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Yandere Simulator Male Rivals X Reader by KennnRainMary
Yandere Simulator Male Rivals X HeyaKennn
You and Ayato have known each other for a long time. You were both attached at the hip once you both became friends, and you were willing to do anything to help him. Aft...
Mister irresistible.  ( Male! yansim rivals x Male!reader ) by Arvviie
Mister irresistible. ( Male! Arvviie
( Male! yansim rivals x Male!reader ) ! MAY HAVE NSFW ! (y/n) was a new foreign exchange student at Akademi highschool. Almost immediately, people watched him closely, i...
(Male Rivals x Reader)  by CuteFireFlareon
(Male Rivals x Reader) by CuteFireFlareon
All credits to Yandere Dev for making Yandere Simulator. After seeing his April Fools video a hundred times, I decided to make a fanfic. I feel uncomfortable with Mido a...
My Bloody Love (Yandere!Male! rivals X Reader) by CrazyYandereGirl
My Bloody Love (Yandere!Male! yandere writer
❝ But... Why me? ❞ ❝ Because you're the only one that drives me absolutely insane. ❞ ========== (Name)'s life wasn't ve...
Yandere Simulator X Reader Oneshots (Requests Closed)  by PurpleFlamingPanther
Yandere Simulator X Reader YandereSilve
Yandere Simulator oneshot book. I do not own any art on the cover.
late bloomer ❣︎ yandere simulator by A55WIPE
late bloomer ❣︎ yandere simulatorby ꧁ 𝙠𝙖𝙞𝙩𝙡𝙮𝙣 ꧂
後期ブルマー *⑅*❀⑅*❀⑅*❀⑅*❀⑅*❀⑅* When a plus-sized girl starts her first year at Akademi High School, a school for Japan's smartest youngsters, she wishes to blend in with eve...
Trapped || Male Rivals X Reader by nagyto
Trapped || Male Rivals X Readerby ☆
There's a new girl in town and her name is Y/n L/n. A transfer student from England along with her sister Melody. Watch as she meets 10 different boys with unique person...
My Apologies {Yandere Simulator Male Rivals x Reader} (ON HOLD) by XxLife_HappensxX
My Apologies {Yandere Simulator Kiyo <3
You, (Y/N), were a little baby when your mom died. Your Dad died from Ischemic heart disease when your mom was pregnant with you. She died giving birth to you. So were s...
To Be Loved (Ayano x male rivals) by WantToBeFriendWithMe
To Be Loved (Ayano x male rivals)by AlyEd
This story starts when a broken girl, Ayano Aishi met a boy named Taro Yamada. The girl was in, she was obsessed with him but in the end, she was heartbroken. ...
The Rival Switch: Ayano x Male Rivals~ by CookieCrazy04
The Rival Switch: Ayano x Male Cookie Crazy04
Ayano, or as we all know her as Yan-Chan, has just eliminated all of her rivals and is ready to confess to Senpai, but somthing weird happens. What do you think happened...
Forever And Ever And Ever ( Ayano x Male Rivals) by Bro1mm
Forever And Ever And Ever ( Lazy man
A story about Ayano ended up falling in love with the hot male rivals Just share my thought If you love these ships Don't forget to read mine All in this novels artwork...
The 11th Rival by ilikedonut
The 11th Rivalby Trashy writer
You, Y/N Aishi, are the twin sister of Ayano Aishi. You aren't very different than the rest of the females in your mothers side, the only difference is that you were abl...
Yan-Chan and the 10 Male Rivals by PeaceDragon22
Yan-Chan and the 10 Male Rivalsby Who are you? Why're you here?
I'm sure anyone who saw Yandere-devs April Fools video was just as ticked as I was knowing that these guys wouldn't be incorporated in Yandere Simulator. Not to fear. I...
Lovesick (Ayano x Male Rivals) by CourPlayz
Lovesick (Ayano x Male Rivals)by CourPlayz
If anyone doesn't know what this is and are somehow interested, then this is an Alternate Universe (AU) that's known as Lovesick in Yandere Simulator! Where the rivals b...
Innocent Insanity by Quinstar_86
Innocent Insanityby Quinstar_86
Ayano Aishi is a killer. But ever since the murder of Taro Yamada, she has been gaining back bits of emotion. Her life is then thrown back into the action when an assign...
choices •yandere sim• by cloudsandsugar
choices •yandere sim•by cloudsandsugar
male rivals x reader story y/n l/n is new to akademi highschool, and finds it easy to make friends there. she becomes very close with some of these people, and because o...
To Feel (Yandere-chan x Male rivals) by Cupcake_Yuiki
To Feel (Yandere-chan x Male Cupcake_Yuiki
What will happen if someone mysterious gave Yandere Simulator's main character what she want's the most ? To feel emotions . . . But every thing has a price, right? (Ya...
Ang Ibon at ang Aso by AgentRevenger
Ang Ibon at ang Asoby uwu
Isang pabula na nilikha ni Andrei Miguel S. Hermosa
Ayano x Male Rivals by missaehl
Ayano x Male Rivalsby Lady Ria
Ayano x Male Rivals. Genderbent rivals!~ (And a few other genderbent characters and ships) The rivals are female in the game Yandere Simulator. Ayano would do anything f...