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Inspiration [ONGOING] by _Madison_x
Inspiration [ONGOING]by ~~
He, she, they can say things but you are beautiful. I love you! ♥️
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Sweaters in Summer (Flash Fiction) by _candykae
Sweaters in Summer (Flash Fiction)by ;
English. Flash Fiction/One Shot. May 24, 2020
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Shamed by Tee_Square
Shamedby Tee_Anna
Poppy Winter is the girl you laugh at for wearing too much makeup,she is the girl you call a slut for her mini skirts and her skin tight dresses. Poppy is the girl who i...
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The Weight which is Mine  by thefabulousfatty
The Weight which is Mine by The Fabulous Fatty
This is an a day of life of a teenage girl who faced a lot of body issues #stopbodyshaming This is my first work, so please show some love😀
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A Rant Book Cause Why Not? by Fizaxbieber
A Rant Book Cause Why Not?by Fiza
a book which sadly consists of rants when i'm at my limit
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The Fat, The Thick, The Skinny, And ME✔ by ShyBananaMuffin
The Fat, The Thick, The Skinny, DonnaWritesStuff
"Because you have parents that love you. You have parents that support you and yet you think your life is so bad just because stupid kids pick on you." "I...
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FOR ALL THE GIRLS ! by Birdcrowns
FOR ALL THE GIRLS !by hongseok trash !
In which Wesley reads about the life of Lana. © Birdcrowns 2018 Cover by @peachspit 2019
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Name Game (Previously As Hole-Y Romance) by Aza_in_her_head
Name Game (Previously As Hole-Y Azalea Waters
ON HOLD FOR NOW For a wallflower like Sahar, shifting places was a terror. Yet, what if the new place holds a challenge. A sweet little challenge comprising of her to ch...
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Fat Cinderella by _Gasoline12_
Fat Cinderellaby May 🦋
A wicked stepmother, Two jealous step sisters who are jealous of the oh-so-Amazing Cinderella and a hot prince dude who falls for her. Isn't that how the story goes? I r...
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The Body Myth #DigitalAMAwithRheea by Mehaque13
The Body Myth #DigitalAMAwithRheeaby Mehaque Anam
This is my entry for #DigitalAMAwithRheea for "The Body Myth" contest. Excerpt: * The woman was sitting on a park bench in West Point Gardens,where I came eve...
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[1.3] Stupid & Idiot by LockAnKey
[1.3] Stupid & Idiotby locky
"You did all that so I would kiss you?" "Well not exactly, I was kind of dying." Dialogue Story
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Untold by rememsme
Untoldby rememsme
It all started with a girl who flung herself off of a roof- and now, it's going to end with them.
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PAUNCHES AND FOLDS  ✔️ by RuthieEbun
BODY GOALS! They're the only things Bisola thinks about, and being called fat from a tender age didn't help matters at all, which led her to desperation and depression...
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✓ | BROKEN WEBS ━━ peter parker by spideywebsx
✓ | BROKEN WEBS ━━ peter parkerby 𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘬𝘢!
❝Did you know that Spanish quizzes can bring two people closer?❞ ❝Yeah. . . And so can saving the world.❞ ━━ For Peter Parker : the quiet, shy girl in his Spanish class...
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A Dream Within A Dream by WistfulxWonder
A Dream Within A Dreamby Lola
Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream? ~ All poems are mine and belong to me unless stated otherwise. Some of these poems may discuss political l issues...
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Annoying The Gangleader #Wattys2017 by zealna
Annoying The Gangleader #Wattys2017by Sudan 🇸🇩
"What the hell do you think you're doing on my property?" He shouts really loud. What's the point? I was standing a few inches away from him, yet he yells a...
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❝i love you the way you are, baby❞ discontinued. futher updates are not gonna be posted anytime soon ↬ story covers are made by @HYUNLIXS
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Ana by its_artemis_actually
Anaby its_artemis_actually
She was everything. The air I breathed, the oxygen in my veins. Everything that kept me alive. She was me. She was.
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the aftermath of madeline cherry by gloriaasimon
the aftermath of madeline cherryby glo !
" why do we study history ? " "so that we don't repeat the mistake made in the past" " then why do they still repeat ? " the class went si...
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