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Ashaangi OS by nazrinnaazk
Ashaangi OSby Nazrin S
One shots of Ashaangi💜💜
No pain No gain 💜 Love by Narmatha1723
No pain No gain 💜 Loveby Narmatha manon
peoples don't know the value of things when it was been very closer to them but the thing when gone for away then only we peoples realizing the value... 💜 let see a...
Ashaangi Shots by Hansiniii
Ashaangi Shotsby Hansiniii
So these are One Shots on the iconic duo Ashaangi 💜, although it has nothing to do with reality and is purely my imagination. Names may or may not be changed!
Aval!❤ (Completed❤💫) by divya_scribbles
Aval!❤ (Completed❤💫)by Divya
Something to deal about Ashwinkumar Sivaangi Krish A RomCom Story! Starring Your Favorite CWC stars... A College Plot! Purely Fictional! The Leads Are Inspired From Real...
Love At First Sight! by ddpink6060
Love At First Sight!by ddpink6060
Love at first sight? Will this work out? Read to find out😉
Them - an Ashaangi oneshots by Sri_it_is
Them - an Ashaangi oneshotsby Sri
Just my scribbles of love for em. a beginner in writing , kindly ignore my mistakes !
His Love And Her Stranger  by adhiparu
His Love And Her Stranger by adhiparu
Our hero who loves his girl without her knowledge and marries her suddenly but our heroine doesn't no anything about him let's see whether they are destined together or...
DESTINED TO BE YOURS - An AshAangi Fanfiction ✅ by RiyaDiwakar34
Ashwin a introvert guy... Became a loner after his first love 💖"KANMANI"💖. He was completely shattered after kanmani's death, his world became blur. His happ...
you are my PURE BLISS 💜 by Narmatha1723
you are my PURE BLISS 💜by Narmatha manon
Aswin was MD of Infotech company . It's a biggest company in South India. He had a girl friend but unfortunately they both broked their relationship and because of famil...
Back to you again?  by deekshasd
Back to you again? by deekshasd
What if a person whom you don't ever want to meet again in your life is marrying you? Will they give a chance to the relationship? or will they give...
Ashaangi in my eyes by MissyChilly21
Ashaangi in my eyesby MissyChilly21
An imaginary fiction based on reality show characters Ashwin and Sivaangi. Hope you enjoy it!
Unakketha Aalum Naanadi💜💫 (On hold) by LazyPanda_Scribbles
Unakketha Aalum Naanadi💜💫 (On Anonymous325
An introvert businessman who loves only his family. He has struggled so much to reach this position. Now he is a successful businessman, shining in the city. A girl who...
Challenged Life For My LOVED ONES.  by Narmatha1723
Challenged Life For My LOVED ONES. by Narmatha manon
this is story revolves around a man called aswin and his family. he was trillianaire business man lives in london. he accepted the challenge of overcoming his father die...
Me Before You (Ashwin Shivangi fan fiction) by MsLizzieWrites
Me Before You (Ashwin Shivangi Ms.Lizzie
Disclaimer : The characters aren't fictional, but the story is. On imagination, penning moments happened post 'Cooku with comali' finals. Ashwin - Shivangi Fan Fiction...
her king 👑his queen 👑 by Harinikrishnaramu
her king 👑his queen 👑by harini
it is an fiction story imagination.. iam an ashangian about sivaangi and ashwin and some of CWC character are added it is full imagination ,don't get hurted...
Radha Ragasiyam💜 by Narmadha2301
Radha Ragasiyam💜by Narmadha😍❤️
This is a completely New story of Ashaangi💜Hope u guys like it💗 When Two completely different tracks crossed paths with each other and got into an roller coaster ride...
Protector Of God - Ashaangi (Completed) by 098faru
Protector Of God - Ashaangi ( Faru
Ashwin Her love for me is still hidden somewhere in her, she will come back to as herself. Sivaangi I proceeded with this for the sake of my parents, but realised it cha...
her king 👑 his queen 👑-2 by Harinikrishnaramu
her king 👑 his queen 👑-2by harini
hello guys .. author here 💜 yes it's the second part of her king his queen ... it's not the same story line .. alternative one ..but the characters, nicknames,names eve...
𝕄𝕣.𝕆𝕓𝕤𝕖𝕤𝕤𝕚𝕧𝕖 💜 𝕙𝕖𝕒𝕣𝕥 by cerelackiddoo
𝕄𝕣.𝕆𝕓𝕤𝕖𝕤𝕤𝕚𝕧𝕖 💜 𝕙𝕖𝕒� cerelac kiddoo
you wont forget a women like her easily anyway.once you cross with magic❄,its hard to see life the same... They called it as an OBSESSION but i prefer the word LOVE💜 to...
Kadavul Setting by saravspace
Kadavul Settingby saravspace
I Strongly Believe The Universe | An #AshAangi FanFiction | Story Written in Tanglish #1 in Trends - 08/08/21 - 30/09/21 #1 in Relationship-Complicated - 24/09/21 - 30/0...