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    "You can't even count the number of times I've inwardly had you pregnant" Don't ignore the book because of the description. Highest ranking: #8 in FANFICTION, #1 in JIMIN Published: 24 August 2020

  • Duality | Monsta X [√]
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    During the day they were students of a prestigious university, but at night, something else. The seven cute boys from the English club were the total opposites when not in college and Kang Daisy had just the bad luck to witness something she wasn't supposed to. Which led her to a world full of secrets and everything s...

  • Beastly Beauty ✓
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    [ JUNG HOSEOK ] Our bodies melded together, chests rising and falling in unity. His eyes poured into mine longingly, desperately, yet the distance between us remained unconquerable. "Please, just take it off," came my broken whisper as my fingertip traced the edge of his mask. "I want to know you." "You won't like wh...

  • HIS UNTAMED HEART || KTH (Completed)
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    "You kiss me, I kill you," I muttered darkly, smiling at Taehyung. He looked at me dead in my eyes before capturing my lips in his. His hands were roaming around my body as he kissed me more passionately than before. I pressed the knife to his chest. Little drops of blood oozed out but Taehyung was hardly moving away...

    Completed   Mature
  • possession | kth
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    "I've stared at you enough, haven't I? But you, your body, it makes me want to do all kinds of sinful things to you. Before long, I imagine us going at it like bunnies in the storage room, but I control myself. Good things come with time, after all, and I can be a patient man when it comes to love. When it comes to yo...