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A Newfound Hope by marvelxmen
A Newfound Hopeby Jane O'Hara
This story is set right after X-Men: Days of Future Past, so there'll be spoilers for those of you that have not seen the movie. I highly recommend seeing it because if...
Serendipity [CHERIK] by humanveil
Serendipity [CHERIK]by HV
Charles sends a text to the wrong number. continued here:
I want you by my side...(A Cherik Fanfiction) by JustaCraZyRomance
I want you by my side...(A JustaCraZyRomance
What did really happen between Charles and Erik in X-Men First Class? All he knows is Pain and Anger. It brought him so far but since his mother was murdered, Erik did n...
X-Men; The Story of Anori Raven Lehnsherr by xmultifangirlx
X-Men; The Story of Anori Raven Follow me on Instagram :)
The Story of Anori Raven Lehnsherr is about the daughter of Charles and Erik. How she deals with her Mutations, Friends and Parents. ( Contains Cherik ;) )
Voices (Charles x Erik) by justclosethedamndoor
Voices (Charles x Erik)by justclosethedamndoor
"No, Erik, you did this" Voices had plagued Charles Xavier's mind for years. With his mutation, Charles believed that he was the only one to suffer the great a...
Cherik One Shots by Red_Tanuki00
Cherik One Shotsby ѕωєєт_иєкσ
(This is my first book, which I'm writing in English, so please don't bite, but give me a notice, if I write something wrong) WARNING Boy x boy (don't like, don't read) ...
The X Games by Lieutenant_Kennet
The X Gamesby Lieutenant_Kennet
Charles Xavier is a young and smart 16 year old telepath who lives in the 12th District. He lives in a world ruled by TRASK industries. An industry that specifically hat...
Mutants Off World by SoRoReal
Mutants Off Worldby Sinéad
Book contains death, mention of past death, possible religious factors, and pure gayness. Metal poisoning. What are the chances that Erik Lehnsherr dies of metal poison...
Say it With Flowers - Cherik AU (One Shot) (Complete) by levisbigasstrees
Say it With Flowers - Cherik AU ( anastasia_evans
Charles runs a flower shop. Erik needs some nasty flowers for an equally nasty ex. Some banter ensues and the two really hit things off.
Our first anniversary. by MisaAbadeer
Our first Misa Abadeer Addams
A little and cute story of the first anniversary of Charles and Erik, and a huge surprise too. [X-Men doesn't belong to me.]
smut fanfics (yaoi and x readers) by EileenVisser
smut fanfics (yaoi and x readers)by bunny_bubbles_123
so I am bored so I decided to write some smut if you want a particular fanfic please let me know
Fusion by JaridFireFrost
Fusionby JaridFireFrost
Charles und Erik machen miteinander rum. Jeder von euch weiß, dass da was gelaufen ist in Kuba. und irgendwer muss doch mal alle Karten offen auf den Tisch legen. Sonst...
Nature's Classroom (Cherik) by SoRoReal
Nature's Classroom (Cherik)by Sinéad
Cherik High School AU Erik Lehnsherr doesn't want to go on this school field trip that lasted a week. He hated the outside and he hated being around his fellow classmate...
You're My Heart (Cherik drabbles) by ZacknCheese
You're My Heart (Cherik drabbles)by ZackN'Cheese
As the title says it's gonna be a drabble type thing because I can't keep up with one coherent story. Hope you enjoy nonetheless.
Eric x Charles by TimothyDrakeWayne
Eric x Charlesby Robin is better than Robin
Random fics I have ready that are saved on my computer xD none are mine
Cherik by heythereshipfreak
Cherikby Nana
So here's my First time writing a cherik fan fic, so here goes
Mutants Attract by Dorgryff
Mutants Attractby Dorgryff
Charles Xavier was always quite the cheerful student. Rich, handsome, popular and socially untouchable. Nobody cares that he's a mutant, nothing can squander his reputat...