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Losing game (Captain America x Reader) by N_Dahl
Losing game (Captain America x Natalie
(Takes place after AoU) She has never really been close to anyone. She has lived her life, just doing what she has been told. After Sokovia, agent [Y/N] gets a new job...
Lost Without You by ilovetheavengers_
Lost Without Youby cevansfan_
You and Steve have a messy relationship. Really close friends with benefits would be the easiest way to describe it. You wouldn't be opposed to being Steve's official gi...
Captain's Vigilante • Steve Rogers by mywinterbuckybear
Captain's Vigilante • Steve Rogersby mywinterbuckybear
"Will you help me, [Y/N]?" "I don't do favors, Rogers. What do I get in return?" "What do you want?" "Now you're speaking my language...
Captain America x reader by feddysgirl
Captain America x readerby Olivia Weasley
Fair warning: There is SMUT and foul language This is my first story so, don't expect too much lol. Regarding SMUT, there will be some but not every chapter. This is mo...
Captain America: the first Avenger (Captain America - x reader) by Fandom_victim
Captain America: the first Fandom_victim
It wasn't normal to see a girl in the military. As far as I knew the only girl, excuse me woman, was Peggy Carter. It had always been my dream to join the army and I did...
Solar Flare ( a Captain America X reader) On Hold! by ThatSTRANGEMarvelite
Solar Flare ( a Captain America I Like Blonde Guys
(y/n) was just a normal 6 year old girl, until one day hydra breaks in to your home killing your parents, younger brother and sister. you were taken far away from home a...
The Compound by christevetay
The Compoundby Christevetay
Steve Rogers is an ex-superhero, now one of the richest men in the world after helping to restore the world out of chaos, and an Alpha looking for not only a mate, but l...
Family by winter_captain
Familyby Cap/Bucky Fan Page
Imagine yourself as the sister of Bucky Barnes and the best friend of Steve Rogers. In this story, you follow your brother into war as an agent of the SSR. As the war co...
Steve Rogers Imagines!! by TaylorHearted
Steve Rogers Imagines!!by augustine
List of Steve Rogers imagines. I suck at descriptions, but Enjoy!!!
(ON HOLD) The Real You (Steve Rogers x Reader) by CutieBxg
(ON HOLD) The Real You (Steve CutieBxg
You and your brother, James Buchanan Barnes, (Bucky for short) were both in the US Army. Bucky was a soldier and you were a nurse. One of the best nurses, in fact, you h...
Soulmates - Steve Rogers x reader by infinity766
Soulmates - Steve Rogers x readerby Peggy carter 🌹
Soulmates are two people who are destined to be together so what happens when Steves soulmate is a villain. (Y/n) is one of the best villains around able to break into a...
Marvel One-Shots! <3 by contrygal7
Marvel One-Shots! <3by contrygal7
My cornucopia of Marvel one-shots! Enjoy! The same rules apply as my Supernatural One-Shots.  Pretty Self explanatory. I gather idea's from the lovely people on Tum...
Marvel Imagines by BeccaAnne814
Marvel Imaginesby BeccaAnne814
A collection of Imagines and Miniseries for our favorite men of Marvel. Stories are Reader Insert and include Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Peter...
Fifty eight more | Steve Rogers x Reader | Ohmygoditsanthonyedwardstark by RainbowNonie
Fifty eight more | Steve Rogers I love you 3000
Everyone knows exactly when they're going to die. It's written on the side of their index finger,but as years passed people found out how to extend their life. You were...
Steve Rogers Imagines by buckyneedshisplums
Steve Rogers Imaginesby 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐫
Before you enter this book of Steve, I just want to say that for this book, there won't be continuous updates. It will be different than that of my other imagines in tha...
Avengers x M!Reader Inserts by Lexia-Stark
Avengers x M!Reader Insertsby L҉E҉X҉I҉
Welcome to my Avengers x Male!Reader Inserts book! If you have an triggers please read down below because this book...has it all (literally). I do take requests, please...
New World | Steve Rogers X Reader by wonderamerica
New World | Steve Rogers X Readerby 𝙬onder𝙖merica
❝ Where am I really? ❞ | The story plays in the end of the movie Captain America: The first Avenger and in the movie the Avengers. A new world was waiting for Captain A...
The Salem Siren | Avengers by Infected_Freakshow
The Salem Siren | Avengersby Infected_Freakshow
The town of Salem, normally quiet at night, was filled with an orange glow and distant shouts. The witch hunters were out again. Abigail Foster was her real name; she w...
One And Only | Steve Rogers by Danniduhh
One And Only | Steve Rogersby Danni.duhh
Y/n is the new girl in New York. She falls in love with one of the Avengers