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Stuck with you for 24 hours or the rest of my life. by ZeeHavi
Stuck with you for 24 hours or Zee
Beca and Chloe get handcuffed together for 24 hours, thanks to Fat Amy
Tied Up {Anna Kendrick x Brittany Snow} by RealStoryMind
Tied Up {Anna Kendrick x RealStoryMind
"I couldn't help myself," She whispered staring at the girl in front of her who was tied to the chair. Brittany smiled placing her hand on Anna's cheek, rubbin...
Taken ~bechloe~ by justaddmermaids
Taken ~bechloe~by justaddmermaids
It's a couple years after college and Beca and Chloe are happily married. One day, beca goes out to grab coffee and shes gets taken. Read to follow her journey!!! I do n...
Group Chat | Barden Bellas by yourchemicals
Group Chat | Barden Bellasby 𝐱
「 2 0 1 6 」 Random/drunk/funny chat and a lot of ships. //ONE-SHOTS//
Freedom (Pitch Perfect 3 Continuation) by Britt_Anna_Huh
Freedom (Pitch Perfect 3 LillyHuh
Highest Ranking: 1# in Pitchperfect (25/7/18) 1# in Pitchperfect2 (25/7/18) 1# in Pitchperfect3 (01/8/18) 1# in Bellas (26/7/18) 1# in ChloeBeale (11/8/18) 1# in Brittan...
Worth More Broken by befuckingchloe
Worth More Brokenby AnnaKendrick47
Beca Mitchell leads a pretty normal life with her amazing girlfriend, Chloe Beale and amazing friends. How can something like that crumble before her so quickly? She jus...
Bully or Crush - A Bechloe Story by bechloe1stan
Bully or Crush - A Bechloe Storyby bechloe1stan
Beca bullies Chloe. But a thing Chloe doesn't know is that Beca bullies her because she just can't tell her her true feelings... Should she ever do that? Is she even gon...
Bechloe Oneshots by JenniferPevec
Bechloe Oneshotsby Jennifer
This is going to be a series of Bechloe One shots. Some will be based on the PP movies and some will be AU. Any similarities to other fanfiction are random and coinciden...
Silent destruction by mischief8
Silent destructionby mischief8
Beca Mitchell is known as the school's badass rebel. She's quiet, but not because she's shy, merely because of a bad past and she's observant. She doesn't start anything...
Insane  by Holypoptart
Insane by Holypoptart
This is a Bechloe G!p story so don't like it don't read it. Summary: Beca is a teenager who is currently in a mental facility for her past mistake when she was sixteen y...
Bechloe - Selfish by Doctor_Mobius
Bechloe - Selfishby Doctor Mobius
Idea by @Jace1002 After an intersex Beca sleeps with Chloe one drunken night, the redhead falls pregnant and Beca has to step up and be responsible for her actions. Unfo...
A new beginning by AnneMiley
A new beginningby Anne
Beca (18) begins a new chapter at Barden University, after a period of being bullied. She doesn't have much confidence and feels alone and insecure. Will there be some...
The Right One by Katie_McQuotes
The Right Oneby Kara leaned in ;)
Weddings are supposed to be the happiest day of your life, right? Chloe Beale was getting married to who she thought was the love of her life Chicago Walp. She had a...
Guardian Angel by JenniferPevec
Guardian Angelby Jennifer
Read what happens when Chloe (a vet, who hadn't had luck with her relationships before) and Beca (a hard-shell-but-soft-core police officer) stumble upon each other and...
Legacy by legxcyhaiz
Legacyby CEO of Emily Junk
A bunch of one-shots of Emily and the Bella's because who doesn't love the sweet, adorable Legacy? *A bit of swearing from Beca* And a sprinkle of Bechloe, maybe Staubre...
Bechloe One Shots  by VintageLoser01
Bechloe One Shots by bechloe trash
All those good one shots of Bechloe for you Some slow updates bc of work lol
Arms by Katie_McQuotes
Armsby Kara leaned in ;)
Beca Mitchell is a teenager with tall walls around her heart. She has only ever let two people in. Her two best friends Fat Amy and Stacie. Her dad said she wasn't being...
Descendants (Bechloe - Beca X Chloe) by sumpotato
Descendants (Bechloe - Beca X Kyla
It's the time that the daughter of The Beast and Queen Belle, Chloe, will become the queen. She decided to do her first proclamation, by sending four Villain kids from t...
Fresh Start by bechloe471
Fresh Startby bechloe471
Beca has just moved and has been enrolled in Bardan High school. She becomes friends with the girl across the road and starts to fall for her Beca, 17 Chloe,17
Wrapped Around My Finger by travelghost
Wrapped Around My Fingerby Traveller Ghost
Beca is new to the Bellas and is staying firmly by Amy's side. Chloe finds the new girl cute and decides she wants a part of that. Chloe makes Beca flustered, which she...