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OUR "ENDLESS" LOVE (ON-HOLD) by neverlandnpeterpan
Kayla and Harry were high school sweethearts that have always dreamed to be with each other forever and ever. But forever, doesn't last well... forever all the time. And...
Meeting Doctor Strange//The first meeting Ch. 7: The final hope by BtsIca_98
Meeting Doctor Strange//The Jessica Fernandez
Angelica and Ica managed to team up with the Avengers in order to battle against Thanos. Find out what happens.
338 days of GBS by J_Clay
338 days of GBSby JD Clayton
True-life drama of my time in ICU and up to now Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) Please share and hit those ⭐'s
storge  by Lily_SunStar
storge by Dygeshsusgs101
in which a girl named delilah falls for someone she can't have. and in which you will be living her story with her vicariously through her diary. lowercase intended no...
Half-A-Heart and Almost There by heartbrokegirl
Half-A-Heart and Almost Thereby heartbrokegirl
How would life be if we got half of a unique shape when we turned 14? What if the other half was given to our soulmate? Macy's life is just like that. She was given half...
A loud secret by Hunt_0000
A loud secretby Hunt_0000
A secret as loud as the screams of those who have suffered and as quiet as those who were silenced
This is fore by azrael-park
This is foreby azrael-park
This() is for :: the fallen - And those still falling. Oughts as 'all in:' "all in" - then bothered, we. Yes as yet this Tender sky stays calling: Beckon me...
Unpoised by viewtuber
Unpoisedby ǝןoɔ uʎןıɹɐɯ
═════════════ D E S C R I P T I O N poems. papers. scribbled on scattered papers. scrambled letters and unformed words that i have yet to say. what i like to write. wha...
Almost by febiesecretario
Almostby febie secretario
This is not a story that will make you feel kilig. This is the reality.
Untitled Document... by VoidOfDreamsWriter
Untitled Lily
My entire life I had begged for an escape. An escape from my world of depression, and foul-smelling food. I daydreamed about fantasy worlds, and that I would get my Hogw...
The Girls' Guide To Surviving Middle School (Completed) by sam10578
The Girls' Guide To Surviving sam10578
This is a short guide for girls about to go into Middle School. I just got out of Middle School. This might not be the same for everyone but at least I'm trying. There w...
Almost there by Nhicole441
Almost thereby Nhicxxx
May mga bagay talagang matagal bago natin mahanap ang sagot. Librong hindi matapos basahin, takdang araling hindi masagutan o trabahong hindi matapos tapos. Na ayaw nati...