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infatuated.   •lashton• by irwinjpg
infatuated. •lashton•by lit
Luke was infatuated with Ashton. Ashton knew this, and he used it to his advantage. What happens when Luke finds out?
 𝐈 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐛𝐚𝐝𝐛𝐨𝐲 || 𝐎𝐧 𝐠𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 || by LeighAmandaGacis
𝐈 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐢� 𝐀𝐬𝐡𝐲_𝐌𝐜𝐩𝐞𝐢𝐧
A guy who did nothing but piss and hurt a novice on campus. And a girl from a barracks family with extraordinary strength that no one has ever been able to bully. Will...
Haven't you done enough? (ashton  irwin) by taylors_caniff1997
Haven't you done enough? ( taylors_caniff1997
Ash has a habit of stealing things. Destiny has a pet peeve. Boys who steal. She lives ashton just...not what he dose. Destiny has a habit. A bad habit. Cutting. She l...
Surprise  by OMGClifford95
Surprise by BubblyGirl123
Luke just gets a small package at his door. Can he take good care of it?
☀ ashlund ☀ by shxdytaro
☀ ashlund ☀by B L A K E ϟ
h a c k b o o k the Tashlund chronicles
Stay Quiet by Ghostly_ToastYT2
Stay Quietby Toast
You have to hide during WW3 Can you survive?
The Run Away Child (Ashton irwin fan fiction) by Ripped_Jeans
The Run Away Child (Ashton irwin Ripped Jeans
When a girl is faced with a choice will she do as her dad said and leave the people she loves for safety or stay and end it all there??? She 13 years old when it all hap...
Adopted by •5SOS•  by ysapiza
Adopted by •5SOS• by Alyssa Sison
Abigail : she is 13, long wavy curly(but not that curly) hair, blue ocean eyes, and an interesting life story. She's in the orphanage called: 'Mrs. Williams orphanage fo...
Sweet Dreams || Ashton Irwin a.u. by 5sause1996
Sweet Dreams || Ashton Irwin Muffin
"I've already lost one person. I can't lose you too." ***takes place in World War II***
🌻🌻🌻 by baptized
🌻🌻🌻by .
My boring ass life
Read It Or Not:Art by Levoen
Read It Or Not:Artby ×Life Is A Facade×
Contains meme,drawings,and horrible author's lazy motivation issue. Just reading this might disappoint you. ~(' _|\/\/\/\/|_•)~ Lol for funsies.
AMERICA || Ashton I. || WK Sequel by hemmo-sphere
AMERICA || Ashton I. || WK Sequelby 卌 Ronna + Cora卌
it was just something for a friend, right? ©hemmo-sphere Started | November 23, 2014
Survivors  by lmaocharley
Survivors by Charley :)
What will happen when Jenn and her three best friends Taylor,Dylan, and Ryann(a girl same with Dylan) have to survive in a zombie apocalypse (aka walkers) then you run...
Story of My Life by filenotfound00
Story of My Lifeby file not found
Sometimes, I just really wanna share my thoughts for those who have mature immaturity as I, but I can't. AND THEN THE WATTY DIARY WAS BORN. Read it or not, I honestly do...
Me, Ashton!  by ashyxsebby
Me, Ashton! by Offline.
A book about my life and such ;u;
All about Me!! by Night__Circus10
All about Me!!by Midnight & Yugioh
Midnight:It'll be about me as both in the real world and in an anime world!!!!! Hope you all enjoy!!! Also I don't own any anime pics only the pics of me in the real wor...
I'll Always Wait (lashton) by Callmegirl
I'll Always Wait (lashton)by ;
What if two best friends finally reunite for 8 long years. It was fate that brought them back together. They were happy. Everyone was, he thought. That didn't last lo...
Dear char log by xboxcase
Dear char logby xboxcase
yaha India mein janab kisi ki chalti h toh vo government ministers, scientists ki nhi blki chlti h toh un char logo ki jinse kabhi na kabhi ap logo ki v mulaqat hui hi h...
Ashfur's second try by Ivypool_is_boss
Ashfur's second tryby Ivypool
Inspired by @Doveclaw's 'Heathertails second chance' Ashfur has been sent back, for his second try at life. Now Ashfur is in BrambleClan, named after the legendary leade...