy Guns.
My Favorite Men x Reader by Shasta1989
My Favorite Men x Readerby Angel Reyes Girl
this book will be about my favorite men x Reader!!! I'll be taking request in this one with some of my own work!!!!!
Arsonist's Lullaby. by xxftxxb
Arsonist's xxftxxb
Her family was taken from her by the gang violence in Charming. What happens when she decides to take matters into her own hands, but begins to lose focus of the goal du...
The Day We Met | #Wattys2019 by knightreading
The Day We Met | #Wattys2019by Artemis Knight
A Raleigh Becket X reader Hey I'm Charlie, Charlie Everstone. I've been piloting since the great mark 4 glory days. I'm a single Pilot. I never get to close to someone...
Lost Love by watermelon_maya
Lost Loveby watermelon_maya
After she was forced to leave Charming at 16, Tati Wolfe is finally home to reconnect with her true family. But will it go as smoothly as she planned? I do not own the g...
Dangerous Woman by watermelon_maya
Dangerous Womanby watermelon_maya
When Camille Pearson's name is brought up in Fletcher's ramblings about his movie, her brother Mickey brings her to London under the watchful eye of his consigliere, Ray...
Multi-Fandom One Shots  by angelofmusic36
Multi-Fandom One Shots by angelofmusic36
Just a collection of things that pop into my head. NOT OPEN for requests.
Fearless • {Opie Winston} by -lovethevoid
Fearless • {Opie Winston}by ⚡️b r i t t a n y⚡️
finished - july 27, 2018 In which they're both completely fearless... unless it comes to each other.
Twist of Fate ~ Charlie Hunnam by AlexandraPaige1
Twist of Fate ~ Charlie Hunnamby Alexandra
"I've been yours since the moment you spilled your coffee on me-" "That was an accident!" "-then when I saw you again, I knew I had to have you...
HER VOLKOVs Book 2 by stardustglitters
HER VOLKOVs Book 2by stardustglitters
Belle and Nikolai's relationship is put to a test as Artan, the Albanian Mob Boss comes into the picture. He is daring, relentless and he is willing to risk everything j...