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Alaska's Illicit | ✓ by -MMIV-
Alaska's Illicit | ✓by -𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖆-
❛❛If the cold doesn't kill you, the wolves will.❞ | NOT A WEREWOLF STORY | In which an 18-year-old girl flees to Alaska to escape being accused of murder & to uncover wh...
The Wrong Side of Right by Aestrophilia
The Wrong Side of Rightby 𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐚❀
❝We all are addicted to something that ruins us.❞ Just some powerful quotes that I found and compiled them into a book. Highest rank; #1 in Poetry (straight #1 from Marc...
A Taste of Sky by lindavorjeinova
A Taste of Skyby Linda Vorjeinova
A Wattpad featured novel on Romance's "Love Bites". "He wasn't in love with her. He was in love with the idea of her. He was in love with the idea of Sky...
What Will You Do If I Die Today? by chuckae
What Will You Do If I Die Today?by hiatus
About a girl who liked to eat healthy and smoke weed. Delirah Cruz isn't suicidal. She wants to die. She doesn't think of a million ways to kill herself. She imagines he...
Divorce by lindavorjeinova
Divorceby Linda Vorjeinova
"I saw that little electricity in them that the camera gave out. She was darkness, she did not become darkness and she did not embrace darkness. She is darkness. Sh...
Dollhouse by renesmeewolfe
Dollhouseby K. Weikel
My family seems to be perfect from the outside looking in. We have the big house, the money for things, the million-dollar-smiles... but nothing is ever as it seems. ...
strides ° jjk by solastae
strides ° jjkby 𝖌 𝖚 𝖈 𝖈 𝖎
❝I'll be alright ❞ He fell for a heart that beats so slow. a jeon jungkook shortstory © solastae 2018 ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Book 3 DRAWING FOR THE COVER ISN'T MINE AND CREDITS G...
The Unnoticed, Noticed  by M_X_Manuel
The Unnoticed, Noticed by M X Manuel
Also Available On Inkitt "Can I ask you something?" She asked softly. "Sure," he smiled. She looked up at him. "Why did you want to be my frie...
Death by society by shatteringsoul14
Death by societyby shatteringsoul14
[wattys2019] "I'm just a mess and maybe I'm just lonely or just bitter but I know my head's a storm and my chest is empty." -Unknown. |in which a bad boy defi...
Fighting Fear by BexzJade
Fighting Fearby Bexz Jade
News and updates posted here
The Break Up Plan by lindavorjeinova
The Break Up Planby Linda Vorjeinova
Alaska Brown places a bet with her friends. It's all about dating the first guy who enters their all time favorite coffee shop, and make him fall for her in twenty days...
A Song Yet Unsung [POETRY] by let_alpha_write
A Song Yet Unsung [POETRY]by Alpha Writes®
"A song yet Unsung" is a collection of poems. Poems about life, love, broken heart and the struggles of life. The author has combined together a life force tha...
Conversations With My Heart | ✓ #wattys2018 by thecafemocha
Conversations With My Heart | ✓ Zenan
Each night when I lay down In my bed With my eyes open wide I think about life And the thoughts Which are bottled up Inside me Are slowly drowning me Finally, I had s...
Pon Pon☮Girl by LadySra
Pon Pon☮Girlby Modesta
[Pon Pon☮Girl] [BOOK ONE] Pon Pon Lola Maria Yui Red Reese made five mistakes this year. 1) She defended her best friend Kim. 2) She got purposel...
Ubuntu: A Tribute to Humanity [SAMPLE] by let_alpha_write
Ubuntu: A Tribute to Humanity [ Alpha Writes®
We are losing ourselves - our humanity - in today's world as we chase after our individual dreams and fight through the challenges life throws our way. The idea of 'we'...
Flare Guns and Magic I.5: Sanity Vs. Insanity by LadySra
Flare Guns and Magic I.5: Sanity Modesta
[The sequel to Flare Guns and Magic I] [BOOK 1.5] Taiga has finally stepped inside the magical dimension for the second time in her life. Althoug...
The Demons We Run From [POETRY] [SAMPLE] by let_alpha_write
The Demons We Run From [POETRY] [ Alpha Writes®
Since times immemorial the human race has been dragging its feet from the clingy winks of some man-hunting acts and ironically enough, these demons are placed strategica...
Building Monsters | WRITER'S AWARDS WINNER 2017 by renesmeewolfe
Building Monsters | WRITER'S K. Weikel
One little girl, kidnapped at the age of five. Zinnia. One angel, drifting away from the promised land. Peregrine. - The Writers Awards 2017 winner for Mystery/Thrille...
Words of introvert by anam_imaan
Words of introvertby anam imaan
Louse stuff has darconian effect, Might words of introvert soothe the fact.
blindfolded minds  ° kth by solastae
blindfolded minds ° kthby 𝖌 𝖚 𝖈 𝖈 𝖎
❝you don't really care if it hurts a lot.❞ where two lost souls collide . a kim taehyung shortstory © solastae 2018 . (highest ranking in shortstory #202) ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ...