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A Wolf At A big Cat Rescue by shadow_the_eevee
A Wolf At A big Cat Rescueby Shadow Eevee
Clark, Katie, and James have been friends for as long as they've known each other. One day a starved and outcast wolf shows up at the edge of the forest nearby and Clark...
Big Cat Society by Sharkgal30
Big Cat Societyby Bitch 🖤💋
In a society full of cat shifters Kora is a jaguar indeed, a rare breed, but ever rarer she is a black jaguar. The rarest there has ever been, only one every hundred ye...
Black beauty | Ivar The Boneless | by Anaisneal2468
Black beauty | Ivar The Boneless |by Anaïs Nevaeh Neal
Wanting to start a family of her own she goes to her father for help Pharaoh Xerxe, Father of Swahili Lilith lupin. After months of searching he had found her a match...
Big Cats | bts x reader  by BangtanCrackers
Big Cats | bts x reader by 💜Audrey💜
y/n was just another average girl... but everything changed once she met seven beautiful wild cats...
Khari of the Wild Dogs (Prides of the Sunland # 1) by ZonaGirl2018
Khari of the Wild Dogs (Prides ZonaGirl2018
A lioness gives birth to a premature cub the night her pride is taken over by a new lead male (bwana). She escapes and raises the cub on her own, but after she is killed...
Return to the Clan (Prides of the Sunland #2) by ZonaGirl2018
Return to the Clan (Prides of ZonaGirl2018
Khari, the lion raised by wild dogs, has gone to live among his own kind. But just because he is now among other lions doesn't mean his life has gotten any easier. Life...
Art Book :þ by savethedragons
Art Book :þby R.J.
I decided I don't want to bug the people reading my books anymore by putting these at the ends of chapters..... if anyone wants me to draw something, I would love it if...
Warriors:  A Lost Legend:  Rise of Legends by DoveflowerofMistClan
Warriors: A Lost Legend: Rise Starcycle
A legend must be reborn to light the way when all is lost... The Clans have lived around the lake for moons, before a mysterious power split the earth and tore the sk...
Love Is So Weird (Werewolf X Female WereCat Reader ) by SatanDaCheshireCat
Love Is So Weird (Werewolf X The Devil
Have you ever wondered what it's like being...Different? Not being human but not quite animal either. Imagine yourself alone in a dark room. No way out but the one door...
Clifford x Blues Clues "𝙎𝙈𝙐𝙏𝙏" by SmashMyBuns22
Clifford x Blues Clues "𝙎𝙈𝙐𝙏𝙏"by SmashMyBuns
clifford and blues clues don't know how they will Express there feelings fiscally what will happen?🙈✨
𝙿𝚛𝚒𝚍𝚎 𝙼𝚎𝚖𝚋𝚎𝚛𝚜  by -StormPride-
𝙿𝚛𝚒𝚍𝚎 𝙼𝚎𝚖𝚋𝚎𝚛𝚜 by On long hiatus
Members of Storm Pride. Note- I do not own any of the pictures.
❝ changeling academy ❞ | a shapeshifter roleplay by Voidwalker24
❝ changeling academy ❞ | a nill • void
dearest newcomer, i would like to congratulate you for your entry into this prestigious school. here, we give changelings every opportunity to use their abilities and ta...
Volcano's Roar by 348850629b
Volcano's Roarby SpearMint
When a volcano erupts, Fire Flower's life is thrown upside down. Her home is gone, and she needs to find the rest of her tribe before they die. And before she dies as we...
Cheetah Pride- Spirit's Journey by Spiritsx
Cheetah Pride- Spirit's Journeyby Rainn
"Instincts. Wouldn't watch another cheetah die again." I could tell she was staring at me. I didn't have to look; I could feel her gaze burning into my spotted...
King of kings (A BoyxBoy story)  by Tigerstar10135
King of kings (A BoyxBoy story) by TheScourge
King, the selfish, disrespectful, rude, uncaring King Of the Jungle, finds himself a tricky situation, to fix this and clear his fathers' name he must travel to a far aw...
Freedom by SKHoneyBadger
Freedomby ASJ
This short story follows a mystery female feline's journey in the form of a short story. The 'queen' is a mysterious feline who gets chased out of her own territory by h...
Free Spirits by Plushthestoryteller
Free Spiritsby Plushthestoryteller
Bear was born at the zoo.Bear's mom was took away by human.he never seen her again.He gose to a different cage and meets a lot of new friends...
Roamers- BIG CAT ROLEPLAY by AshleighWilliams6
Roamers- BIG CAT ROLEPLAYby AshleighWilliams6
Live both in the wild and in captivity. Feel free. Feel happy. Feel alive
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