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trust. // vanoss x reader //✔️ by Littlee_Onee
trust. // vanoss x reader //✔️by 𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚕𝚎𝚎_𝚘𝚗𝚎𝚎
(Y/n) works as a nurse. She was just going on about her day until strange things were happening around her. Next thing she knew, her world was turned around for the wors...
Attenuated || Book 1 || ✔ by Other_Raccoon
Attenuated || Book 1 || ✔by Owl
A boy that suffered from anorexia nervosa moved from his home town to Canada with his currently abusive mother and scared sister. With no one to go to for help he deals...
Slave Boys And Gangster Guys <A BBS FANFIC> by KaytiKitty
Slave Boys And Gangster Guys by Catty Kayt B.
Craig, Brock, Marcel, Jon, and Lui were kidnapped or sold into human trafficking. Once being bought by a gang they are treated horribly and have given up all hope. But w...
evicted ➳ kryozgaming by starkissedbxby
evicted ➳ kryozgamingby 𝙡𝙞𝙯𝙖
"its a small-ass world out here but truth be told im glad i got stuck with you"
Timer/Side Effect (BBS Fan fiction) by HiImTinitiny
Timer/Side Effect (BBS Fan fiction)by Christine Dula
Y/n is one of the failed experiment of the Los Santos Human Experimentation Group (or LSHE) that survived from the side effects of the experiment and the assassination o...
H2OVanoss by bish_i_said_hoodini
H2OVanossby Made you look
Evan Fong, also known as Vanoss is always solo. Fast and light, is how he always survives. Always thinking that people drag him down and make him slow, but what if he ge...
BBS x Reader ° High School Highlights by ulalasenpai
BBS x Reader ° High School ulalasenpai
You are going to a new school when you meet a stranger who helps you. This strangers shows himself to be part of a group called the Banana Bus Squad. After meeting them...
Switched by Evilwolfprincess11
Switchedby I’m pretty great
I'm not really good with BBS books. I'm still learning about them. And I'm still learning about their opposites or whatever they're called. ? sorry. I'm not good with de...
Banana Bus Squad x My Hero Academia by GoodHadock
Banana Bus Squad x My Hero Academiaby RH
The squad is teleported to a world where 80% of the population have abilities called quirks. When they learn of a school called UA. They decide to go there and check it...
H20Wildcat OneShots by Cam0rra
H20Wildcat OneShotsby Zambi3
They suck, but hope you'll get some enjoyment out of reading them! *cover is not mine, credit to whoever made it*
wrong number || swaggersouls  by yourrm0m
wrong number || swaggersouls by yourrm0m
- i don't know you oh... are you hot? - [lowercaseintended]
Rats in the City by KillerPoultry
Rats in the Cityby KillerPoultry
Reader x H20Delirious Evan Fong is the leader of the BBS. He has rightfully taken 1st place in Los Santos as most wanted. At least he had that spot for years. Until the...
Burn Marks | GBG X READER by QuiveringBlues
Burn Marks | GBG X READERby Father Sinner
Birdie was working at the good ol' strip club, making very decent money, when she met a short man named Eric. Eric's godly dad bod and deep voice attracted her and after...
Vanoss Crew One-Shots! by MoonCheese-CAKE
Vanoss Crew One-Shots!by MoonCheese-CAKE
A collection of BBS smuts/lemons, & fluffs.
My Lover Terroriser X Reader by Teddy_Bear2732
My Lover Terroriser X Readerby Magic Hoodini
You're Y/n Wilde you're 23 Years old you and your brother were separated at 8 years old you grew up in a foster home until you were old enough to live on your own you're...
BBS x Reader Oneshots by Aleas00
BBS x Reader Oneshotsby Angel / Syo
These are just oneshots I write since quarantine has given me so much time. Please check them out and tell me if they're good or not.
Vancat/Tyvan One Shots✔ by Fibbix
Vancat/Tyvan One Shots✔by Fibbi
[COMPLETED] A book of cheesy, cliché and fluffy one shots for my OTP - Vancat. Please note that my writing improved as I went on with this book, so the older one shots m...
Vanoss Crew/BBS X reader  by EpsilonPsi
Vanoss Crew/BBS X reader by EpsilonPsi
{IN EDITING} (Y/n) (L/n), born in Los Santos, raised by the streets. When drugs and murder become her new way of life, she embraces it with open arms. But when she meets...
Hearts by Queen-Of-Weird
Heartsby ᗯE බƦƎ ₮ⱧɆ ҒRΣΔҜS
(BBS X Fem. Reader) The male growled and was gonna turn till the smirking female stopped him. "Don't worry about who talk behind your back." She said, subtle...