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Empathy [Ben Hargreeves] by WithLoveAndCupcakes
Empathy [Ben Hargreeves]by A.Rose
Ever since she was a tiny baby abandoned on the front porch of the Umbrella Academy, Eloise was attuned to the emotions around her. Elle would cry harder, love deeper, a...
Black Star(Avril Lavigne Fanfic) by darlinlavigne
Black Star(Avril Lavigne Fanfic)by --
Everyone knows Ariana loves Avril Lavigne! But she never got to meet her ultimate idol... What happens when she does?
Fangs and  Claws by GabrielaR
Fangs and Clawsby Ana
18 year old Avril is a half vampire-half human girl that in an atempt to meet the only human family she have; her grandpa, she decides to travel behind her dad's back.Sh...
Payback Is a Bitch (A Rock N Roll Soul Story Part I) by BellaDemont
Payback Is a Bitch (A Rock N Roll...by Janet Hernandez
Alex had always been that shy, awkward girl no one payed attention to unless if it was to put her in harm's way, throughout her whole life she was bullied, abused by a c...
My Mom Is A RockStar?!!!!! by haha_thats_not_funny
My Mom Is A RockStar?!!!!!by haha_thats_not_funny
Carter Woods had a completely normal life. More or less. Until she figured out she was given up as a baby by her real mom, Avril Lavigne. Not to mention the fact that wh...
All You Will Never Know (Avril Lavigne fanfic) by RawesomeAvril
All You Will Never Know (Avril Lav...by Lois Danielle Millares
Chase Denver has been inlove with Avril Lavigne ever since he first laid eyes on her when they were kids. Too bad she doesn't know. Now, his only problem is how to get A...
Falling Fast (Avril Lavigne fanfic) (Sequel to Darlin') {2} by Tammy97
Falling Fast (Avril Lavigne fanfic...by Tammy PierceTheVeil
Everything is finally falling into place in 19 year old Sophie Scott's life. She has an amazingly successful music career and the most gorgeous fiancé EVER! She is flyin...
Just Silly Kids (Larry Stylinson) by queen5NewBrokenScene
Just Silly Kids (Larry Stylinson)by tete
On a boarding school crazy things can happen. Disputes are bound to happen with teenagers being together constantly. Add hate, love, competitions and silly kids into the...
Headset || Evril by Rach0re0s
Headset || Evrilby Rach0re0s
Avril Lavigne and Evan Taubenfeld were best friends, they had bonded over both wanting a record deal. It was also what drew them apart. ----
Halo (MrBeast-Chris Tyson x OC) by Notapoliteperson
Halo (MrBeast-Chris Tyson x OC)by Not Polite
~~~~~You're everything I need and more, it's written all over your face. Baby I can feel your Halo, pray it won't fade away.~~~~~~ I own none of the music mentioned in t...
Who says you're not perfect? by staygoldsunsets
Who says you're not perfect?by http.dallaswinston on instagr...
Tyler Avril Smalls has just moved into the neighborhood and she doesn't like it there. Her mom and step-father are constantly fighting. Scotty on the other hand doesn't...
Imagines by softpornbvtxhes
Imaginesby softpornbvtxhes
Used to be just Criminal Minds imagines. Now multi-fandom, which includes American Horror Story Criminal Minds It Riverdale The Outsiders Supernatural Gravity Falls Mir...
He Was A Skater Boy  by DarkDaisy5524
He Was A Skater Boy by DarkDaisy5524
This is a story based on my favorite song by Avril Lavigne, "Skater Boy." No, I have no intentions of copying her, but I love the story behind it and decided t...
Taken by Kajerovi
Takenby Karina Jaqueline
Libro #1: Does he know? Libro #2: Taken No leer sin haber leído antes Does he know?
Mi ángel oscuro: 1 Alas rotas © by jazminsuarezcruz
Mi ángel oscuro: 1 Alas rotas ©by Jazmín Suárez
La vida de Zoé es un desastre: Su propio padre le ha roto las alas comportándose como su peor enemigo, la expulsan de la escuela y tiene que cambiarse a una nueva donde...
Avril Lavigne Facts by spirit_crusher
Avril Lavigne Factsby Aseel
Does this book even need a description
my thoughts by softpornbvtxhes
my thoughtsby softpornbvtxhes
the title is kinda self explanatory. but this is just what i think about anything I feel strongly enough to talk about. this was started around summer 2018.
Their Mate by boy_crazy_1378
Their Mateby Anons Forever and Always
Jozlyn is an abused teen girl. They are a famous boy band. She works at the local Applebee's. They are not human. She is their mate.
Dreams come true -Avril Lavigne fanfiction by xxbridgetlavignexx
Dreams come true -Avril Lavigne fa...by Bridget
14 year old Bri has severe depression and the only reason she doesn't kill herself is because of her idol Avril Ramona Lavigne. - Didn't steal ideas - Restarting old st...
The Voice (Klaine) by matt-and-jack-books
The Voice (Klaine)by Matt + Jack
Blaine and the Warblers are walking past the auditorium when they hear a stunning voice. They set up a Cinderella-like search to find the boy: Whose voice fits? What hap...