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Im a driver! by Norrisx
Im a driver!by Norrisx
Julie Adams is a 14-year-old girl who is going karting for the first time with some friends. It goes very well for a first time and 2 people standing along the track see...
The Golden Girl by okayyyyyyyh
The Golden Girlby wandamaximoff
At 3am, Theo (6,5 inches of muscle, brown chestnut hair curling like waves lapping the shore, and eyes bright blue like the mediterranean on a summer day) knocks on her...
Rasmus Dahlin Imagines by fangirl0146
Rasmus Dahlin Imaginesby Leah♡
•short stories •slow updates •no hate
ι ℓσvε мү вяσтнεя ~яαη∂ү (Completed) by RoadTripTVxFowler
ι ℓσvε мү вяσтнεя ~яαη∂ү (Complete...by ★sσρн αη∂ ιsℓα★
In which two brothers fall in love... Started-6/12/18 Finished-30/12/18
Heartbreak High by Carter040506
Heartbreak Highby Carter040506
Valerie Hudson has all the boys wrapped around her finger. From the popular jock to the rich bad boy. Let's just say she had all the right cards. She was the "perfe...
VIRGIN AT 26! by authorVeronica
VIRGIN AT 26!by Veronica
Tracy decided to take a step into a whole new world of love, a world where her walls could either get shattered or be protected. Come with me as we explore this beautif...
The Vampires Lair //ZARRY// by UNIQUExZIAM
The Vampires Lair //ZARRY//by Zayn Malik
Harry was a Vampire. The coldest of all. He set his sights on Zayn a petite boy who was very innocent. He kidnapped him and brought him to his Lair. Where , he'll never...
Jayaz by Sanu0000
Jayazby Sanu0000
in the valley of Kashmir blooms a love at a time the whole country was seething with hatred. they soared with their undying love, breaking all the borders , only to be p...
I Wish Love was as Easy as 123 by NYXSILVERJAW
I Wish Love was as Easy as 123by Nyx/Basil
Numberblocks fanfic because WHY THE HELL NOT. I thought it would be funny to write this simply because I could. I'm slowly losing what little sanity I had left. 15 x 13...
My Stalker by vsKn57
My Stalkerby Lil Kim
"I believe in the kind of love that doesn't demand to prove my worth and sit in anxiety.I crave a natural connection ,where my soul is able to recognize a feeling o...
It's Okay, I love you. by oh_businessofmisery
It's Okay, I love you.by litteprick
How does it feel to be loved. No. How does it feel to be loved by him. She never heard of it, but she feels it. He never let that to be heard, but he shows it. But...
The Older Woman (J.K FF) by SugaGuitarPicks91
The Older Woman (J.K FF)by Rebecca Kelley
We Can't be together JK !!! I don't care what people say about me or if I lose anything...I want to be with you ....J K.- Jungkook had it all Fame ,Good looks and a goo...
°Tabi x Fem! Reader° by ImAFuckingShitSimp
°Tabi x Fem! Reader°by Lizzy Lol
this is my first book(ish) so it's kinda shitty.
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Shattered Kingdom Book 1 (Finished) by NicIsNotJustMale
Shattered Kingdom Book 1 (Finished)by NicIsNotJustMale
Quirinalyn (Quirie) Delouris was a young girl who had no dreams except to become a great leader for her kingdom, what will she do if she needs to be this leader with a g...
What if...it's me? by KirishimasSimpp
What if...it's me?by JJKookieluv
Y/N a 14 yrs spoiled girl was born in a rich family. Her Dad was an Mafia and know alot of peaple of the Famous x Rich Family. One day Y/Ns Father wants her to mary Jeon...
Hello!we meet again by chuki_94
Hello!we meet againby 🌺Chuks🌺
She had a boring life but destiny took a toll.. She finally found her heaven❤️
26. by twelvereasons_
26.by twelve
Para quién la lea, aunque no seas tú la persona a la que va dirigida.