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The sky KHR by MalditadiAsh
The sky KHRby Revengjia Zxyccaria Aquarzaria
When the twins sawada Ieyoshi and Sawada Tsunayoshi was born to the world Nana and Iemitsu was happy. But why is it when Reborn came for tutoring the older twin was mis...
The Class Trip 'Vongola Style' by Msfujoshichan
The Class Trip 'Vongola Style'by Hime Echizen
Sawada Tsunayoshi, together with the whole Class of 2-A was invited for a 2 months vacation to Italy sponsored by his Grandfather Vongola Nono, the current boss of the V...
Wizard among Mafia  by YaoiYurishipper
Wizard among Mafia by YaoiYurilover1827
What if Harry feels out of place after the war? What if he gets a visit from Death and Death takes him away from the wizarding world. Because by all means Harry should b...
I'll Fight for You by Narwhal8sama
I'll Fight for Youby Narwhal-sama
Tsuna's family finally can't take it, they were tired of protecting Tsuna all the time while he did nothing. Reborn decides to take his guardians to Italy for a year to...
Class Trip To Vongola! by Tropicalnightac
Class Trip To Vongola!by Tropicalnightac
An ordinary day turns into a whirlpool of a day when Reboyama-sensei arranges a class trip to Vongola per request of Nono, three weeks before Tsuna's inheritance ceremon...
The Skylark's Sky {Discontinued} by BlueCipher0
The Skylark's Sky {Discontinued}by Blue Leader
This is a story from my fanfiction.net account hope you guys like it! My account name is Nightmare Knight Zero No one knows Hibari's past. He keeps remembering their voi...
Just A Mere Cold by Kuro_Yuuki_Neko
Just A Mere Coldby Kuro Yuuki Neko
Hibari wasn't in the right mood today. And a certain brunet isn't there to calm him down. 1827 Shounen-ai. Lots of fluff and love made by me. Disclaimers: Hikaru does ow...
Khr Next Generation (Discountiued) by Sawada_Satoshi1915
Khr Next Generation (Discountiued)by Hinata Satomi
The Tenth generation of Vongola is now gone now it eleventh generation take over, Sawada Tsunayoshi and Hibari Kyoya have a secret they kept before they gone. the Eleven...
Cure to Insomnia by 1827fan
Cure to Insomniaby HibaTsuna~
After the fight in the future, Tsuna has problems with sleep. Who do you think will help him? :) Pairing: Hibari x Tsuna (1827) Rated: T Sequel: Cure to Maestitia
Silent Sky by MeganJayRiley
Silent Skyby MeganJayRiley
Takeo is the younger twin. He is sporty, popular and intelligent. As far as anyone can tell he is perfect, but behind closed doors, he constantly torments and abuses his...
in Namimori everything is normal, tsuna already accept that he is gonna be a mafia boss ( corecction: Vongola Decimo ), his guardians grew more stronger, tsuna and other...
Sawada Tsunayoshi 'Tsuna' is forgotten by his father Iemitsu's because his younger twin brother Sawada Takeo 'Ta-kun' looks so much like him and Tsuna stood just in his...
New year with herbivore by 1827fan
New year with herbivoreby HibaTsuna~
Just a short continuation of Herbivorous Christmas - takes place after Tsuna's wish comes true. Tsuna starts to live with Hibari as a normal human and everything seems...
second chance by norasaki029
second chanceby Akira007
hibari and tsuna are lover,they live their life full of love.....well only for tsuna.hibari never even have a feeling of love toward tsuna,because he can't take it anymo...
Herbivorous Christmas by 1827fan
Herbivorous Christmasby HibaTsuna~
It's a Christmas time! The day you spend with your family, friends or your love, but not everyone has this luxury... Tsuna, who's an elf working for Santa Reborn, wishes...
Mine. by MalditadiAsh
Mine.by Revengjia Zxyccaria Aquarzaria
Note: If you don't like Yaoi story, you may skip or not read it. Its a story where Tsuna became Cielo. and Cielo became Hibari Kyoya's Pet and both found Love. Paring:...
Song-One-Shots (KHR) by onyxofthenight
Song-One-Shots (KHR)by ONDRERu
Multiple different one shots that go to songs, or that don't go to songs. I will be combining this one with the other one shot books that I have written so if you see th...
Broken Sky by Taylorlunamarie
Broken Skyby TaylorLuna
Second story from Tsuna In The Past.
Kyoya's Short-ish Proposal (KHR) by LuvPatissiere
Kyoya's Short-ish Proposal (KHR)by ~m
What if.. It's Literally what the title stated. Disclaimer: I Don't own KHR!! & Picture JUST THE PLOT
The Artist And The Wolf [SLOW UPDATE] by VeliusWings
The Artist And The Wolf [SLOW UPDA...by Raven
Sawada Tsunayoshi, a famous artist in Japan who won plenty of awards and all of his fans loved him, for his handsome look and his golden heart. Hibari Kyoya, an alpha wh...