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Lakeview High by SepticeyeLadd
Lakeview Highby Hope :D
My name's (Y/N). I'm 15 years old, and I just moved to this small town in Ohio called Lakeview with my dad, my moms still back in Los Angeles. Her and my dad got a divor...
When The Time Comes by KillerPoultry
When The Time Comesby KillerPoultry
(Child reader x BBS) A gang leader finds a young child on the street and decides to take it in. How will his ruthless ways on the street affect his parenting skills? How...
BBS x reader by Vyzuale
BBS x readerby Vyzuale
no one shots// You live with your very good friend Tyler, the boys came over to stay for about two or three weeks. You are just as mysterious as delirious, nobody has se...
No Fun | BBS by LunaLuvsWriting
No Fun | BBSby Sunny
This story is inspired by another story I have read and is based off of your character going to school with the vanossgaming crew. But what's bad about that is that the...
Welcome to the Gang {Vanoss Crew X Reader} by Fan_O_Hour
Welcome to the Gang {Vanoss Crew ▪️Brick ▪️
You are just an average woman in Los Santos but heres the problem there's gangs in the area you live, honestly your okay with that rent is cheap and there are a ton of a...
Welcome to Hell:Spark (CaRtOoNz x reader) [Completed] by lovepurplepoodle
Welcome to Hell:Spark (CaRtOoNz LovePurplePoodle
(UNEDITED) *chapter not edited yet* Completed: 2/17/2019 It's the 2019 Pax east event. You are small gaming youtuber with 100k subscribers. You had always dreamed to pla...
Heartless(BBS X Reader) by Vanoss_Cz16
Heartless(BBS X Reader)by Athena
Y/n is a known as a 'heartless killer' because she kills anyone she wants and if anyone else sees her she makes sure no one else knows(sometimes she spares people), but...
[ gamer imagines ] by SpicyScoot
[ gamer imagines ]by ˗ˏˋ scoot ˎˊ˗
just some imagines about our favorite gamers - requests CLOSED ! - - gender neutral ! - [ D I S C L A I M E R ! ] - lowercase intended - slow updates started:...
Trust Issues || H2O Delirious x Reader by DaughterDeHell
Trust Issues || H2O Delirious x Yurrrrr
Los Santos. City of thieves. City of Gangs. There is a constant battle to be, Number One. Every gang wants it, and the Vanoss Crew has managed to obtain that spot. T...
Secrets|H20Vanoss|Book 1 by Starb0y
Secrets|H20Vanoss|Book 1by Starb0y
Vanoss Leader of the gang TIPS. Delirious a Cop as well as a Criminal. "He went from perfect to a dick" "You lied to me" "I'm more than just a c...
Subject Child (BBSx Reader GTAverse) by TheScorched_Soldier
Subject Child (BBSx Reader TheScorched_Soldier
(Y/n) is a seventeen year old girl living on her own in Los Santos. She might seem normal, but at the age of thirteen, her abusive parents sold her to an illegal human e...
Krii7y OneShots by kyrizz0
Krii7y OneShotsby kyrizz0
i have fallen in love with them and this ship jaren smith is supposedly smittys real name, used to be lukas in the story but i changed it half way into the story oops o...
Bbs x reader (Zombie apocalypse) by TheWeebWhoIsPoor
Bbs x reader (Zombie apocalypse)by TheWeebWhoIsPoor
You finally escape and your going.
Vanoss Crew Oneshots by ZombiekillerKy
Vanoss Crew Oneshotsby Zombie_Ky
some oneshots with the Vanoss crew,some could be x Reader's and some don't. some will be Fluff and some with be a little inappropriate for some readers under age but the...
Banana Bus Squad x My Hero Academia by GoodHadock
Banana Bus Squad x My Hero Academiaby RH
The squad is teleported to a world where 80% of the population have abilities called quirks. When they learn of a school called UA. They decide to go there and check it...
Online VS Reality || BBS x Reader by nothingintresting8
Online VS Reality || BBS x Readerby Dinosaur obsessed
Quick note that is not my art unless said. Y/N L/N a girl who lives with her grandparents, a girl who doesn't get on with other people, a girl going to a new school. She...
Attenuated || Book 1 || ✔ by Other_Raccoon
Attenuated || Book 1 || ✔by Owl
A boy that suffered from anorexia nervosa moved from his home town to Canada with his currently abusive mother and scared sister. With no one to go to for help he deals...
BBS x SMR Oneshots! ⚠️POSSIBLY DISCONTINUED!⚠️ by Akaza_Kawa
BBS x SMR Oneshots! ⚠️POSSIBLY You sus
Lemons, fluff, smut, aNGsT, anything you want! It's rare to find The Crew x Dominant Male Reader. And me, as a fujoshi girl, craved to look for one but couldn't find one...
Trust (Delirious x Reader) by smii7yboii
Trust (Delirious x Reader)by Nora<3
"I know you like it" Delirious wispered into my ear
taste ⇎ kryozgaming | ✓ by -kries
taste ⇎ kryozgaming | ✓by trying to write
"i love you." (READ 12:12 AM) -COMPLETED [SOCIAL MEDIA] |kryozgaming|