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Why Don't We's Sex Slave by wdw_logan_
Why Don't We's Sex Slaveby wdw_logan_
you were always in an adoption center your whole life. until on day you got adopted, but it's not what you expected....
Adopted by Logan Paul (Completed) by keykey629
Adopted by Logan Paul (Completed)by Kei💕
My life was a mess, untill you showed up.
His Trainer's Daughter (A Logan Paul Fan Fiction) by fanfics1995
His Trainer's Daughter (A Logan Pa...by Ally 🥀
Alexis Lacroix. Milton Lacroix's Daughter. Yup! That's right! Milton, Logan Paul's boxing coach. Milton is a boxing coach, he coaches world Champions! One day, Milton re...
Manager Jeff's Daughter (a Logan paul fan fiction)✔️ by fanfics1995
Manager Jeff's Daughter (a Logan p...by Ally 🥀
Apparently Manager Jeff has a daughter that nobody knew about. So one day he decides to take her to a meeting with Team Maverick. They both walk into the office, Juliann...
My Clout by BadWriter12345
My Cloutby BadWritter101
Violet Banks. A soul so precious, so delicate and so easily scArred. Violet Banks. Her kilLer looks and curves are to die for. Violet Banks. Her fashiOn style is out of...
Wrong number by KenzieFaithWrites
Wrong numberby mak
[COMPLETED] ""Because I love you and I want to be with you, and addie I want to teach her how to swim and I want to fall asleep with you in my arms every night...
A Night to Remember (a Logan Paul fan fiction)✔️ by fanfics1995
A Night to Remember (a Logan Paul...by Ally 🥀
Kaylee Micheals and Logan Paul meet at a club after her friends introduce them to each other. But what happens after they sleep with each other? Will they develop feelin...
Logan Paul Imagines ♥ by rosewithalie
Logan Paul Imagines ♥by Rosalie
Just a bunch of stories about Logan Paul. BE A MAVERICK ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
We're you my mistake? (Logan paul X reader) [COMPLETED)] by loganpaulbabe
We're you my mistake? (Logan paul...by Logan
"I think the mistake I'm trying to avoid making, is you" He looked hurt by your words. Tears filled his eyes as they did yours too.
Team 10 Prefences  by skylerWest1314
Team 10 Prefences by CoraRobertson
all the team 10 guys jake paul tristan tales Martinez twins Neels visser Aj mitchael Alex lange Chance sutton Anthony Trujillo Kade speiser
I Will Always Remember *SEQUEL*( A Logan Paul Fan Fiction)✔️ by fanfics1995
I Will Always Remember *SEQUEL*( A...by Ally 🥀
(SEQUEL TO A NIGHT TO REMEMBER) I SUGGEST YOU READ THAT FIRST! Kaylee Paul and Logan Paul are married and have 2 kids now. Alexander Logan Paul and Elle Elizabeth Paul...
little logangster (Logan Paul X reader) (COMPLETED) by monse16182000
little logangster (Logan Paul X re...by Monserrat
you move to Los Angeles to start you career as a model everything is going great, you are having the best time of your life, everything seems perfect until you end up pr...
Right From The Start|Logan Paul Fanfic[COMPLETED] by torixreadzz
Right From The Start|Logan Paul Fa...by torixreadzz
First you start off as being best friends with Jake, Logan, and a girl Jadyn cuz why not. You lived with your grandparents, your parents left you. One day your mom comes...
[ON HOLD] We're Not Meant To Be Together (Logan Paul) by callmehypr
[ON HOLD] We're Not Meant To Be To...by stranger to u
"what if we're not meant to be together?" Everything has been going well for the past month. Until Alexandra's heart had broken. She chose to not show it and e...
Misunderstood|Adopted By Logan Paul|Fanfic by torixreadzz
Misunderstood|Adopted By Logan Pau...by torixreadzz
A girl name (Victoria) Tori Westbrook has the worst past ever! She hides it and acts up and tries to help the other kids who go through things. She lives in absolute hel...
One Night by loganpaulstories
One Nightby
everything can change in just one night.
LOGAN PAUL SMUT by nichole_bella
Your name is Willow and your 18 and you just moved to L.A your big bro mike lives with your BIGGGG celebrity crush what happens when you move in with your brother..... ...
My boyfriend broke up with me and then I got together with his brother. by MakaylaThompson745
My boyfriend broke up with me and...by MakaylaThompson745
People in the story M=Mom D=Dad Babe=Logan paul Ex=Jake Paul YN=(hailey) C= Carissa
The Assistant Lover by LogxnPaulFanFics
The Assistant Loverby Kaisha
Your 22 years old, u are Currently a model but you dont like being a model because of the sexual harassment you get. U are tired of it so u quit modeling and u want to b...
Team 10 by MadisonAyLeS
Team 10by MadisonAyLeS
**Warning dis sucks!** Hailey rogers wants to join team 10. But jake Paul said she had to hang out with them to see if she was fun. But she ended up falling in love with...