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An Alpha's Love by Lyfeo_M_Jay
An Alpha's Loveby MJay.
Linden is a chubby gay nerd, betrayed by his boyfriend and his two friends the lies start to unravel and everything seems to be breaking apart in his life. He bumps into...
Peyton didn't expect a one night stand to turn out the way he did, hopelessly failing to avoid the CEO with anger issues and a marriage crumbling. Peyton has to choose...
You Got Me (JenLisa) by areyouthatgirl
You Got Me (JenLisa)by areyouthatgirl
"And the third reason?" Lisa asked as she rested her hands on Jennie's hips. Jennie laughed, her shoulders were shaking. The sound of it echoed across Lisa's p...
The Queen of Blood by BrooklynAsh22
The Queen of Bloodby Brooklyn
Celestia earned her title as the Queen Of Blood. She was feared, respected, and admired by all. She ruled what she believed to be a fair kingdom, and kept the peace afte...
A Wolf's Desires by Lyfeo_M_Jay
A Wolf's Desiresby MJay.
Train wants to be the best brother he could be, he wants to make his family proud and most off all he wants to live peacefully with his mate but sometimes simplicity and...
Hell Hath No Fury by nicwritesbooks
Hell Hath No Furyby Nicky Creates
Aboard the Scorned Woman, there is a crew of all women that hail from all five Baethean continents. They raid merchant ships and other pirates in the dead of night and t...
The Reality Of Nightmare (BxB) by OralKel
The Reality Of Nightmare (BxB)by Michael
As an angel of love, Hadraniel "Adrian" Stars doesn't really know how to do his job properly. His parents being the King and Queen of the Angels Association is...
I Choose You.  by Lisamstu
I Choose You. by Lisamstu
Completed. Kaitlyn's and Lydia's worlds collide in a way they never imagined. But what will happen when these two meet. War? Lust? Friendship? Will they change the minds...
Give Me Fever by pinkyblz
Give Me Feverby Blessing Bella
A love story between a boy and his kidnapper
TRANSCEND by Lyfeo_M_Jay
Lyroc has been on the run for years, to survive he had to do learn to keep himself safe and endure no matter the pain he would have to go through, one night as he ran, h...
BEWITCHED by Lyfeo_M_Jay
Drea, Lance and Maddie have lived for eons causing havoc and finding fun on the adventures they went on. Now with the arrival of Winston and his siblings Drea and his be...
Double 0 Idiot by Rebelwithideas
Double 0 Idiotby Ava Knight
Aiyla's life is about to change. This 21 year old psychology student stumbles across a crime scene, running in to the handsome and charming Zane. She never expected her...
The Vampires Phoenix | A Jakeward Fanfic by UniqueRose-
The Vampires Phoenix | A Unique Rose
Edward a hundred years old vampire trapped in a handsome teenage body is losing himself in this world. He needs to find his mate before time runs out on him. What happ...
Human by acwyatt
Humanby A. C. Wyatt
Tommy Gold's the snarky, gay lit major who still lives in his parents' basement. Jake Miller's the all-American straight guy with only one leg. Turns out, neither of tho...
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Free Me by Lisamstu
Free Meby Lisamstu
Free me. The direct sequel to 'I Choose You.' Lydia is forced to face her past yet again. There's some skeletons buried in her closet. Will Kaitlyn be able to look past...
Give Me Therapy by un_realfriends
Give Me Therapyby Jodey
Therapy comes in many forms. Like a shapeshifter it appears as a pill; a circle of broken people in the basement of a church; chocolate brown eyes and curly hair; and pa...
The girl she called pathetic by Dhasedyl
The girl she called patheticby 𝚈. 𝙰𝚑𝚗
Kasey Conell has always had a thing for Cara Mayers, she liked her even if she was the school's most famous bad girl. Most people looked at Cara as one of the most arrog...
BXB Recommendation by UniqueRose-
BXB Recommendationby Unique Rose
The best gay shit I've read and recommend. These are the best books to enjoy reading while staying cuddled up and cozy at home. #Stay_Safe
Admiring You From A Distance by AhmNatStraight23
Admiring You From A Distanceby Moon
---------******GXG******-------- "I like her. Gustong gusto ko siya. I like everything about her pero mas minabuti kong itago nalang ang nararamdaman ko. Sino ba na...