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SCP: Stand Power by ollieboy27
SCP: Stand Powerby
Many years ago, a strange boy unlocked a variety of dangerous and mysterious powers that he kept a secret for many years after. Unfortunately, when he is sent forward as...
Nothin' to see here, just living with some SCPs by ollieboy27
Nothin' to see here, just living w...by
When a containment breach occurs, some of the SCPs are out and are sent through a portal to another location. Ben Bones is a not so ordinary teen who happens to now hous...
Power of One by ollieboy27
Power of Oneby
When Ben Bones gains the powers of his favourite character, he is excited, though after a while he finds a strange facility that would change the course of his life fore...
The Hard to Destroy Reptile by THEHAND17
The Hard to Destroy Reptileby Alastor the Radio Demon from...
What happens when the Foundation decides to test out an Anomaly that sends things other dimensions on SCP 682 and SCP 053?
Character Files by DEACTIVATED1650
Character Filesby idontwriteonthisaccountanymor...
This is being created as a tool for fanfic writers, such as myself, and a book for people to learn a bit more about what I think makes up specific characters' personalit...