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Ride or Die {Book 1} ✔️ by TheresNo_Rush
Ride or Die {Book 1} ✔️by Destiny
"I think we should jump." "Are you on crack?" "Was that a rhetorical question?" "What do you think, you imbecile?" "You kiss...
Everything Has Changed by OreoandMint
Everything Has Changedby OreoandMint
You will most probably say Sydney Sparks is a lucky girl. She has a scholarship and is one of the top students of her batch. She has a best friend who's loyal and true. ...
[BLANK] by -bLAnK__
[BLANK]by [ ]
FROM PROLOGUE---------- Parents. Sometimes, I wished they can just get out of my life, I used to think, as most teenagers have done. Though the difference, which I never...
The Extraordinarily Unextraordinary Ella by xcapitoldarlingsx
The Extraordinarily Nadia Benny
Ella might as well have been a ghost, No one thought much of her. Until the day she changed my life, and inspired the entire school to make a change.
The Story of: Bobby by bobika_otp
The Story of: Bobbyby bobika_otp
Bobby thinks he has his life all together but his girlfriend dies and suspicion rises about him. Will he make it out alive?
The Punk Next Door {5sos} | completed  by anxious-lrh
The Punk Next Door {5sos} | shelly with a ‘b’
What happens when Lily Hemmings, a good girl with perfect grades, develops a crush on notorious bad boy Carter Clifford? | fyi: i wrote this when i was 14, please keep...
Drift Away #Wattys2014 by thepartypig
Drift Away #Wattys2014by Jyllian
Two people. Two different worlds. Will there ever be a happy ending?
True Love(Garroth X Reader X Laurence) by Apple_Aphy
True Love(Garroth X Reader X Apple_Aphy
All characters belong To the awsome APHMAU!!
The Story of Bobby: Book 2 by bobika_otp
The Story of Bobby: Book 2by bobika_otp
Bobby thinks he has his life all together but his girlfriend dies and suspicion rises about him. Will he make it out alive?
Mr. Beauty and Ms. Beast by YessicaAnna
Mr. Beauty and Ms. Beastby Jessica and Anna :)
Boulder Hills High School, like many other high schools, is made up of tons of different cliques. None of these cliques get along of course, but there is two groups that...
Omens by WaywardDemiHunters
Omensby LeoValdezness
Are you sure of your beliefs? Of your instincts? Of every story you've ever heard since you were a baby? What your grandmother taught you in cold nights around the firel...
Reign of Kings (An AH fanfic) by chrisriley14418101
Reign of Kings (An AH fanfic)by chrisriley14418101
Follow the reigns of the AH kings of Minecraft starting with King Geoff.
A Winter Night's Tale by TalkNerdyToMeMalfoy
A Winter Night's Taleby Eve
This is a story about two people who meet on a clear night. ------------------------------------------------ This is my first story. If you enjoyed it, please leave a co...
Pretty Boy by Kitkat9918
Pretty Boyby Kitkat9918
When Hallow Creek High school receives a new student almost no one is surprised there is another pretty ,preppy boy at this school . Until Jessa finds out his dark side...
Affliction // zayn malik fanfiction by KristiCraig
Affliction // zayn malik fanfictionby kristi.
"you're a bad influence on me." "how can you be so sure? what if you're the bad influence?" "maybe we're just bad influences on each other.&quo...