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Scott Ttrewivu Scogreleza by galaxies_babies
Scott Ttrewivu Scogrelezaby beautiful_creature
The BULLY, The DEATH CONTROLLER and The DEATH are the one who can filled you with dread The ARROGANT, The RAGE and The SLOW are the fearless you think they are low They...
My Husband is A Mafia Boss [FANFICTION] by shiyopaooo
My Husband is A Mafia Boss [ THEANIMEGIRL
[Just a REPOST] cttro Disclaimer: (Not Part Of The Main story) Ezekiel Roswell and the other characters in this story are originally came from the story "My Husband...
SPECIAL MISSIONby justinianiangelmae
Apat na babae ang magdadala at sila'y mga assasin . Medyo creepy kaya okay lng bata hanggang matanda kung merong matanda gustong magbasa nito.
Kidnapped  by veperss
Kidnapped by Juliana Belonio
A/N : you'll never know if you aren't gonna try
MHIAMB Couples (FANFICTION) by PalinoMichelle
MHIAMB Couples (FANFICTION)by Mikaizerlamperouge
How did the Yaji and Roswell's life goes by in the past 25 years? How did Aemie get over to bullet? Roswell's and Yaji's LoveTEAMS?! sweet's, cute and funny momment of M...
RAINDROPS by jendelcharlize
Not all lovestory has it's own happy ending. Not all lovestory is like a fairy tales having it's own happy ending. Book Cover Is Designed By; Chelle Gonzales THANKS FOR...
nerdy girl turn to a cold-hearted gangster  by ladypiasso014
nerdy girl turn to a arabella fae bobier
a part of story of arabella faye bobier who turned to a cold hearted gangster who is the gangster queen but beside of that he secretly hides her family's background beca...
ILY SINCE 1ST DAY (One Shot) by Jean111702
ILY SINCE 1ST DAY (One Shot)by Jean Aubrey Feliciano Medalla
Ily since 1st day.. This is one shot only💙
MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY  by ladypiasso014
MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY by arabella fae bobier
story of the four gangsters that turn to be mafia's only heir ...
It's Too Late by Allexa_101
It's Too Lateby Allexa Faye Soriano
it was supposed to be you but you left me! You left me without any reasons! You were supposed to be taking care of me while I was having a baby! You were supposed to be...
My Husband Is A Mafia Boss by loveblue893
My Husband Is A Mafia Bossby loveblue893
pano kaya kung ang mga anak ni aemie ay nagumura?
My Husband is A Mafia Boss [Fanfiction] by KaizerMaxLamperouge
My Husband is A Mafia Boss [ MHIAMB Yanalovesyouu jonaxx...
THIS IS ONLY A REPOST! [cctro] Disclaimer : Ezekiel Roswell and the other characters in this work are originally came from the story "My Husband is A Mafia Boss&qu...
My Husband is a Mafia Boss (Fanfiction) by AngelsReaper
My Husband is a Mafia Boss ( Lorraine
Hi,This is only a Fanfiction story of MHIAMB i just make this because i really like that story i hope you like this Fanfiction Thanks PS:Read My Husband is a Mafia Boss...
Ezekiel Roswell POV Compilation by KielCrimson
Ezekiel Roswell POV Compilationby Kiel Crimson
These are compilation of short conversation and random POVs of Ezekiel Roswell. Each updates are not connected.