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In Cold Blood - Erejean by creativelybad
In Cold Blood - Erejeanby Writer :3
What will Jean stand in the way from when Erens being hurt? What if it's beyond Jeans fighting ability? What if it isnt just the titans that are the threat? When Eren me...
Mine Forever ((Rivarmin)) by bookwormarlert
Mine Forever ((Rivarmin))by The Fandom Freak
One day, out in the battle field, one of the weaker members of a squad were terribly crushed below the waist. Levi never cared for any of the students that were injured...
Hunter by jokergirl2001
Hunterby jokergirl2001
His greatest weapon was his ability to transform into a titan. Her greatest weapon is her foresight. SI-OC-Fem!Eren
An Armin x Levi fanfiction by Imortalartist
An Armin x Levi fanfictionby Imortalartist
This is my first fan fiction I ever written... I know this ship isn't very popular but, i ship it anyways. so , you the readers can tell me in the comment section any m...
Just a dream? by ciel1010
Just a dream?by Ciel1010
This is my One shot Jealousy fanfic for Rivarmin week so please enjoy. Armin x Levi and Armin x Eren (Sorry in advance for the ending I just had to)
my salvation (armin x levi)  by Eden-Ackerman
my salvation (armin x levi) by Eden Ackerman
Armin is often mistaken for a girl and his abusive boyfriend eren makes sure he knows no one would love him if they knew he was a boy. one night Armin meets a certain ma...
SnK & Black Butler SMUT-SHOTS!! by ArminxEren
SnK & Black Butler SMUT-SHOTS!!by b
Woot woot smut and stuff. I'll do a couple Eremins, a bunch of Rivarmin, maybe YumiKuri? And for Black Butler, Sebaciel, and Grelltian :3 I'll do ANY ship from these as...
Wedging into my heart(And ArminxLevi relationship)) by Captain_Heichou_Levi
Wedging into my heart(And Hammy Winchester
This is**was** a roleplaying i did but soon thought it will be a good story so here is the discripton Armin-A 19 year old, over aconplisher, newly formed jock and bookwo...
The Big Book Of Rivarmin by Memeboyy
The Big Book Of Rivarminby Kidd
- Levi Ackerman x Armin Arlert - Book of one shots ! - will contain nsfw
Armin Arlert One-Shots! by frcecs
Armin Arlert One-Shots!by 𝖘𝖔𝖗𝖆
Just read the title~ please enjoy!