The Unnoticed, Noti...
By M_X_Manuel
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Also Available On Inkitt "Can I ask you something?" She asked softly. "Sure," he smiled. She looked up at him. "Why did you want to be my friend? I mean, there were so many people to choose from. Why me? I'm not even worth it." "You looked so lonely. So sad, so hidden. You looked like you were so used to being silent. But I knew there was more to it than what meets the eye. I wanted to decode the mystery." He looked deep into her eyes. "So what do you want?" She held his gaze, even though she hated eye contact. He smiled softly and sang, "All I wanna be, all I ever wanna be, is somebody to you." ________________________________________________ Darkness and shadows were all she ever saw. She lived in silence, her whole world a monochromatic display that only she could see. Her red rimmed glasses only made clearer her strife and the elastic band on her left wrist reminded her of her long lived sorrow. She hid from the world, going unnoticed by everyone, slowly crumbling to dust on her own. That was all until one faithful day when someone did the unthinkable and decided that she was worth noticing. She was the girl in the grey hoodie. And he was someone who cared. Take your mind on a journey of two unique souls, sprinkle in a little friendship, a teaspoon of tears, a spoon of laughter and fun and maybe a pinch of violence and love with a hint of secrets. And while you wait for that delicious cake to bake, a good sing along won't hurt. Theme song for the book: Don't Change -- Why Don't We ~***~ Book started: 7/04/2018 Book ended: 29/12/2018 Highest Rankings: #1 in Projectbreakfree #5 in ADHD #3 in StopMentalHealthStigma #4 in Nottalkedabout #13 in FreeMentalIllness

To all the unnoticed who wish to be noticed

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The Unnot...
by M_X_Manuel