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Dead in His Tracks by ChelseaRamsey5
Dead in His Tracksby Chelsea Ramsey
Knox Striker was a free man. His life was simple. Bikes, brothers, and his dog. He managed to make it to 28 with no real issues except for a few close calls with the law...
Kismet Over Coffee by torinesbitt46
Kismet Over Coffeeby Lily Rose Stories
Having one of the worst mornings on what is one of the most important days of her career. Everything that could go wrong does, but when Sam is rescued by Mr Tall Tanned...
And Then You Came Along by Sebbantom
And Then You Came Alongby Sebbantom
"Someone once asked me how I hold my head up so high after everything I've been through. I said it's because no matter what, I'm a survivor not a victim." (Pat...
social cues by minordisaster
social cuesby reena
❝i can tell just by looking at your face and the way you hold my hand in the dark as the movie plays, that you'll love me and i'll love you. you just don't know it yet...
20 Questions with Arizona Robbins & Erica Hahn. by Bobbiejelly
20 Questions with Arizona bobbiejelly
Erica and Arizona are sitting up at the bar sipping on wine slowly and erm getting to know each other or rather playing twenty questions, drinking style. They each only...
Participation by Bobbiejelly
Participationby bobbiejelly
I think seeing Naomi Bennett interacting with Carina DeLuca and also Addison Montgomery would be hilarious. Plus Marina. Here is a Reddit Imagines. Caution, slight spoil...
The Dream (Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction) by SweetDreamer87
The Dream (Miraculous Ladybug SweetLilac18
Marinette Dupain-Cheng was only supposed to buy some ingredients for the bakery. So how did she end up in a renowned dance academy with the talented and famous Adrien Ag...
Swipe Right by FindingJNine
Swipe Rightby Finding J9
Have you ever met that one guy? That one guy who places a smile on your lips whenever you think of him. That one guy who wants to hear about all the things that go on in...
Auctioned Without Remorse by TwoAmAs
Auctioned Without Remorseby AmAsIntoTwo
. "Hey! young man!" a cold disheartened voice called whilst I tried to get a hold of my spinning consciousness. I yawned and stretched, rubbing my eyes off of...
Almost by RobynDalmuir
Almostby RobynDalmuir
A five minute love story about two people who go looking on Craigslist missed connections after a ride on a Toronto streetcar. Part one ends in a cliffhanger...
Blue bird never the grey sky by geekqueen44
Blue bird never the grey skyby Kame reid
A girl who just left an abusive home has a chance encounter with a girl at the local coffee shop.
Intricate Love by HerAnonymousness
Intricate Loveby A N O N Y M O U S G O D D E S...
It all started years ago...When I met her, and she met him...and we fell in love, though, it's not just that. We've hurt many people, we've fooled ourselves, we've said...
Story of Pure Coincidence by Cometkittykat
Story of Pure Coincidenceby Cometkittykat
Shortish story bout a girl who, while walking, happens upon a strange man in the park. After that you have to see where this tale is headed to get the picture. Can't wai...
Vision by ragephoenix
Visionby nina
Riley doesn't like going to her doctor's appointments. It makes her anxious and fairly, very scared. On her next appointment, in an attempt to prove herself as not cowa...
Just A Stupid Mistake by ExtraordinaryLegacy
Just A Stupid Mistakeby Christine
(A Switch In Time Spin-Off) After being dumped by her boyfriend of 3 years and having an argument with her best friend. Isabel didn't think anything could go any worse...
=perfect strangers= by yougotnojams-ie
=perfect strangers=by chittahyuck
<< a series of NCT/WayV chance encounters one shot/drabble prompts>>
Love Train by DhrutiMehta
Love Trainby Dhruti Mehta
Love Train. One girl, one boy and one metro and some encounters. Graphic by @foreverballoon , thank you for such an amazing cover.