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Artificial Attraction [three] by steffy_t
Artificial Attraction [three]by steff
"Make him fall in love with you, it's easy and it's all for the job. Just imagine the results, you'd be instantly promoted; your own office for you to write anythin...
unforgivable ➸ finnick odair by dragonrush
unforgivable ➸ finnick odairby yvonne ⚡
❝forgiveness says you are given another chance to make a new beginning❞ finnick odair killed her sister, and electra reine hated him for it, until she didn't. [slo...
Shattering Secrets [2] by welcometoadarkheart
Shattering Secrets [2]by welcometoadarkheart
Coral Adays is now back in her District, alone and afraid of everything that comes from the shadows. She twitches at a small sound of a door creaking, or the rain that s...
1 | PREY  ( FINNICK ODAIR ) ✓ by kingbIack
1 | PREY ( FINNICK ODAIR ) ✓by ☆☆☆
THE HUNGER GAMES ━━ ❛ my nightmares are usually about losing you. ❜ FINNICK ODAIR x MALE OC CATCHING FIRE ANGIE & KATHERINE © 2018 BOOK TWO CAN BE FOUND...
Athena - The Luna Warrior by TheGreekWarrior
Athena - The Luna Warriorby Athena
I, Athena Xiphos, the daughter of Alpha Zeus Xiphos and Luna Metis Xiphos has been in Camp Rogue since fifteen years. In the past fifteen years I was groomed to be a fi...
Safe and Sound || Hunger Games by foreversmaug
Safe and Sound || Hunger Gamesby s m a u g
{completed - UNDER EXTREME EDITING} FEATURED ON THE OFFICIAL @Fanfic HUNGER GAMES READING LIST. ❝Attachment always results in pain❞ Harper Anselin is a fifteen year old...
𝐆𝐋𝐎𝐑𝐘 & 𝐆𝐎𝐑𝐄.  [1] by reloading-
𝐆𝐋𝐎𝐑𝐘 & 𝐆𝐎𝐑𝐄. [1]by reloading-
Before Katniss, there was Sage. [PRE-HUNGER GAMES ONGOING Cover by: carkann]
HYDROPHILIC | Finnick Odair by darksdawn
HYDROPHILIC | Finnick Odairby h a i a 🥀
Julie Morgan has only ever been drawn to two things in her life: water and Finnick Odair. One could say that in a sense, she's simply hydrophilic.
The Capitol Games by amzzz18
The Capitol Gamesby Leanne Rose
~ a Hunger Games fanfiction ~ In Mockingjay, the victors decided to hold one last Hunger Games using only Capitol children. When President Coin was murdered, the Games w...
The Gauntlet (The Gauntlet #1) by words_are_weapons
The Gauntlet (The Gauntlet #1)by Jamie Harris
Codi James is a chronic underachiever. A straight C student, her life is going nowhere. Causing havoc at yet another school it looks like she's heading for another expul...
Into the Arena by Ryder3113
Into the Arenaby Ryder3113
On their 21st birthday every mateless werewolf in the their respective areas is forcibly entered into the Forest Arena. Males and Females battle it out to create a new...
Hunted • Haymitch Abernathy by -blxdreina
Hunted • Haymitch Abernathyby ʀʜɪᴀɴɴᴏɴ 🌻
"One more and I'm cutting you off." "You used to be more fun." •~•~•~•~• In which a smart mouthed Victor is reaped once more, but this time it's for...
The Story of Lunar (Female Harem x Cross Dressing Male Reader) by TheRookies5
The Story of Lunar (Female Harem TheRookies5
There are times in two different worlds. One is Earth and the other one is the world that is called Lunar. During the war that you and the others encountered now, the hu...
Mephistopheles Territory (MT) by PetinaSyl
Mephistopheles Territory (MT)by Petina Syl Alisa
Pyther Ophioser Venomer Rules! •FOLLOW THE GANG'S RULES AND REGULATIONS -if you can't, then leave •RESPECT YOUR GANGMATE -wag kang bastos, lalo na sa Officers •DO YOUR...
The Capitols Flower: The Harsh Reality by shyy_peaches
The Capitols Flower: The Harsh Peaches
Tesla Overlock, also known as the Capitols Flower, wasn't always who she is now. The occurrences in the 68th Hunger Games had changed the fifteen year old. The only one...
Fierce Tides || Book 1 by Divyata23
Fierce Tides || Book 1by Girl with the knives
Thirteen-year-old Valerie Everlark hates the Capitol with a passion. Her condition in District four has brought her to death's door many times- and survival, for her, is...
Life Is A Gamble by ItsGOnly
Life Is A Gambleby
You are childhood friend with Park Mujin and you are jobless at the moment.You and Mujin often get into fights and some trouble when you were teenagers.You are an experi...
how I created the team trailer court Tigers by rayjbunz
how I created the team trailer Ray-J Bunz
how I created a team of the trailer court Tigers South East hockey League was an idea that I came up with and here is our official entrance song Well I went down to the...
Phoenix  Academy of Gangster(We fight, before we die.) by unbreakablerock111
Phoenix Academy of Gangster(We Dead Rose
They say entering 'Phoenix Academy' is a sin, then so it be. Isang prestiheyosong paaralan kung saan nakakapasok lamang ang mga anak ng mayayaman at makapangyarihang ana...
Fighters | Zelink Dystopia by Princess-Zel
Fighters | Zelink Dystopiaby Zel
"Ganondorf Dragmire - the tyrant that usurped the Hyrulean throne from the Lost Royal Family seventeen years ago; the cruel dictator that has had his troops terrori...