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i'm reddie for stenbrough  by Purplecil202
i'm reddie for stenbrough by Purplecil202
"I hate him! And i always will." Stan said as he blushed ever so slightly. "Well... Hate can fade away."
NFL Imagines by RussssWilson
NFL Imaginesby Russ 💕
Request an imagine with your favorite NFL star
Shido la reencarnación de dos Dioses by GokuFanfics25
Shido la reencarnación de dos Goku Fanfics 25
Shido es traicionado y descubre que es la reencarnación de dos seres muy poderosos.
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Whis and Lord Beerus oneshots!! (: by Reeceofawesomeness
Whis and Lord Beerus oneshots!! (:by Reece
These are one shots that I write when I'm getting writers block in between fanfictions and because i freaking love Whis and lord Beerus. REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN!!- as l...
Yo reencarnado como un namekiano by alejandroandres22
Yo reencarnado como un namekianoby angelxz130
Por algún motivo aparecí en el planeta namek como uno de su raza, pero aprovecharé esta oportunidad para cambiar la historia a mi gusto
The Bargain Woman by gelyenbalm
The Bargain Womanby A
Si Vanna Marie Sanciangco isang mapagmahal na kapatid at anak ngunit sakabila nito ay isang mahirap na pamumuhay ang kanyang pagdaraanan kung kaya't kahit anong trabaho...
Goku traído por seus amigos e Harem. by Gustavo123589
Goku traído por seus amigos e Gustavo Gomes
Depois dos incidentes com Moro,os amigos de Goku com exceção de Vegeta,Bills,Whis, Piccolo, Bulma,n18,Videl,Goten, Trunks,n17 e mestre Kami decidem trair Goku,a dor diss...
Un fan en Dragon Ball by Fanatic_Shinseina
Un fan en Dragon Ballby Geek
Hola soy Marco Reyes, soy super fan de dragon ball,z,gt,super , videojuegos y fanfics, basicamente me siento como si fuera hijo de Akira Toriyama, Bueno dejando eso de l...
NFL Imagines by ashli_lynnnn
NFL Imaginesby ashli_lynnnn
just PM me with a player and a basic scenario
El Ninja Son Goku. by GokuFanfics25
El Ninja Son Goku Fanfics 25
Tras finalizar el combate con Zamasu, Goku y sus amigos escapan del poderoso ataque de Zeno Sama sin esperar que un accidente provocaría que el poderoso guerrero Saiyaji...
Dirty Dancing [GXG] [TeacherxStudent] by Blueifyhorizon
Dirty Dancing [GXG] [ AimeeLouisee
A young British female has to figure a way to pay for her college tuition. And the only job that pays well is dancing, something that she so happens to be good at. What...
{smut}-•bra•- {billie eilish} by ihatemyname134
{smut}-•bra•- {billie eilish}by sophia
billie eilish smuts for all you horney gays
Divided Dbs/Dbz (Hit x Vados) by BarbyRawr
Divided Dbs/Dbz (Hit x Vados)by BQoSK
Android 17 had the best intentions when he asked the wish, but oh... what happened next... Zeno-sama had erased the universes from thirteen to eighteen for a very good r...
Lo mejor de este universo. (Bills x Shin) by Malakaita
Lo mejor de este universo. ( Edith.
Una historia alternativa donde dos dioses se enamoran a pesar de tener el destino en contra. Contenido: Yaoi/Romance/Lemon/Mpreg/Omegaverse/Lenguaje vulgar.
La hora del té - One Shot - Lemon Yaoi 💕🔥 | Shin x Bills, Zamasu, Kibito. by Malakaita
La hora del té - One Shot - Edith.
Una reunión típica en el universo 10 se convierte en algo más interesante. 😈💕 RESUMÉN BERGAS: 3 machos se ukean a mi bebé Shin como Dios manda con final inesperado. xD
One Shot's 💞 (Bills x Shin) (Beerus x Kaioshin) (Yaoi) (Lemon) 💞 by Malakaita
One Shot's 💞 (Bills x Shin) ( Edith.
Aquí publicaré varios One shot's (historias de un solo capitulo) de mi besto ship. 💞 Cada historia tendrá una temática diferente pero casi siempre habrá acción. 🔥😈 Y...
NFL Preferences  by katie1536
NFL Preferences by katie1536
NFL Preferences and Imagines by request. I couldn't decide which would be the best way to do this considering there's 32 NFL teams and 53 players on each team, making 1...
Entre garras y cabellos blancos. (Bills x Shin) by Malakaita
Entre garras y cabellos blancos. ( Edith.
Aún el ser más frió y cruel puede llegar a amar y ser amado. Esta es la historia de como un destructor desarrolla lazos sentimentales con su Kaioshin.
The Angel In The Chair by AslansDefender
The Angel In The Chairby Sam Alex
"Your okay... your okay..." Uncle Ben mumbled again and again into Peter's hair. A broken record. A broken man. Peter clutched him harder. Thirty-three minutes...
obsessive |B.E| by bilshotcum_
obsessive |B.E|by bilshotcum
you're a girl who moved and goes to a new school where u meet billie. everything goes well with u and her until things take a turn for the worst. u discover something ho...