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A Most Precious Friend  by SatoshiKetchum861
A Most Precious Friend by Satoshi Ketchum
In this story male main character is Satoshi( Ash) Ketchum and female main character is Serena Yvonne In this story one boy who live in pallet town and love and like t...
"I Promise......."(On Hold) by Pika_Sylve_2010
"I Promise......."(On Hold)by Shauna
This story is about a boy named "Ash Ketchum" who lives in Pallet town with his mom "Delia Ketchum" in Kanto region. He was studying in 'Kanto high...
infatuated.   •lashton• by irwinjpg
infatuated. •lashton•by lit
Luke was infatuated with Ashton. Ashton knew this, and he used it to his advantage. What happens when Luke finds out?
life is never easy a.i by anonbooboo
life is never easy a.iby anonbooboo
Ashton has a hard time in life, he's been through a lot. his parents aren't as understanding as they should be, they make him go to therapy. Ashton hates living, he gave...
5sos Tickle Fic by HannahStewart766
5sos Tickle Ficby HDawg123
Where all the 5sos lads find out mikey's One weakness....Tickling Adult!Ashton Adult!Luke Adult!Calum Girly!Kitten!Teen!Michael
hiden hero (armorshipping love story) (Edited) by armorlover
hiden hero (armorshipping love armorlover
hlo guys this my first sooo pls support Character are- Master age- 18.6 Serena age- 17.5 Gary age- 18.3 Misty age- 17.9 Ruby(brendan) age- 18.3 May age- 17.3 Barry age...
In Grandomina... by paperbirdsx
In Harley
Grandomina has not heard from The Fearless Vampire Killers for several years now and The Cardinal appears to be keeping quiet. That is until a curious trio stumble upon...
Letters To Luke by JBluvs
Letters To Lukeby Shipper
Luke is dead. He's gone. He's nonexistent anymore. Whatever you want to call it, it's not going to bring him back. But my fiancé isn't in my life anymore. Mum thinks wr...
Adopted by •5SOS•  by ysapiza
Adopted by •5SOS• by Alyssa Sison
Abigail : she is 13, long wavy curly(but not that curly) hair, blue ocean eyes, and an interesting life story. She's in the orphanage called: 'Mrs. Williams orphanage fo...
Stay Quiet by Ghostly_ToastYT2
Stay Quietby Toast
You have to hide during WW3 Can you survive?
🌻🌻🌻 by baptized
🌻🌻🌻by .
My boring ass life
The Donor A. I. by CupcakesAndNialler
The Donor A. Amanda
A girl in a fatal car crash is left with less than an hour to spare and in need of at least one kidney. The only person able to get there in time to save her? Ashton, As...
You My Girl~~ Dean Ambrose/ Ashley by KimberlyMaitlen
You My Girl~~ Dean Ambrose/ Ashleyby Kim Maitlen
Ashley King is the TOP Woman wrestler. She has eyes for Mr Dean Ambrose. Ashley Ambrose= Lunatic Ash. We WWE Shiners Aint nobody gonna take us Down Darling. are you sur...
Song-Lyrics of 5sos by sbarakatxx
Song-Lyrics of 5sosby Reader&Writer
I'll write here the lyrics of the 5sos' songs I think it can be useful:)
Twitter Message → Lashton/OT4 by Punk-Crock-Larry
Twitter Message → Lashton/OT4by Abi
Stranger: Hey Ashton: Um Hello. Do I know you? Stranger: Not yet Ashton: ...... Stranger: The name's Luke. Luke Hemmings Ashton: I'm Ashton Luke: You sound hot Ashton: G...
Stolen away by WarrantedDreams
Stolen awayby WarrantedDreams
Ok I would try to make this boring as possible but hey, that's my life. My name is Bella. Just a 15 year old girl living the normal freshman life when I see someone walk...
Chatzy Plots!! :] :3 by Maddiebear123
Chatzy Plots!! :] :3by ❇Luke Hemmings is not 19 than...
Heres my chatzy plots!! USE WITH CRED! ASK TO USE! Have Fun!!!
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The Run Away Child (Ashton irwin fan fiction) by Ripped_Jeans
The Run Away Child (Ashton irwin Ripped Jeans
When a girl is faced with a choice will she do as her dad said and leave the people she loves for safety or stay and end it all there??? She 13 years old when it all hap...
AMERICA || Ashton I. || WK Sequel by hemmo-sphere
AMERICA || Ashton I. || WK Sequelby 卌 Ronna + Cora卌
it was just something for a friend, right? ©hemmo-sphere Started | November 23, 2014